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  1. Help! Melges 24 shrouds

    I ended up going through melges also. Played the money but they got me the parts quick and the mast is up. That is for y'alls help.
  2. Melges 24 class legal shroud lengths?

    I have an old boat. Hull 55. It looks like it may have been rigged for open turn buckles. But the thread patter on the shrouds dose not fit the open style. At least not what is currently available
  3. Melges 24 class legal shroud lengths?

    I think they will be too short to connect after the mast is up. I'm hoping to try it this afternoon
  4. Melges 24 class legal shroud lengths?

    I cannot get the mast up. Looks like this is the issue.
  5. Melges 24 class legal shroud lengths?

    Thanks! Y'all may have saved me some cash. Looks like my lowers are 85mm too short but the uppers are spot on.
  6. Howdy, I'm hoping someone can clue me in on what the class legal lengths are for the uppers and lowers. Trying to get my boat rigged. Ready to ship the spreaders to melges for new shrouds, but want to make sure that they really are the issue before forking over the cash. Thanks for the advice, Nathan
  7. Howdy, I'm hoping someone can clue me in on what the class legal lengths are for the uppers and lowers. Trying to get my boat rigged. Ready to ship the spreaders to melges for new shrouds, but want to make sure that they really are the issue before forking over the cash. Thanks for the advice, Nathan
  8. Where do all the old Melges 24(s) go to die..

    Happy to report that 55 was fixed up. Work was done to the keel and the hull. Sails were patched or replaced as needed. Name was fittingly changed to "on the rocks" its new home is a cattle ranch outside of san antonio. Should have it on the water in a week or 2. I plan to race around austin and on the texas coast. Unfortunately the boat was stripped. I assume before the insurance company picked it up. Tracking down parts has been a time. -Nathan
  9. Help! Melges 24 shrouds

    Thanks mike, Thats what i thought also but my rigging guy told me that the open style turn buckles were a different thread pitch. Not the 5/16th 24 that i have. Can anyone verify this? A quick google search turns up turnbuckles in that thread style, perhaps i need a new rigging company. My shrouds measure out to 27ft 5in 14ft 1.5in So they will still be too short with the open style? Any ideas?
  10. Help! Melges 24 shrouds

    howdy, i recently got ahold of USA 55. with the old style captive spreaders. i ordered the closed ronstan turnbuckles on the recommendation from the company i was using to get the boat rigged. and when i went to step the mast, the shrouds were too short. i could not get the mast up at all, i was reading 45 on my loos gauge on the uppers, about 800 lb! i figured i would make some home made turnbuckles to step the mast and check the rest of the rigging ( never to sail with) while i sorted this issue out. i had to drill and tap turnbuckles to 5/16 24 to fit the shrouds. put them on, still could not step the mast. turned them all the way out and added 2 shackles to the chain plate, still could not step the mast. am i doing something wrong? are these shrouds something ridiculously short the pervious owner was messing with? i measured the shrouds, from end to end and just the wire portion, I'm hoping y'all can give me an idea if these are even close. or what is wrong, I'm out of ideas. i attached some pics. looks like its close, but theres no getting it up (these photos are with the ronstan turn buckles, even closer with my daily chained rigged rigging) any insight here would be appreciated. Thanks yall. Nathan uppers: 329" end to end 317" wire only lowers: 169.5" end to end 158" wire only.
  11. New to Melges 24

    Thanks for all the help. I have not decided on replacing the bottom delrin. Mine looks ok and melges says they will exchange it for another top delrin. I ordered a backstay and bridal. But it did not come with blocks. Can yall fill me in on the size block i need where the stay meets the bridal and where the bridle meets the transom? Thanks
  12. New to Melges 24

    thanks, So i ordered the bottom and one top from melges, before i understood where they went exactly. is it worth the trouble changing the bottom? If have the keel off is there any other maintenance or improvements i should make at that point? the hoist in my barn will lift the boat, but it'll be tight getting clearance to get over the keel. what is the best way to get the boat off the keel? i would imagine the straps and the eyes on the deck?
  13. New to Melges 24

    do you have to take the keel off to replace the bottom?
  14. New to Melges 24

    Thank yall again. So if the boat has 2 upper delrins dose it have a lower as well?
  15. New to Melges 24

    thanks for all the advice y'all, recently I've run into some new challenges. i called merges yesterday and the lady told me they do not have manuals for their boats. the best they could do is send me to a link on their site for a north sails tuning guide. however I've seen people reference the manual on this site and others. any idea how to get ahold of one? also, the keel delrins on the upper part of my keel were cracked. i went through melges and ordered an upper and lower keel delrins ( i have 2 separate pieces at the top of the keel) when i got the parts, the bottom delrin was larger and had mounting holes. when i went to look at the boat i can see that it mounts on the hull. and my boat is defiantly missing the lower. but that means i have 2 uppers? i was able to look at some other boats yesterday while i was buying a spinnaker, and some had 2 uppers, some only had one, i did not seem to be based on production yea,. but all had the larger lower. any information on this would be great. do i need to order another upper? they are $275 a piece. ( called melges a second time and the guy i talked to did not have any answers for me, told me to call back when more people would be in the office.) `