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  1. Angie

    Toronto Harbour (Canada)

    Well, I'm a reliable crew member, I'm just new to sailing. But thanks for your concern.
  2. Potius non loqui de stercore vos non scitis.
  3. Angie

    Houston, Texas

    Going to Houston for a couple of weeks, looking to see who needs crew ! I haven't sailed the ocean though,
  4. Angie

    Noob gear

    So I'm new to sailing. I need gear and need to know which gear, I need. So far, I have... Gloves (only for summer), waterproof jacket (winter / summer), water resistant shirts. I need.... Boots (I sail in a Melges 24), pants, gloves for winter. Can anyone recommend where I can purchase these things? What materials I need to look for? I'm a size 6.5 (ladies) if anyone has used boots that are still in shape. What is the price range? I don't want to spend a lot of money as I am getting used to the sport, after a while I'll purchase top equipment.
  5. My evidence for this claim is a PhD in social policy, with a focus on priming and anchoring mechanisms found in media... ._.; I'm assuming you're not big on social media.... I only had to google supping to remember that it's everywhere on snapchat and instagram. FYI, media isn't just "films, popular t.v. shows" it's things that big celebrities do to endorse a specific sport... and supping is one of them. Although I've yet to see people actually on it, just on snapchat / instagram.
  6. Angie

    Age to start sailing

    I totally get it, I don't mind getting my feet wet, just kind of shopping around for alternatives to going barefoot in the boat. Even though some of the crew went, it had nice carpet installed in it and I'm actually loving the concept of the boat (I think i'll get one when I have more experience and can helms it, understand the way it works, etc.). I noticed you're in toronto! do you know if there are competitions between the clubs ?? I'm new to this area..
  7. Someone mentioned the catalina 470 and there's a 2002 on sale for just under 300k.
  8. Looking to crew in different kinds of boats (quick, eager to learn! ) - Located in Toronto Harbour.
  9. Angie

    Age to start sailing

    Well.... My first actual "practice" on the Melges was yesterday's race (we got first place for our section), because the week before there was no wind at all. So we were literally given instructions on how to raise the spinnaker while in the middle of a race, it went fine and everything, except when doucing, it kept going in the water.
  10. Angie

    Age to start sailing

    The melges has a hiking belt, so it's not harmful and the lifejacket I wear is pretty padded at the front. But I can see that hiking on the thin lines would def be hurtful! I did fall on my bottom when tacking because I didn't grab the belt fast enough the first time. I need amphibious shoes though, lol. Mine got wet. Any suggestions for knowing when to hoist the spinnaker pole? How long does the spinnaker sheet have to be out before the pole is hoisted? (am I saying those words correctly? lol). When do the spinnaker and the genoa work together? I noticed we put away the genoa when going downwind, I'm just so glad it's furled because otherwise a non furling genoa would be so annoying to deal with. Also... Does it look bad if the crew is all guys and it's just a single girl? For some reason the melges are mostly guys :/
  11. Angie

    Age to start sailing

    Yesterday, I "hiked" on a Melges 24. I didn't even know about that word when the skipper kept shouting it and I thought he meant "tack" because he had a strong accent, although he did say tack before and then hike after. Now.... I know how to do proper hiking after tacking on the M24. I will admit it was a little bit frustrating, but I enjoy it. I didn't know how to work with a spinnaker and now it's just common sense to bring it out when going downwind and doing jibes with the spinner / tacks with the genoa.
  12. The sport itself needs sort of a "re-branding". There's no need to fix the economy. There's no need to make cheaper boats. People will come to a sport because they find it appealing and more importantly because media has told them that this sport is appealing and therefore worth the money. People spend thousands of dollars on products, items, etc., because they are conditioned to spend that money, because they have been told that product, item, etc., is appealing enough to warrant spending money. So it doesn't matter whether it's an "expensive" sport. What matters is there is not enough "sailing" in media to attract new blood into the sport. Exposure to sailing whether through social media, television, films, books, etc., creates a desire for someone to go and seek the sport.
  13. I think we need an action movie starring a sailor in a race or something to get the blood pumping and have people looking into the sport
  14. Is anyone attending this?
  15. Angie

    Age to start sailing

    I don't drink alcohol and I love setting up the boat and putting it to bed. I know it's not as a driver, I want to crew because it'll help me understand different aspects of the boat and I am not yet comfortable enough to take someone's boat and helms it. Tomorrow is my first time on a Melges. I'll probably be confused the first few minutes, but it's an introduction night as per the owner of the boat said to me.