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  1. Fiji Bitter

    Showtime capsize on return trip

    Thought so, LOL !
  2. Fiji Bitter

    Showtime capsize on return trip

    First tell me if there was an enquiry at all, or was that also on an earlier page of the thread?
  3. Fiji Bitter

    Wind Limits - Where are they

    #MeToo ? Or the one with the English journalist?
  4. Fiji Bitter

    Showtime capsize on return trip

    Don't expect an answer, I can hear lydia scream already.
  5. Fiji Bitter

    Don't Anchor Here

    Just noticed that the OP's submarine cable map ( ) is interactive, and when I zoomed in to my location I found 2 cables branched off over quite a distance right to my island. I'm a kind of honoured, but wait, they are owned and sponsored by Huawei, and the Chinese bought fishing rights and run a fishing fleet from Suva. Must have been part of the deal, fair enough. I'm just not gone anchor near those two, it's on a lee shore anyway.
  6. Fiji Bitter

    Showtime capsize on return trip

    Picture of the drawing, or of the actual keel construction, where? Thank you...
  7. Fiji Bitter

    Showtime capsize on return trip

    Foul language, Rule 69 applies to you!!!
  8. Fiji Bitter

    Showtime capsize on return trip

    World Sailing is the Almighty, period, like it or not. And you do your own homework if you are interested, and if you do that well then they might appoint you to one of their many committees. I'll give you a hint though OSR STRUCTURAL PLAN REVIEW INTRODUCTION AND AIMS The aim of the World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations Structural Plan Review Scheme is to implement compliance with the requirements of World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations 3.03 - Hull Construction Standards (Scantlings). The objective of the scheme is for World Sailing together with World Sailing recognized notified bodies to provide certification to designers, builders and/or owners to show compliance with specific parts of the International Standard ISO 12215: Hull Construction -Scantlings specified within the scope below. I am sorry, but the attitude of several notorious posters here, for whatever reasons, is not in the interest of the safety of our sport. FB aka FKU.
  9. Fiji Bitter

    Yipes - Look at the North Atlantic

    It's good for the existing wind farms though, as long as the blades don't come off...
  10. Fiji Bitter

    So called "wicking" polyester shirts??

    Take your time Mark, I am naked most of the time anyway... But please consider the wicking properties and the importance of it, for both cold and hot weather. And please also explain a bit about UV properties, been meaning to ask you for a while. Thanks, it would be cool if you would!
  11. Fiji Bitter

    Showtime capsize on return trip

    OK, not for you, not a problem.
  12. Fiji Bitter

    Showtime capsize on return trip

    And you think we care about your view of World Sailing? They are the governing authority, love them or hate them. They set the rules, and those rules cover keels as well, as you know.
  13. Fiji Bitter

    Showtime capsize on return trip

    I don't want to mingle with your AS politics, but generally speaking I would think that any Mayday and other serious accidents at sea should set off some sort of official investigation. If the sailing authority can handle this in not too serious cases, and not some bureaucratic institution, so much the better. Anyway, most countries seem to have a very thorough marine accident department. The last thing I would want to see is giving the insurance companies a role in this, as they will only act in self interest. And it is greatly in the interest of the sailing community on a whole that the truth will be known, what the eventual consequences are qua regulation, that's another matter.
  14. Fiji Bitter

    inexperienced couple buy a p.o.s. catamaran

    Posters take a lot of cheap shots in this thread, but this one is top. Well done Nick, you will soon be back in positive likeys, whether you like it or not...
  15. Fiji Bitter

    Yipes - Look at the North Atlantic

    A big bad storm, but some high gusts don't make it a hurricane. Not even "basically", let alone a Cat 5. Due to the size of the two combined depressions, the waves might be comparable to a Cat 5 though. It must be winter over there...