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  1. Chasing the dream.

    Yes! I have so Much Time on My Hands to clean up postsand make them perfect right now. I very much appreciate your highly useful and timely information thank you Some of that was original and all was my writing.
  2. Chasing the dream.

    Attitude made it through as if nothing even happened! Very Happy. Did not even lose my jury rigged mast light. May have recieved winds approx 50knots for about 4hrs. I am singlehanding back to Miami from my Hurrican hole in Port St. Lucie. Thus I need to use the ICW. I do not need to be in a rush but I do not prefer to dawdle either.Word from Coast guard sector Miami is that Boca Inlet and Southern Blvd Bridges are Non-Op at this time. They suspect there may be others drawbridge issues but it has been a busy 48hrs since Irma and they simply do not have all information. Anyone else aware of major issues to navigation? New wrecks in channel etc.
  3. Chasing the dream.

    Dream is chasing me now. Here Attitude makes her stand. I have chosen the best ground..fortified the position ..The seige shall begin. There is no winning.. just enduring. Overdramatic but it was sad leaving her. She should be fine based on newest projections for my area. Fingers crossed ... Am personally safe in hardened shelter locally in Port St. Lucie. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/kOXyzSryanp69uu0p43xr__yHuQBAUkTUbBwQgeb0N-LAdkH1MbigJ57O-OZ5qyB4ST5F92OPv_Ljb_cLQJzQo1cVb7F6m0L_c_PbKEhI1LcKpvYM1rFVZDhHmUfO1g85b52sJtDed9xSwbCLw8rC-i9mVtgf_elEp1THwYoqSA8zILiJDap_hVrth-yWh8Bzjv9AtkgAvOA_HWYYcSTa1x_v9S-tFJ_2hytohFPRCHSEDmJVGMisCMUtOd35v8DdfDlV8Zir9DOoGHbiLnNHVgxF9Fb6NyhFBDeAkkpTlGHDsnOnugI6Rj_w3xz9W6XHtmSHVH_xyJi9tzAWFE02GJAVv_Ixkba9nhP4BlhVBN0Z8dw1GlpGYhNc2cRAv41twKSKJlUmSNnczj1BG44NOOlAE9WgSBCM-wm3bj_9MtGbKhOKMyv_L4Jk1xQFFPPgpjRb4R81mE3eay0fNM__DYoJQyvVnhav5KZd8vzDJQ7YVXuA9kQjzA2x-tBWu2KnyyCceCylrOH99-ynebIozN9pDtXJkGbXSIUMEAT-gJ2KbgPmPVcpVGaptccQiYBInuEOVV5WaezWsaX4lsSNVTXacUzBTFcjzC6Eo4lasDKhWze2vuBywGcdLyBZqPGjm7Yp9LA6MyCOlcn_yUZUIHRT2ap4O6BdP76rb1yNza8dw=w718-h404-no
  4. Chasing the dream.

    Took her out for the first time. Had the previous owner along to give me tips getting out of the Marina. Really good guy. So my first unexpected experience is is an idiot lobster hunting in the channel along the houses on the way out.. I'm putting along as slow as i can wondering if he is ever going to notice me. Guy has his diving float/flag too.. I'm thinking to myself.. how the fuck do I maintain 300 foot distance in a maybe 50 foot wide channel. cant reverse prop walk is f-ing nutz.. Does a diving flag really legally shut down a marina? Wishing I had bought that airhorn this morning when i replaced my out of date flares. ..so whistled as hard as could dude noticed and ducked under some boat. ..
  5. Chasing the dream.

    I must have missed an epic shitfest....Bob. if you lost that fine looking young man you have my utmost and sincerest condolences. I am spending my first night aboard a boat. My boat! Looking at the stars listening to the fish. Happy. Must begin eating the elephant tomorrow.
  6. Chasing the dream.

    Thanks! She will be home for the next couple years at least assuming things go as planned. Yeah she has a different mast than original ..Taller with roller furling and apparently this greatly improved windward performance without adding significant weather helm. Does have an oversize blade and hits hull speed at about 1800rpm in mild conditions (very lightly loaded would expect a bit more under cruising trim) . Saw no tendency to overheat on the perkins 4108 which did surprise me a bit.. happy surprise. Still as one might expect.. So much to do.. interior is rough ..running rigging is marginal.. sails ok standing rigging good with a couple swage issues. I got a pretty special deal I think. One marginal through hull but it will seal fine if I must. Want to get it to Fajardo Puerto Rico before I pull her out. but will see.
  7. Chasing the dream.

    Came to the conclusion I really do not like Miami. Not really surprising..so while debating whether to stick it out or go back to Nevada ..I came up with an executed a third crazier option. I bought a boat to escape from Miami on. I got a bit lucky. Purchased S/V Attitude a 1978 Morgan Out Island 33. Hope to have her in Culebra Puerto Rico by new years.
  8. Chasing the dream.

    Awesome! Thanks for the info! I'm leaving Florida as fast as I can possibly get my boat. And get it and me close enough to ready and GO!
  9. Chasing the dream.

    Ok ..looking at some diagrams and yeah stuffing box. Found a good explanation here. http://www.boatus.com/boattech/casey/stuffing-box.asp Thanks for the correction that put me in the right direction and the heads up on wrenches.
  10. Chasing the dream.

    Learned about blanking plugs for the through hulls today. Happy! So now I need to know how to stop a cutlass bearing/driveshaft leak.
  11. Chasing the dream.

    Well one nice thing about all this.. If I'm wrong I can always sell the boat for a loss.. or mebbe scuttle it to make a future dive site.
  12. Chasing the dream.

    That is very close to what I have figured. $40k to $50k is the budget. 1 to 2 years cruising. HILLY that thread says they are in Brazil?
  13. Chasing the dream.

    Sorry Red. BTW thanks for the yer gunna die..damned if I don't feel at home unless someone is telling me that. I'm an excellent mechanic..I will need to be. Need more experience with fiberglass but I'll get there. I'm smarter than the average bear.. I am also aware that I am woefully ignorant. I NEED experience..thus I moved to Florida..Learning to sail in the desert of Nevada is akin to learning to mountaineer in Florida. (doable but not ideal) When I wanted to become a good climber I moved to Yosemite. I don't really have a ton of questions at this point. I know about as much as I can know without some experience to start sorting out what is important and the details that simply cannot be comprehended without getting salty. Once that begins I suspect I will start having some good questions. So I keep asking ..what are some good local sailing clubs or groups I can get involved with. Does anyone need a hand with some boat maintenance..or dare I hope some day sailing? Here is a track of my one day of sailing experience off my Inreach..friends 37' Beneteau. More boat than I need I think but seemed easy enough to handle ..in the good conditions we had. I have spent a lot of time Kayaking and camping off the east side of Puerto Rico Fun times
  14. Chasing the dream.

    Agreed. That is why I moved early before I am ready to buy. Lets go! Anyone need a hand in the south Florida area? If not, any recommendations on a good sailing club in the Miami area?
  15. Chasing the dream.

    Depends how much money she plunks down up front. Recently escaped.. I'm going..have cash she can come along..she better have enough for her airfare when she gets tired of it/me.