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  1. Thanks, one further question I realized, how do I get from the Seatalk NG network to the B&G Vulcan via an NMEA2000 backbone? I create a separate NMEA2000 backbone and have one cable from the Seatalk NG "hub" to the NMEA2000 backbone? Is there a specific cable I need for this to buy or do I need to make one with the correct fittings?
  2. Thanks, sounds to good to be true. Will the information from the plotter also go the other way to the ST60s?
  3. Thanks, so in principle I can choose one of the five displays, preferably one with a free seatalk slot, and connect that with the ST1-STNG converter to a NMEA2000 backbone? I would not need to choose for example the wind display if I wanted the wind data and so on?
  4. Hello, So as the new owner of a pre-owned boat I will have to suffer for some time with the existing Raymarine ST60 series instruments, wind, speed, Depth, ST6002*2 and an SPX-10 which seem to be daisy-chained together. Additionally I already got a B&G Vulcan 9 as the new cockpit plotter. What is the easiest way to get the ST60-data integrated into the Vulcan? At least it would be nice for laylines and perhaps there is something else in there as well where I could benefit from the data. So far I found the Seatalk 1 to Seatalk NG converter, but it is unclear how to connect it. If this becomes over-complex for little reason then I might consider running the ST60 separate from the Vulcan until I replace the instruments at some point. Is the converter a good idea? If so then is enough to connect one of the instruments to the converter or do I need to hook all of them up? Are there better options out there for connecting? Any other reason why I would want to connect the ST60 to the Vulcan?
  5. On this topic. My new boat seems to have a set of Raymarine ST60 instruments which I expect that I will not be happy with. Planning to replace with Tritons but can I keep the transducers if they work and hook them up via a GST10 or something similar? Especially as the dst800 which comes with the Tritons does not seem too impressive based on the replies above. If I cannot / should not keep the ST60 transducers, what would be the best option? Anything that fits in the same housing? Or if not, which transducer would be the best fit considering we race some and I expect to have accurate TWA, TWD, BSP and so on...
  6. Nubben

    30-34ft cruiser racer

    2010, sparcely used by a gang of elderly men :D. Afraid that it indicates that the boat is boring, but hope not.
  7. Nubben

    30-34ft cruiser racer

    I am going for a live inspection of a J/97 tomorrow and would appreciate if the combined knowledge of the forum could inform me of any potential weak points or specific things to check in a J/97? The boat is not in the water so inspection of hull and appendices is possible. Thanks in advance,
  8. Nubben

    30-34ft cruiser racer

    Ok, thanks for the tips and let us look at the boats proposed: JPK1010, none available or very expensive. Elan 333, not modern enough for my taste. J109, to large and deep keel. More crew, more expensive maintenance and sails. A35, not nice enough inside, also darn ugly and a bit bigger than I would want X34, none available and too expensive. X332, too classic for my taste, dislike genua instead of jib B34.7, dislike t-keel and perhaps interior layout B36.7, affordable but needs a lot of crew. quality problems? Dehler 34/35 SV, perhaps an option, but quite large again. A couple for sale in Northern Europe. So, still stuck with the J97 or potentially Dehler 34SV?
  9. Nubben

    30-34ft cruiser racer

    This sounds great! Could you give me some examples of these boats, available in Northern Europe second hand preferably?
  10. Nubben

    30-34ft cruiser racer

    Agree, but still a J109 is deeper (=less harbour access here), needs more crew and is more expensive to equip and maintain. But yes, the thought has crossed my mind.
  11. Nubben

    30-34ft cruiser racer

    I´ve also been looking closely at the J97 and it seems to tick all the boxes for me: Small enough to be easily handled and cheap enough to equip with proper sails Potentially fast enough to have enough other boats in the same "speed group" in offshore events in Scandinavia Well-built? New enough not be worn out Jib-boat Asymmetric downwind, get to learn something new after exhaustive experience with symmetricals Possible to use for weekend/week cruising with the family Any major downsides with the 97 or other ideas in maximum the same price class?