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  1. Fiji Bitter

    The Right Way=The wrong Way

    Where did I read about this before?
  2. Fiji Bitter

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    None of you guys get it. Those spy cameras weigh nothing these days. And you obviously never heard of a safe lee either. Any flying bird (so not Kiwi's) can hang in there forever. Just like the Spy Dolphins ride the foil (stern) wave. Obviously Weta is spying for Mayo&Calder, just my well informed opinion though...
  3. Fiji Bitter

    Will COVID kill the Cup?

    Sorry Barf, I usually agree with you, but now you are hugely exaggerating. Boats can easily get by for a few more days, without any outside assistance whatsoever. Just a dock and a guard is all that is required. I'm sure Opua as well as Whangarei will gladly provide that, free of charge even. And what have private jets to do with this, oh wait, we are talking about the AC, humanitarian reasons certainly come to mind, poor fucking billionaires can't come and party on their superyacht!
  4. Fiji Bitter

    Corona Virus

    Yes indeed, the proper procedure that includes a promise to spend $50,000 in services. NZ is whoring themselves out, and turning down requests from the "poor". Besides, I would consider giving a safe haven to cruisers, often families with kids, pretty much "humanitarian" too.
  5. Fiji Bitter

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    And I must admit that ETNZ-Camper's Nespresso in Alicante kept me going, sort of anyway.
  6. Fiji Bitter

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    Good one! And of course a proper Espresso machine, not that fake Nespresso stuff from ETNZ...
  7. Fiji Bitter

    Will COVID kill the Cup?

    Forourcountry, you are a great supporter of ETNZ, no denying, but you know fuck all about the world cruising sailors/families, and nothing about their planning and seasons. And... they don't usually get anywhere near Typhoons. Think ahead before you spew shit, NZboy!
  8. Fiji Bitter

    Will COVID kill the Cup?

    Not sure what you are saying there, but "rules is rules", for an anarchist? The bottom line is that the New Zealand government is totally ignoring the rather desperate pleas of a large cruising community for whom NZ is the only cyclone safe destination. There is more about it in other threads, but let me just say this: "Fuck you selfish NZ cunts!"
  9. Fiji Bitter

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    Hard to top the camo wheel and the nose piece, but come on Anarchists, give it a serious try. All I can come up with are spare buttons for their team shorts.
  10. Fiji Bitter

    AC36 Auckland NZ

    You obviously don't have clue, Clew. I was attending a dinner with Dalts, not so long ago, and (over) heard him grunt that if Cunt Trump wins Michigan and Florida, DeVos will make him an offer he cannot refuse. The AC will move to Holland on Lake Michigan, and the twin-skin main will be replaced by a windmill, and the foils by wooden shoes. Also prayers will be compulsory inside the proximty box. Alternatively they might move to Pensacola in Florida, in which case the nationality rule will be replaced by an age rule of half the crew over 90, and the other half must test Covid-19 positive. You heard it first here on Sailing Anarchy Illustrated, and here the pictures, so it must be true.
  11. Fiji Bitter

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    Does it really matter where? He just went for an eye test! Capito? PS. Didn't you notice he is looking square eyed lately...
  12. Fiji Bitter

    Doug From SV Seeker Fakes Head Injury

    Judging from the vicious attacks on Doug after a bloody good practical joke, I would say: Yes.
  13. Fiji Bitter

    Corona Virus

    Could not hear very well what he was saying, but he was definitely talking about you Kiwi's!
  14. Fiji Bitter

    Solitaire du Figaro 2020

    Disappointment for Fred Duthil! Could have been a classic matchrace with just 10 minutes between the two, and all others at >1 hour. Duthil sailing away from the fleet and the Jackal following him, what a pity...
  15. Fiji Bitter

    Corona Virus

    What did he say exactly? That @Forourselves was an apathetic sheep with no balls! How does he know?