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  1. Proa Why Not? completed.

    Sculling for and aft, Mr Doi show us how it's done......
  2. Proa Why Not? completed.

    Don't know.... I haven't got a GPS....... I do know that it moves the boat pretty fast and pretty easy, I could probably keep going at 1.5 knots for a while. That's how I feel, but can't back it up with anything. Though it really works well. As for paddles, not easy to use on my boat, AD scull is much better. paddles are good if you sit in the vaka and you have low freeboard. Not the case on my boat and on most cruising boats. If you wanted to stand, the height of the scull must be designed and made for standing. So, although I haven't tried sculling standing up (only steering) I do believe that it will probably be somewhere between very difficult to impossible.... The shaft will probably be way low for standing. Probably the problem is not the scull, it could be the boats deck that forces you to sit and hold a lower handle. Imagine on a monohull, you will have no problem standing, the cockpits floor is just above the waterline, on "Why Not?" it's more the 30 cm above the waterline. On a monohull the stern it self is a perfect place for the oar lock in relation to water level and operator that is standing in a low cockpit....... By the way Mr Doi is a cool guy and he probably will answer your questions on youtube. He's a sculling god, how the hell does he scull in reverse?? beats me!
  3. Proa Why Not? completed.

    Thanks! As for your 6 meter design It's true that bigger boats have advantages.... Though sometimes smaller is better... I can't load a 6 meter hull on my small car, that is one of the main reasons for building "WHY NOT?" only 16 feet. My car is much less then that.... Also loading a bigger and heavier hull on my car may be just a bit much for me and my wife..... I dream of a day living aboard a 40 foot proa, till then, gotta figure out a few things.......
  4. Proa Why Not? completed.

    Volume is Volume! always has been, always will be!! fill it with air it weighs 0.3 kg. fill it with water it weighs 100 kg, fill it with steel it weighs 700 kg....... I feel I MUST add, all figures are sucked out of my thumb! by the way!! But you get the picture...... Volume is volume.... Pints, gallons.......... just volume. Vaka up from 220 liters to 460 liters, or more than doubled since Sunday? (You wrote that, by the way...) Do you know the difference between waterline and freeboard??? 220 liters never went to 460, You decided that! The same way you came up with what ever 354 kg is?????? In other words..... 220 liters of volume to his designed waterline. 460 liters of volume to the lowest point of sheer. Or, to prevent further confusion, once vaka is loaded with 460 kg, water will start seeping in to his bow and stern through his for and aft hatches I think it's all Crystal Clear. If you are trying to prove that my boat sucks, or anything else of that sort, I will leave you to continue this thread alone. All d best Rael.
  5. Proa Why Not? completed.

    Since I built him up, from dinghy to micro cruiser...... watch episode 2..... freeboard went way up, now it goes up to the height of the front hatches. So total volume of Vaka (to the hatches) is above 460 liters. Ama has 125 liters, since 115 kg is total boat weight, including both hulls. Now: 460+125=585 liters of volume. 585-265=320 liters of reserve buoyancy. As for the poor guy that fell of the mega yacht? I will take his wife too....................
  6. Proa Why Not? completed.

    Interesting design feature that I will consider in future design. A 5 degree angle is easy to achieve by merely adding small blocks to the akas over the windward gunnel...... Cool stuff.
  7. Proa Why Not? completed.

    The foil part is very true. It's amazing how well the dagger board works on "Why Not?" He will go to windward like a cruising monohull. Crystal Clear, with no dagger and her schooner will sail somewhere above 60 degrees to windward, WHY NOT? will do under 50. I'm very pleased with the dagger board. Toroa? cool boat..... yea interesting trolley..... But I love my PVC pipes, I can take them with me and use them where ever I go. Micro cruising on a shoestring, I'm getting there.....
  8. Proa Why Not? completed.

    looking good..... now let's see asymmetric hull design, flat wall to lee........
  9. Proa Why Not? completed.

