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  1. That's what's being reported. Agree with you, presumably would be one less dead and two fewer injured had guns not been involved. Another gun related tragedy.
  2. VOR Leg 7 Auckland to Itajai

    Scally is up to old tricks--get behind, take a flyer, and end up in front.
  3. VOR Leg 6 Hong Kong to Auckland

    Restart at 100mi out will do that. Had the race ended 18 hours earlier it wouldn't have been nearly so close. But finish was great. Hate it for TTOP, I thought they sailed the smartest and most consistent race, just didn't have boat speed when they needed it.
  4. VOR Leg 6 Hong Kong to Auckland

    What’s illegal?
  5. Downwind main trim in light to moderate

    How is flow attached when DDW? I would have thought maximum surface area and let it push you DDW.
  6. Tether clips

    Interesting read, but I was referring to the Mob in 2017 race. No loss of life in 2017.
  7. Tether clips

    There was a lot of discussion about the MOB in Mac last summer with promise of detailed report to come out. Did that get published somewhere?
  8. Wanted Missing VOR Skipper

    I'll tell you why I think Witt is wrong in this case and would be wary of letting my daughter anywhere near him (not that you asked). The issue to me is not whether he was crass but that he was doing it from a position of power on the boat and that the woman who it was directed at (or near) was below him in the pecking order. Had she been the owner and he the bowman, he can say whatever he wants and she can kick him off the boat if she's offended. In this circumstance, whether she's offended doesn't matter and if she is she's stuck putting up with it for another 1000 miles at least. The power structure is what most sexual harassment issues stem from, not what was said.
  9. Hey Editor, ever heard of one design?

    What's wrong with limiting costs to make a level playing field. Is the sport about being the best sailor or buying the best equipment?
  10. Is Big Boat racing an athletic sport?

    Reminds me of a quote by John Kruk: "I'm not an athlete, I'm a baseball player." Athletes can play baseball, but not all baseball players are athletes. Seems the same overlapping Venn diagram applies to this question.
  11. Easier than teaching him to judge distance might be for him to teach you and skip what the pin looks like. We've found pin color if more important than shape if you need to start simple.
  12. Addressing topside paint issue

    http://www.boats.com/sailing-boats/1984-c-c-35-mark-iii-5965892/#.WZ4QVEFOnYU Few more pics. Sails not new but serviceable.
  13. Addressing topside paint issue

    Interesting history, though either your date of 1983 is off or the boat advertised age of boat (1984) is off. It's been a few years, so who's counting. Regardless, unless this boat comes with lots of free beer (and the advertisement doesn't indicate that it does), I'm not a huge fan of the stripe. Live with it or move on? On another note, owner fixed the C&C smile himself. Is that something to worry over if survey comes back ok?
  14. I'm looking a buying a boat but have a hard time getting past the topside paint. Not a fan of the big blue stripe around it. See link: http://www.sailboatlistings.com/view/64412 I got a quote of $15-17,000 to paint topsides. It's hard to fathom investing half the price of the boat into paint (and I couldn't afford that). Is that paint job way over priced? Could you sand off the blue paint, or is that likely to leave different coloration of whites from from different UV exposures? Any other thoughts, or move on to a different boat?
  15. Chicago-Mac/Meridian X MOB Recovery

    Had a chance to speak with a coast guard officer who was involved in coordinating. Couple of thoughts from someone who has been involved in many rescues: -Life jackets saved 4 lives that night -Remaining calm and clear on radio is important for getting help to your location (and mayday was definitely called) -Excellent seamanship saved the life of the Meridian MOB given several worst case scenario factors: this was middle of the night, rough weather, not easy for CG to arrive quickly, light failed, and MOB didn't have AIS It's easy to critique in hindsight, but don't lose track of the fact that this was really a pretty miraculous recovery. Cheers to the MOB, Meridian crew, and the boat who assisted all of whom contributed. I'm sure you will do better next time if/when it happens again, but that was a hell of a job. Sharing your learning points from your experience may result in future lives saved.