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  1. Will send my grandpa too, he's a mumblefuck allright, but won't remember any of you. His back is still good and his medical ganja is even better. Told me he's got an election every morning. Oh, has this leg started already?
  2. No, why are you asking??? I am just a poet. And did you ever steer in +20 knots ???
  3. Oh jerry_sparrow , you are so funny. First confusing me with Randumb and then with my grandpa, who's also got Rtwr-heimer, and who incidentally won a couple of Whitbreads, was not asleep when they broke the noon to noon 24 hr. record, and the outright round the world record. Maybe you won a Whitbread too, but forgot to set any records, right ? I only said that Stu might be a BIT too powerful for my liking. It's a sentiment I picked up in the Bay of Islands (NZ), home of many ex Whitbread legends and current Volvo sailors as well. Some of them might have been sailing friends of you, as they were talking about a humorless Aussy bowman, who they would not let drive in 20+ knot winds. Anyway, all I meant to say was that it is not all about strength, and that pure power might even be a potential liability in regards to breaking things. And that I prefer a more sensitive helmsman, maybe a Queen of the Southern Ocean, who senses every wave and anticipates the windshifts, let the boat surf forever, and effortless steers for the full hour. Let's hope that the OBR's will show plenty of the steering, not just a few short shots, but nice minutes long shots of all the great powerful and sensitive steering, an art of beauty and a joy forever. Go for it, all you old and young boys and girls, we will be watching you !
  4. Always thought that the Flying Dutchman was about Cape Horn (Kaap Hoorn), but Martine Also Noble got it right, its origin is at the Good Hope (Kaap De Goede Hoop), very appropriately named, really. https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=nl&u=https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/De_Vliegende_Hollander_(volkskunde)&prev=search A version of the saga wants the Dutch captain Willem van der Decken insisted to leave the port on his way to the East Indies with his VOC ship on Easter morning, despite the bad weather conditions and against the will of his wife.After all, it was a power struggle to sail to Batavia as quickly as possible and the captain did not have time to lose. Weather or no weather, Easter or no Easter party. After a long journey the ship reached the southwestern point of Africa, Cape of Good Hope . The captain tried to pass the land point, whereupon the crew protested. They begged him to return to Table Bay . The captain refused and became so angry that he threw the helmsman overboard and exclaimed: "God or the devil ... I sail the Cape, although I must sail until the last judgment ."Before punishment, the ship fell into the power of the devil, and the captain must continue to sail at sea for eternity.The dead crew performs their duties in silence.Sometimes the Flying Dutchman sends a sloop to passing unfortunate people, asking if they want to take a pile of letters to relatives who turned out to have died centuries ago According to traditions of people who saw De Vliegende Hollander, the ship sailed with blood-red sails against the wind above the water.
  5. Thanks Crux, for posting all that good stuff. I noticed that Stief left you out of his eulogy, must have been a bit of a brain fart. Trust he will write a niece piece just for you ! And as far as this earlier post goes, this time there was no sex involved, honestly. I seem to have provoked a few comments with my "too powerful" and "sensitive" remarks, and have given it a bit more thought. The easy one is sensitive, as that relates to sensing. A lot of sensing is involved, that's obvious. The too powerful comment is a bit harder to explain and I will come back on that one, promise.
  6. Jack, I will help you a little. Was she offended by Witty ? Nah ! Is she a delicate driver ? Yeah !
  7. We all love this place, most of the time. And we all love you , all the time.
  8. Really, you're surfing on top of Table Mountain? You're an epic monkey dragon! Thanks for posting all that stuff ! Gone look at it now.
  9. Dragon, you're pretty fucking epic yourself, give us a bit of a show tomorrow at the start, please ! Much appreciated !
  10. Aha, so Chuny was the driver. Not too impressive then... But I think, in the Southern Ocean, he will be a more "sensitive" driver then Stu, ref above +100 As I said earlier, "powerful people are not always the most "sensitive" drivers, if you know what I mean." Apparently Jack and Terra don't know what I mean. Will try to explain, after dinner, if you don'y mind. Hold your course, "it's all about fast, in the right direction", exactly, not strength...
  11. No irony at all really, it simply was the result of pushing too hard before the Horn, like bending the rig and having to repair it several times. Not greed either, it's ocean racing, but knowing the technical limits is a factor, and a factor that is difficult to gauge. And as far as Stu goes, no doubt he is a great and very experienced driver, but he seems a bit too powerful for my liking, and powerful people are not always the most "sensitive" drivers, if you know what I mean. Wish them all the best of luck though !
  12. Wanted Missing VOR Skipper

    Thaaat's not funny...
  13. It says 4 for Ferris on the VOR crew profiles : Previous Volvo Ocean Races:2011-12 Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing2008-09 PUMA OCEAN RACING2005-06 Pirates of the Caribbean1997-98 EF Language And for Alex Pella a Route du Rhum win in a Class 40, and a Jules Verne on IDEC, and a 2nd and 3rd in the Mini-Transat, all quite formidable ! And it's Luke Molloy, I see it spelled wrong on the Akzo site too...
  14. BTW, noticed that Justin Ferris replaced van Niekerk on the Paintwagon. Jack, you are usually well informed on Paint, do you know why Niekerk is off, and do you know Ferris ?
  15. In-port hardly worth getting up for, methinks. The 7 best sailing teams in the world according to the VOR, well, didn't see that today. Wouldn't trust them on my bicycle! Back to bed now.