    Total boat dry weight is around 115 kg rigged. those 115 kg are spread over the 2 hulls, Vaka carries 80 kg and the other 35 kg are on the ama. With Jenia we both weigh a whopping 120 kg. Since we are both on the bridge deck, I assume about 30% of our weight is actually on the ama. So... Amas gross weight under sail would be 35 kg (ama weight + half bridge deck, akas and what ever is between the hulls). Plus 30% of our weight, say 40 kg. Total 75 kg of 125. Of course this weight will move over to the Vaka in stronger winds as rig lifts ama and, sad but true, presses down the vaka..... But lets say, for instance force 2 sailing........ Vaka 80 kg hull, rig and half bridge deck. 80 kg of our weight and another 30 kg of gear water and food. Total about 190 kg on vaka of 220 liters to max draft of 22 cm. Pretty maxed out but possible, very possible.... Such a small proa can be a micro cruiser, I believe....... I am very serious about sorting out his rig, don't know exactly what is the best solution yet.... Then next summer take him far. For now, working and thinking........ Problems have solutions, the search goes on.
  10. Proa Why Not? completed.

    Cool. since I know nothing about lbs..... I asked ol'google to convert 220 liters. he said 485 lbs??? then I asked him about 125 liters, he said 275 lbs......
  11. Proa Why Not? completed.

    So, just got back from the shipyard and got the exact dimensions. Vaka, LOA: 490 cm. Beam at waterline 36 cm, zero flare, zero rocker, and a flat bottom. Displacement at max draft of 22 cm is 220 liters. Ama, LOA: 400 cm. Max Beam 40 cm on deck. Total Displacement (to deck) 125 liters. Total beam of the whole package, approx 320 cm including leepod. ("approx" because he's in pieces....) Hope that helps. All d best.
  12. Proa Why Not? completed.

    Sure I can. will do even better. up next is the full design........ Ignore the leeboard, in the second episode you will see the SS bracket, works like a dream! The current ama is 4 meters long, with a daggerboard, much better then the PVC pipe. But the original "Why Not?" in the first vid was built from scratch in 5 days, on the 6th day I sailed him, without the leeboard, didn't even sand the stitched and glued seems, no varnish, no paint, the epoxy wasn't even fully cured....... Mid February freezing cold, and a smile you couldn't wipe away even with acetone.............. Second episode, the rig and upgraded leeboard ...... WHY NOT? Keep Shunting..... Balkan Shipyards.
  13. Proa Why Not? completed.

    In this vid you will see me sailing "Why Not?" (as a baby...) and steering him anywhere I want with no rudder. He wont do it as well anymore.... If dagger is lowered he will go only to windward, only the oar will be able to take him off. If I raise it, it's just not the same anymore.... I think the added weight, the deeper draft and the extra windage make rudderless steering almost impossible..... MOVING A FOIL FOR AND AFT?? Pure Physics.... of course it will work!!! Move the CLR aft of the CE, you fall off. Move it ahead, you head up. as simple as that. BUT HOW U GONNA MAKE IT??? You may have just entered rocket science zone....... Then again.... 10 scientists sitting in a room, if they say something cant be done.... It just cant!!! Till the idiot that didn't know it cant be done, makes it happen............. Keep Shunting....... Balkan Shipyards.
  14. Proa Why Not? completed.

    Thanx for embedding tip.... My AD scull steers perfectly well even on a run, it really works perfect! As for those guys, you nailed it. It's the oars fulcrum, you could even say the oarlock itself...... At the speeds those guys sail ,there's no way one could push that oar deeper into the water.... With that rope, all they do is pull the handle back and it dives in, turning the boat off, when helmsman is happy with his course he eases the bacward pull on the handle, the handle moves forwards while blade rises out of the water sending CLR way ahead. Steering those canoes isn't done by sideways motion, like a rudder, it's done by lowering and raising the blade............... All d best Brah.......
  15. Proa Why Not? completed.

    CLR's on proas really move around...... If the daggerboard is down that's where it is.... It's so long that it takes over everything.... If it's up, it really maters where we are. Once oar is down, it takes over and pulls it well aft, but where we sit makes a huge difference to steering, on a single course if my crew moves from way forward, to center, to way aft... I can go from heavy weather helm to neutral helm to lee helm..... He is very sensitive to weight changes. All in all, no problem holding course even on a run. all d best. rael.