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  1. They're fairly lifting through the work, such a sweet cruising boat.
  2. Zora

    The blight of generators

    Don't speak too soon... I was plagued by RIBs and jet skis all summer.
  3. Make sure to link it when you have one done
  4. Does anyone have experience with Everwin Tech in China for Lithium Batteries? I'm finding it almost impossible to find reasonably priced lithium batteries in Ireland, and in my travels i came across a company called Everwin in China that supply lithium batteries and will ship to Ireland as well. I still haven't got a shipping quote from them just yet, but they are quoting 500 euro per 170ah 12 volt battery, which is definitely very reasonable. Specs attached. Anyone have experience with lithium? I have no charging systems on board yet, but plan to spec the entire system to work with lithium, so an investment in lithium now wouldn't represent a vast difference in price if i went AGM (usable capacity, cycles etc) Thanks Rhys IFR 12.8V 170AH-A0.pdf
  5. Please.... no.... I've never spoken to someone so adamant to disagree with everything. Boats in general are too much maintenance. Although a properly built/coated steel boat isn't all that bad. The time you spend maintaining the coatings on a steel boat from what i can see would be spent rebedding deck hardware and chasing leaks in a fibre glass hull. My boat hasn't had a single deck leak in almost 2 years since i've had her, as virtually all my gear is welded on. There are merits to each and every material i guess. Plus, FRP isn't a perfect material either... Over time, the fibres can stretch and (larger boats specifically) can get....floppier... which ironically, so do their owners. I like steel, as boats built from it tend to me more sturdy and stable and can take a fair bit of abuse. To each his own, if we were all the same would't life be boring? I love boats of all shapes, sizes and construction.... Sometimes i wish i had a small frp boat so i could get out sailing more.
  6. Am I going to get flamed?
  7. I like those guys, they bought a boat in a similar state to mine and I enjoyed their refit. It gives one with sometimes failing hope something to aim for.
  8. It would explain several things.... mood swings... getting fat... lactating...
  9. Zora

    Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    Gentlemen, feast your eyes.. the more you look, the more you see
  10. Zora

    How I bought my boat

    congrats, more pics!
  11. Zora

    Show your boat sailing thread

    eye candy at the helm and a big dirty new scratch along the side, which resulted from yours truly making a proper mess of the tides in a new berth.
  12. This made me chuckle. I'm using that example when people ask me how expensive boats are
  13. I think what he meant there is that the paint is getting rubbed off and it's rotting. The channel seems to be corroded through. Seems like a decent idea to me, any areas of wear on my boat are stainless. That engine has been run every year apparently, so it shouldn't be too bad. New hoses and a service. They've said they're having a professional do a lot of the mechanical work, rigging needs to be changed for sure. Sails are probably shot, but overall It's a lovely boat that was obviously designed by a sailor. I wish mine was at that stage! 3 months might be optimistic for sure, but they seem to have the cash to do it.