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  1. Darn we made plans to go cruise for the weekend. Oh well next year Have fun, I hope there is a good turn out.
  2. That sounds awesome thanks for the report. Always fun to get your top boat speed. We are considering the northern century on my friends f-28 “trickster”. We are hoping to do r2ak next year and this would be a great tune up. Did you have plans originally of going for the 200 or were you thinking right from the start of only doing the San Juan 100?
  3. Roleur, give us your report from the Salish 200. I was wishing we could have gave it a go but there was too much going on with the family. Maybe next year.
  4. Thanks for the update!
  5. Any news or updates on Down The Sound? Is it going to happen?
  6. Glad things worked out. All is quiet in terms of racing in the south sound. Enjoy the new ride.
  7. Seems like this race is destined to be cancelled. San Juan County does not want visitors right now. Do you think this is going to change soon? It doesn’t sound like things will change to me, given our governor’s very conservative approach to handling the virus. I live in Olympia and we had 3 cases last week for the entire county, yet no changes seem to be on the horizon. Frustrating that the entire state seems to have to live by the policy’s set for King County.
  8. Well it doesn’t sound like much racing into June. Is this what everyone is hearing? I just saw Hamachi posted on their Facebook page the Salish 200. Up to 5 crew max, starts in Port Townsend, around the San Juan’s then down around Vashon Island and back to the start. 50 hour cut off. Seems like an intriguing adventure.
  9. Rainy Day Sailor

    Sailing lessons for a MacGregor 26

    Alright alright. I’ll be nicer. I was just trying to have some fun. I guess we can’t really teach him to sail right now. Washington is locked down for another month. I’ll be nice and offer to when the lock down is lifted.
  10. Rainy Day Sailor

    Sailing lessons for a MacGregor 26

    Given that many of you are still under quarantine orders I thought you would enjoy passing on some of the vast sailing wisdom that exists on Sailing Anarchy. So have some fun with this post from our local sailing club’s Facebook group.
  11. Rainy Day Sailor

    Race to the Straits 2020 - Registration is open!

    I signed up Monday thanks to friend who sent me a text. Can’t wait.
  12. Rainy Day Sailor

    J80 - Anti Fouling Paint

    Find out what the fast boats are using in your area. I went with black widow. This stuff is great! Mix like crazy, no thinning, but thin coats. I did three coats. Turned out great and we won a drifter in the fall. Good luck, lots of choices that work well.
  13. Rainy Day Sailor

    Three J/99's to be in the PNW by summer!

    Also the sprit looks long, 4 and half feet? I would not be up for paying the extra montage. Is a retractable sprit an option.
  14. Rainy Day Sailor

    Three J/99's to be in the PNW by summer!

    I think there is a 99 signed up for PRRW. I am excited one is coming to the Olympia area. Hopefully they race locally. We have a competitive sprit class. I walked through the boat at the show. Looks nice. The water ballast puts the water and holding tank in plain sight making the boat feel more racy than cruiser. The v berth was too small to sleep comfortably, really the boat only sleeps four with separate bunks. I like to snuggle with the wife in our v-berth. I am very happy with what we have.
  15. Rainy Day Sailor

    Doyle vs. Quantum #3

    We just ordered a new light air #1 from Doyle, our 4th sail from Doyle. We have both racing sails (delta) and cruising sails and the quality and performance are outstanding. The price is also a huge plus. Quite a bit less than north and about the same as Ullman. I have been very happy with the Seattle Lott’s service as well. Good luck