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  1. Zora

    Show your boat not sailing

    Those Arch tents look really good, how long do they last? Are they expensive?
  2. Zora

    38 foot steel Cutter rebuild

    My mate found a pretty cool photo in his archives this week. in the below image (taken c. 1998 by his dad) you can see a green boat in the foreground on legs. That's my best friends boat, and the boat i learned to sail on and crossed the atlantic on and have done pretty much all of my sailing on. (bear in mind we were both about 8/9 years old when the photo was taken) In the background, you can see a red boat against the pier with a fire engine looming nearby. Look familiar? This was the day Zora was burned, and the last time she was afloat until now... Cool for a piece of her history to fall into place.
  3. My friend built a chart plotter out of a pi too, we used it when sailing over to Martinique. worked perfectly
  4. Zora

    Show your boat not sailing

    I moved berths to a nicer, more private berth for the winter with my own pontoon to do work outside without getting in everyones way.
  5. FIFY.... full disclosure I did listen to 4 of them on Audible....
  6. I did a 23 day passage last december with a very short interlude in the Verdes after about 7 days, and within about a day the crew were in a very good routine of not talking and just enjoying it. The movements of the boat as it picks up speed on the swell and then slows a little as the wave passes, the green glow of biolumenecense in the waves at night as they fall over, the masses of flying fish that scatter as you pass, the stars that you can spend hours looking at trying to figure out the constellations, the hours spent watching the aries keeping us on course.... i managed a solid 8 hours of sleep every night as well. That was the best month of my life and i think about it every single day. Maybe it's because i spend too much time on it, but the lack of internet was amazing. And i read about 15 books on the way. I tried my best to document it here - There is a part 2 as well. A friends from my marina sails his 24 foot Achilles to Greenland sometimes. Here is a video of his boat. But i also love sailing along the coast for the same reasons you outline.. damn it... now i want go sailing again...
  7. Doug and anyone who has the medals are pretty open about the profits etc, granted the info is buried in the videos and hard to find unless you watch them all. I get 15 dollars per coin sold. There are 500 of each coin and they are all made by a company in the states. They are ordered through the seeker store and I do literally nothing. Doug and Betsy do it all. They have both been very good about pushing smaller build channels and they make pretty much nothing out of the sales of our coins. We designed them for ourselves. I designed my own with help from Betsy. I have one on my keys and it makes me feel good to see my boat on my keyring in such a nice form. I get emails from people quite a bit who have bought them and really enjoy owning them for various reasons, I get emails from some people who are now disabled for various reasons and say they enjoy feeling a part of the project in some small way. Doug and Betsy are very nice people, we have spoken on the phone and through email quite a bit. It's just a product I guess, a way to send some beer money if you don't want to subscribe to a patreon or anything. Same as selling tshirts like the vast majority of channels do, but a bit different. I'm not sure how it's wierd? The same could be said if someone sends you a few pounds in PayPal, what's to make then come back again? Oh and they are metal. Some kind alloy I'm not sure exactly. I enjoyed your last 2 videos. The commentary works well and I see what you mean about the audio. Those bilge keels really open up the shallower sailing grounds!
  8. Theyve been a pretty decent income generator. Far more for bigger channels but it's a nice little boost to help pay the marina fees none the less
  9. Zora

    Show your boat sailing thread

    That's a very pretty boat. Great work to save it.
  10. Zora

    Exemplary Cruising Videos

    Oh and Roger in his dinghy. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtzWwFEMaEVXejzRKgPjPNA
  11. Zora

    Exemplary Cruising Videos

    I like this guy's videos a lot. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQnn8YwfzT8_TyJMswv6Ehg
  12. We aren't a million miles off... I'm 28 and an Engineer. In my current uninsulated state, the wind is a pain in the ass and any noise is amplified. Especially any kind of easterly as it makes my furler rattle on the forestay... being on the marina is nice for the facilities, when i was in the van lack of them was my least favorite part.
  13. It's very satisfying to see something grow after putting a lot of effort into it. Granted i didn't build the hull and i'm only 9 months in, but i'm happier about the project more often than not, and i got quite lucky with my own boat (price wise) so it made "sense(?)" On a side note, I also don't think it would be realistic in the current housing climate in Ireland to have bought a house (I did try). So instead of renting i just put my money into the boat, and live quite cheaply besides. Wise? i don't know and sometimes i doubt it. But i know people my age and of my profession that are struggling to buy a house and when they do, despite a decent wage, struggle to get by... especially with dependents. That's just my own perspective, there are as many reasons as there are boats and it only works for me at the moment because i live on it. And i definitely understand why people buy production boats, i sometimes wish i had. But that's quite a rare feeling because i enjoy the challenge... for now...
  14. I reckon Leo has about 3/4 years left and he has some serious help flowing in too. His set up is a dream and he really knows his stuff. He's got some serious sailing under his belt too, i think he will do very well. I'm not quite sure what Mads plans are. He will have an immaculate boat for sure. Ross at Life on the Mold is doing a pretty sweet job of his Catamaran too, decent following as well.. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcJ-7wSvo6_BHsnbytM0jzg I think it's great to see such a number building boats and making videos. That said i don't know how many of us will ever untie the lines, but i wonder sometimes does that really matter. I'm enjoying the process regardless.
  15. Sounds exactly like me to be fair...