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  1. VOR Leg 6 Hong Kong to Auckland

    Don't know why, but I can't find the Daily Live anywhere. Any linky's please ! Or did the Smorgasbords pull it all for some reason?
  2. VOR Leg 6 Hong Kong to Auckland

    Best guess for Brunel is exactly what the Forss/Windy/GFS predicts, makes sense IMHO. Oops, that prediction close to the coast is now gone with the 0700 update, but Map/Dong now showing something similar though less extreme.
  3. VOR Leg 6 Hong Kong to Auckland

    No truer word has been said on this forum yet. Got to be on a boat though.
  4. VOR Leg 6 Hong Kong to Auckland

    Stealth mode? No problem, I am going back to watching curling.!
  5. VOR Leg 6 Hong Kong to Auckland

    What a stupid statement! You know what, properly fitted yacht have tapered stanchions. And BTW, agricultural yachts have them untapered.
  6. VOR Leg 6 Hong Kong to Auckland

    Thanks so much Hoppy! The high resolution (8km) might just cover some of them. Just noticed that the free version now gives the 8km resolution, wasn't so a few months ago. Quite honestly, Predictwind have been dropping the ball a few times too many for me. I used to pay when I needed it, and then they screw you when you are on the free version for a while. For those who like to try Predictwind, go here and subscribe: https://www.predictwind.com/
  7. VOR Leg 6 Hong Kong to Auckland

    Hoppy, don't want to spoil your drone fun, but would you mind to post a Predictwind wind prediction for when the boats are in the wind shadow of La Grande Terre (New Cal main island). That would be around the 0700 UTC update time, or you could pick a time near it, when the biggest shadow is cast, if you like. Windy's EC model does seem to do a pretty good job on wind shadows, but Predictwind still claim to do that better. Thanks for the trouble, will be appreciated!
  8. VOR Leg 6 Hong Kong to Auckland

    Just being rudely woken up by a lot of noise here, but I must say I do agree 100% with what you said. "Normaly" one would not take so much offence, but in the light of Vestas' and the VOR's hiding behind the bush this springs out as tasteless, to say the least.
  9. VOR Leg 6 Hong Kong to Auckland

    Mouse line? Never heard of it... You mean a pilot-, retrievel-, or feeder-line I guess, making it a 2x points penalty.
  10. VOR Leg 6 Hong Kong to Auckland

    Do I see Dongfeng tie the sailbag to the lower lifeline, about halfway in the clip, really? Got to be illegal!
  11. Vestas 11th Hour recovery

    Gladwell: "collision with an unlit mainland Chinese fishing boat". Pure BS speculation, or at least a highly contentious statement from a VOR/Vestas arselicker. Did the 9 surviving crew of the fishing boat testify that? Did the 2 other fishing boats testify that? I don't know, but I don't think so. The fact that Vestas did not see any lights only means that they did not see them. It could possibly mean something else, but that would be highly contentious speculation again.
  12. VOR Leg 6 Hong Kong to Auckland

    Race Experts‏Verified account @RaceExperts 1h2 hours ago In an attempt to improve their image, VESTAS has provided all the navigators with a Crystal Ball. This high tech tool will not only enable accurate cloud prediction, it will also generate 5 knots extra wind, if the navigator reads the Zodiac signs correctly. Only trouble is that in order to work, it must be mounted above the Flir gyro stabilized night vision camera at the mast top. Word from the fleet is that the ball is round and presumably will not predict fishing boats very well. Powered by KarmaWeather
  13. VOR Leg 6 Hong Kong to Auckland

    Not sure if this is good or bad news:
  14. VOR Leg 6 Hong Kong to Auckland

    And it's going to affect all of us, I notice... Take care!
  15. VOR Leg 6 Hong Kong to Auckland

    Yep, pointing around Cape Reinga now, thanks Forss! Interesting routing for EC model, btw.
  16. VOR Leg 6 Hong Kong to Auckland

    Been a while since I won the Tour de France, but believe it's "hanging on someones wheel", or better "wheel sucking". So Scallylucky will be sucking on the Waggon's wheel, right?
  17. VOR Leg 6 Hong Kong to Auckland

    Don't know why, but I am beginning to suffer from BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo), and slowly going a bit more crazy as well. Better go on the Grog (kava) instead of that Bitter Piss..
  18. VOR Leg 6 Hong Kong to Auckland

    Some good RE Tweets 3 and 5 hours ago though:
  19. VOR Leg 6 Hong Kong to Auckland

    Godverdomme, go and get them! Scally doing 6kn and Akzo (and Brunel) doing 16.3kn BTW.
  20. VOR Leg 6 Hong Kong to Auckland

    "Adited" some alcohol to my post, correct?
  21. VOR Leg 6 Hong Kong to Auckland

    Isn't that what they call your brains in a condom? With alcohol as a preservative...
  22. VOR Leg 6 Hong Kong to Auckland

    If anybody is bored, go here, Live now:
  23. VOR Leg 6 Hong Kong to Auckland

    Never mind kfu, it was all posted here 3 days ago. This is the link to the thread in SA, the last page of 25: http://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?/topic/194198-two-sailors-and-dogs-rescued-after-5-months/&page=25 Warning: don't go there unless you're into bondage, sm, and are looking for dominatrix. Our Mr. Notsoclean apparently was keen, went there, and chickened out.
  24. VOR Leg 6 Hong Kong to Auckland

    Mad and others, please don't quote the new village psychopath. I guess a lot of people have "it" on ignore. I get more "You've chosen to ignore content by Andalay." messages than from a certain Spinray in the AC (and briefly here until totally pissed off). BTW, if Lord Dubin knew Analay he would have taken it on a moonlight stroll, shame he didn't.
  25. VOR Leg 6 Hong Kong to Auckland

    Why not wait for "An explanation of the routings spread coming up."