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    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    Ok, believe me or not, i don't care, but the search plane came over my village this afternoon. The regular afternoon plane lands at the airport a bit from here but this one came along the coast towards Savusavu and back again. I talked to my uncle a while ago and he said the plane had not found anything this afternoon, and they will search again tomorrow morning from 8 to 9. Also my father has 2 cousin brothers not far from Rabi and they have a fiber with a 40hp outboard. They have been diving on all those reefs for many years and could go looking for wreckage, if we find someone to pay for the benzine. But may be they should wait till after the plane search tomorrow. There is also a big police boat with 2 outboards in Tukavesi even closer to Rabi that might be able to do something, and also another fiber from the fishery department on Rambi itself. But it will be very slow to navigate through the reefs and it will take a while. Must go now, and put the net out on the reef here as it is low water now, and we need to sell some fish tomorrow to pay for bus fare to the cane plantation in Labasa. Nite nite all !
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    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    We say "me don't lie" all the time! M writing in facebook language, if u don't mind. Have many english speaking friends, and at primary school we speak english after grade 3. Secondary and uni is all in "English". Had my English xam last thursday, grammar, essay, letter writing and mass media. M sure i passed close to 90!
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    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    U can say what u like, but me dont' lie! ni veicaii au sega ni mai lasu jiko ni wilika vavinaka ni yavu kaisi !!! We have plenty helicopters too... Successful Helipro Fiji Search & Rescue Mission Fiji Navy Search & Rescue Training Day - Togalevu Navy Base CU, ni sa moce!
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    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    oh my god, this is not looking good! found some mony to call my uncle after church, and he says they have been searching with a charterd plane yesterday and this morning again. nothing found or seen sofar. This is not looking good and we have been praying for Rimas but looks like this is to late now. Feel very sad now!
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    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    My father just come back from the cane cutting and he knows the Texas reef in Rabi and says the seas are always breaking over the reef and that is quite deep on the other side, we fear that the boat has sank, but you can walk over the reef and than you have to swim quite a bit to Rabi.Often they are spear fishing behind the reef but not now because it is full moon and the fish will see you. Oh, and i try to call my uncle and the navy if their is an update about the lost Mimsy, but i ran out of credit. I will try to borrow some money tomorrow, and there was nothing on the news tonight. I swear by god that i am a real Fijian Christian boy.I have plenty brothers and sister and cousin brothers and sisters (avale), and tomorrow my father will preach first for the young kids and than for the adults and we eat bread as the body of Christ and we drink wine as the blood of god. We will also pray for the poor Rimas and his boat!. Catch up later, goodnight for now and God bless.
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    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    Hi, i m a Fiji schoolboy and i like sailing very much. Some kaivalagi were talking about this lost Rimas sailorman and i googled this forum on my fone. Was busy this week with xams and fishing for the family. My uncle is in the navy and he told me just now that they are sending a patrol boat to Rabi, and that they will be there tomorrow morning. Someone must have raised the alarm cause he knew all about it. Do not have internet at home but will try to keep up and will be playing rugby tomorrow. C U later and don't tell my father i am here cause we r christians and he doesn't like bad language!