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  1. forty six & 2

    I've had it with Rhode Island - Where to go?

    CT only collects a registration fee every year. No property tax. They collect sales tax on boat sales but not sure how they handle a transfer from another state.
  2. forty six & 2

    US Watercraft receivership ? (Alerion etc)

    Any word on the other Boat lines. I heard a rumor a Canadian company was looking to bid on all the lines except Alerion but no other details.
  3. forty six & 2

    Where do you work on your boat?

    The prep work for fiberglass takes longer then the glass part in general. Most just pick a good day to glass and go from there. Clear or other plastic enclosures can bring up the temp some. These shelters are popular with the DIY boat crowd
  4. forty six & 2

    the most frightening engine in the world....

    I was waiting for a mention of the Vire so intriguing yet so wrong at the same time.
  5. forty six & 2

    Boats not the sailing kind

    This may be the most bruttally honest article ever written about the current state of the boat biz. Note this is mostly about power boats but the same applies to the sailing toys.
  6. forty six & 2

    Huh? New Sunfish Class?

    I agree there should be a standard. I think in the interest of competition for the parts market it should be more open. Have a design spec anyone who wants to build to it can. Then they can apply to the assoc to have it rules excepted. Say a fee to cover labor to measure and ensure the part meets spec. Once approved the part and vendor can be added to an excepted list and off you go. This is a common approach for a standards org.
  7. forty six & 2

    Huh? New Sunfish Class?

    As a lifelong sailor, but never a racer here are some thoughts. I have considered picking up a sunfish for the sole purpose of racing several times. One of the reasons is a fair number of events here in southern New England. The other bigger reason is low cost of entry. One the reasons I never pulled the trigger was the cost of builder parts vs the aftermarket. When your on a tight budget with kids etc, saving a couple hundred bucks on a new sail so you can be competitive is a big deal. I feel that having the class approve a design spec for parts and letting any builder who wants to come in and pay to have class inspect and approve parts should be allowed. I would include hulls in that. Being able to save $150.00 on a sail and $200 bucks on a dagger board can be the difference between participation and not. Just my thoughts from a guy who lounges in the cockpit with cheap beer and a Farley Mowat novel half the time.
  8. forty six & 2

    US Watercraft receivership ? (Alerion etc)

    Looks Like Alerion is not included in the current bid.
  9. forty six & 2

    US Watercraft goes to Auction!

    They seem to have an offer already for all the molds and business name at 600k. I wonder who wants to buy them? Hinckley has been acquiring brands lately or could be one of the euro companies. Be interesting to see where they end up.
  10. forty six & 2

    US Watercraft receivership ? (Alerion etc)

    I think they may have built one 34 PDQ after the sale but that was it.
  11. forty six & 2

    US Watercraft receivership ? (Alerion etc)

    That lists J boat intellectual property as up for auction. Not sure how that works. Maybe some knockoffs of old J boat models coming soon.
  12. forty six & 2

    Work in Yacht Design Offices

    There have been a number of articles about different design houses and how they work in Professional Boatbuilder over the years. I know recently they had good articles on, Greg C Marshall and Mannerfelt. Might want to try and get copies. I know in the Greg Marshall article they did talk a little about outsourcing different aspects of a project.
  13. forty six & 2

    US Watercraft receivership ? (Alerion etc)

    Any updates on US watercraft looks like a court date came an d went a few weeks ago. I drove by last week. Lots of stuff going on at the TPI half of the building just a couple cars over at US watercraft but one of the garage doors was up a couple feet.
  14. forty six & 2

    Precision 18

    Have a friend looking to downsize (in his 70's). Has a Triton now looking for a day sailor occasional overnighter for LIS. He found a Precision 18 that is not yet up for sale but will be shortly (estate settlement) Any body have any thoughts on these? I have sailed on a P21 and though it performed well, and I generally like other Jim Taylor designs. Thanks
  15. forty six & 2

    US Watercraft receivership ? (Alerion etc)

    Still cheaper then a new one.