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  1. Hello, At my local club there is much debate over the optimum course for fair racing between different boats (e.g. RS200 and a Laser). We use the handicap py system. Thanks
  2. bleari

    Course recomended for Multi-Class Races

    Thanks for you suggestions, I will try to sort this out with my club.
  3. bleari

    Laser class rules regarding Cunningham

    When sailing laser radial in the youth fleet we have a simple system made of two blocks and a loop. The loop is placed around the bottom of the mast when rigging. This system by far provides the most over all tension. When in medium to heavy airs the secondary line (red in your case) passes on the same side of the rope as radials require an enormous amount of downhaul upwind in heavy air. In light the secondary line passes down the other side of the boom. This method is also entirely race legal. Hope this helps
  4. bleari

    RS 200 Single Handed PY?

    At my local club if it is light winds some of the competitors sail the rs200 single handed, I was wondering I there was a single handed my for his boat as these competitors always win due to reduced weight?