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  1. J27HelloJane

    J/27, newbie questions

    we replaced the toggle switches and it seems to be set up, traveler problem solved, topping lift set up, we are ready to go. thanks for all the advice. much appreciated.
  2. J27HelloJane

    J/27, newbie questions

    awesome. thank you so much. I really appreciate the info. can the original fuses be replaced on the electrical panel? or do we have to replace the entire panel with the new rocker plastic type? has anyone had success repairing the O.G. set up?
  3. J27HelloJane

    J/27, newbie questions

    ok. thank you so much. 2 other questions: what is the original topping lift design? now I have it as a line from the top of the mast, to the end of the boom, with a bight for at the slip, and a separate, looser one for sailing. the specs from J boats say the line should be 34 feet, and then 6 ft of cable, totaling 40 feet, which is 2 feet shorter than the length of the hypotenuse of the triangle at a right angle. when I bought the boat, the line ran from the top of the mast, to the end of the boom, thru one of the blocks, and thru the boom, and was cleated underneath. What is it supposed to be?
  4. J27HelloJane

    J/27, newbie questions

    HI ! I'm a new owner of a J/27 here in California, and have some questions about rigging. I believe we bought Hull #120, previously named Cassandra . I just applied to the wiki pages and yahoo... I have a continuous traveler line, and while locked into two newly replaced cam cleats on either side, is there a way that I can lock the traveler in place such that it is stationary? is the car that moves along the track supposed to have a pin that keeps it in place? thanks so much in advance.....trying to figure her out.