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  1. 38 foot steel Cutter rebuild

    Almost forgot, when i was researching the best way to swage, this came up a lot but i couldn't get it to Ireland https://www.westmarine.com/buy/west-marine--hand-swaging-tools--P002_065_001_502
  2. 38 foot steel Cutter rebuild

    Here it is mate https://www.ebay.ie/itm/16mm-300mm-12-Ton-Force-Hydraulic-Crimper-Cable-Wire-Crimping-Tool-Kit/122446280263?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 I'm not too sure about the longevity of the dies, they are made for Copper and AL but they seem to be doing a stellar job so far I think all foam will absorb a little water if submerged. But it's job is to stop condensation and from anyone with experience of it in steel hulls it does a good job. I asked the advice of a sandblaster in the yard, and he said he has yet to see it cause issue. A lot of old trawlers used it in there fish boxes and the steel was as new behind it in any of the cases he came across.
  3. 38 foot steel Cutter rebuild

    This weeks episode https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zKcEIWo3GO4
  4. 38 foot steel Cutter rebuild

    Good call on the coatings, they are the real hero! Under protected steel won't last long at all. And yes, no insulation is a bad idea, although Bernard Moitissier didn't have any! Mad man
  5. 38 foot steel Cutter rebuild

    Just saw the photo of the deck that had teak on it... Teak decks make me nervous for that exact reason. The foam you are referring to was probably open cell, closed cell eliminates that issue and creates a vapour barrier. I won't have any timber against the steel of my boat. My deck fittings will not be bolted through the deck to avoid leaks and corrosion. Well built steel boats last well
  6. 38 foot steel Cutter rebuild

    Thank you. She was set alight by her owner in the early 2000s (some say it was over a divorce or similar no one is sure, the guy disapeared) and sold on by insurance. She was then abandoned and bought about 6 yrs ago by a boat builder, who did all the steel work and moved on to a new project. The rigging is incomplete as it is. There are no running backstays and the outer shrouds are badly kinked as the mast was taken from a wreck that was laying on rocks. the middle shrouds are also questionable. I would not feel comfortable sailing a boat with questionable rigging, and i would only be putting off the inevitable. Do it once, do it right.. especially while the budget is there. This boat will be sailing long enough when the time comes, and will be my home for a long time. The investment is a worthwhile one. edit: Also, i do plan to sail her without the interior soon, this will help me design her systems better, and let me get experience on her. So this rerigging is all part of that I appreciate the comment, but foam is the option for me. Trying to insulate a steel boat with anything other than foam is a pain, and eliminating condensation and the resulting potential for capillary action is a tall order. The foam will create a vapour barrier and will seal the metal very well. That said, there are arguments for all options thanks for watching!
  7. 38 foot steel Cutter rebuild

    The plan here is to build a plastic or plywood/fibreglass container that drains into the black water tank in the keel. that'll keep the water out of the bilge! thanks for the input. I will! i plan to use something similar to the chain locker above to keep the water isolated. You know, that idea has crossed my mind a couple of times... i met a guy in cape verde that picked up an abandoned ex vendee globe boat and lives on it.. he had a small berth and a massive nav station in the middle... Not sure the missus would be so interested in the project if i go that route though! Thanks for your inputs
  8. 38 foot steel Cutter rebuild

    Work is progressing well, the mast is now on the floor ready for new rigging, and i'm sourcing a paint supplier Rhys
  9. 38 foot steel Cutter rebuild

    Plot twist it is mayo.. Thanks
  10. 38 foot steel Cutter rebuild

    haha, very good! Thanks Bob!
  11. 38 foot steel Cutter rebuild

    Will do
  12. 38 foot steel Cutter rebuild

    Absolutely, I will post new videos and updates here.
  13. 38 foot steel Cutter rebuild

    Once the spray foam is on, its bonded to the steel.. So limber holes are redundant..... I also said above that it will be spray foamed!
  14. 38 foot steel Cutter rebuild

    Well my chest isn't that hairy if that's enough. Get out to sea for a couple of days on your own and it actually would suffice
  15. 38 foot steel Cutter rebuild

    Its a bit dusty and messy in the photos, but the hull is immaculate. There will be one more coat of epoxy before foam