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    So..How do WE stop it?

    They've been slaughtering each other for 1500+ years in the region. Us individuals aren't gonna do shit about that.

    So..How do WE stop it?

  3. Sean Penn was there for katrina. Clooney was there. Hard to pin this one on Bush. Barry's chipping game is strong.
  4. None of that influenced Barry's golf game. I've been flooded a couple times, I've managed to hold it off at other times. It's not fun either way.
  5. Nah, I think it's stupid posting shit like that.
  6. Just something from HoW's spank bank....
  7. You can call them dump trucks, I don't give a fuck.
  8. Are you saying all the boys with their puny Ford, Tacos, Rams and Chevy's are just wannabe truckers" Did you just move the Real Truck Goal Posts out of their reach? Now that's a Pickup. No, that's a dump truck. But you get a participation trophy for trying. No, that's a truck with a tipper body.
  9. I'm driving a UD today, good Japanese truck. 9 horses in the back and I'll pick up a trailer with 12 more in an hour or so.
  10. GRUMPY

    Massachussets Gun Ban

    BS uses statistics like a drunk uses a lamp post, for support not illumination. Somebody said that.
  11. GRUMPY

    Massachussets Gun Ban

    2010-12 I open carried my slingshot for self protection everyday I was on site. If you weren't carrying you buddied up with someone who was....
  12. GRUMPY

    Fuck Scot Bell

    So how many got hit with the flick stick? This seems to be a major purge....