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  1. Ouch, I see, wifey parked the car? Apparently it fits too and easier to get in... About time to settle the cat vs mono argument once and for all: cats are superior because if they are totaled in a hurricane, you don't need to dive to salvage the beer from the fridge. Sometimes they even come to shore...
  2. moody

    That's my concern too. Code0 + an added retractable bowsprit?
  3. moody

    I upgraded my boat purchase plans to a 38-39' vessel, that can safely accommodate 6 for short coastal daysailing trips and 4 for long passages. I found a few '70s Moody 39's on the market offered. I really like the design and layout: encapsulated keel, wide beam, etc. As for my sailing plans: Nordic circle (Scotland-Iceland-Greenland-Newfoundland and back to Europe), later tropics. Anyone sailed the Moody 39 extensively? How does she handle weather extremes? (Very little wind vs. storm) I see it is a bit underpowered by default, maybe a 150% genoa would be a useful investment for it. Any construction pitfalls? I've read about a rudder issue but couldn't find all details. I briefly considered steel hulls as well (given the nordic plans) but my time for a regular rust patrol is limited, I need a boat that doesn't require nursing while 6 months on the dry/2 months in the marina... BTW anyone calculated a STIX for older Moody boats?
  4. Many thanks for all the contributions, I learnt a lot. Eventually family stepped in and they would like a bigger boat, no more trailering & Co. That belongs to another topic.
  5. That was my line of thinking too. I am also considering the eastern route once along the Danube: http://www.sy-tongji.de/2010/2010.html (sry, german). Definitely not something I'd do every year but seems to be an interesting option to deliver a boat from the Baltic to the Eastern Med.
  6. Right. Rival 32? Westerly longbow?
  7. Have you read topic title? Would you deem a Contessa 32 and dozens of similar designs unseaworthy?
  8. Right, the inland waterways are also a possibility with a shallow draft boat. Trailering seemed to be a useful idea at first but adding up all the costs (=new SUV, trailer, gasoline) and hassle I tend to abandon the idea and simply look for seaworthy shallow draft boats in the 29-33' range. Added Malø 40H to my research.
  9. Right, a quarterberth & thx for the info, it wasn't clear from the layouts I found on sailbiatdata.com. Yeah, 5 ton would make a sensible weight limit unless there is a huge gain on that added ton. Also, the Monsun has almost double fuel and water tank capacity. Thx! Skipper would be me, only need a deck hand.
  10. Another two interesting pieces are the Rival 32 and 34. A full ton heavier though than the Monsun, which adds considerably to the oldschool motion comfort ratio. However added weight without added canvas AFAIK means slower boat. I am also missing an aft berth - which the Monsun has.
  11. Nice one, but neither the price nor the width fits:(
  12. I'll stick to encapsulated keel+protected rudder styles, just for the peace of mind. That danish Monsun looks very well kept!
  13. Thanks for the list! The Monsun seems really interesting. Quickly run Tom Dove's calculator (I know, nowadays we have STIX and other magic numbers - but AFAIK no one bothered to assess them for older boats), impressive. And as it seems, it is a white water cruiser:
  14. Added Contessa 32 to the list. Kind of weird pricing: some are offered at ~60k€, some for 25. I know, a lot does/doesn't happen in 40 years...