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    So..How do WE stop it?

    They've been slaughtering each other for 1500+ years in the region. Us individuals aren't gonna do shit about that.

    So..How do WE stop it?

  3. You can call them dump trucks, I don't give a fuck.
  4. Are you saying all the boys with their puny Ford, Tacos, Rams and Chevy's are just wannabe truckers" Did you just move the Real Truck Goal Posts out of their reach? Now that's a Pickup. No, that's a dump truck. But you get a participation trophy for trying. No, that's a truck with a tipper body.
  5. I'm driving a UD today, good Japanese truck. 9 horses in the back and I'll pick up a trailer with 12 more in an hour or so.

    Fuck Scot Bell

    So how many got hit with the flick stick? This seems to be a major purge....

    GOP Convention

    I am. Seriously. Every day I chap your ass is a good one.If that's the case ben I seriously suggest you have a bit of a think about your day to day priorities. Just had a think about it and nothing has changed. Now what? Did you get all your linesman home safe to their families? If following me about looking for an argument makes your day, fill your boots. No skin off my nose. Seriously. I don't think you're a bad person Ben, I think your gin cocktails make you a sad cunt.

    GOP Convention

    I am. Seriously. Every day I chap your ass is a good one. If that's the case ben I seriously suggest you have a bit of a think about your day to day priorities.

    Fuck Scot Bell

    I know I shouldn't but........... I told ya so. This open borders policy is fukt up.
  10. GRUMPY

    GOP Convention

    Don't be. Seriously.
  11. GRUMPY

    GOP Convention

    My favourite hypocrite.
  12. GRUMPY

    GOP Convention

    Male escorts are making crazy money at the RNC It’s been a great week for gay escorts in Cleveland. Male prostitutes contacted by The Post said business is booming and Republican National Convention attendees — most of them married — are clamoring for their services. “Business has been way better. I’ve seen 10 clients so far,” one male escort said. “Most of them were first-timers. You could tell they were nervous, but once they became more comfortable, they seemed to be having a good time.” Another escort said he had already earned $1,600 since Monday — over six times the amount he usually makes. “I normally only make $200 to $300, but I’ve been seeing lots of guys in hotels downtown,” he said, noting the boom in business near the Quicken Loans Arena. The clientele has included mostly married white men between the ages of 40 and 50, said another escort who’s seen eight johns so far. “One of them was from Texas and visiting for the convention. He said he was a politician,” he said, claiming he didn’t remember the client’s name. One gigolo who charges $250 an hour said he’s been making about $800 per day since the convention kicked off — all from men visiting from Florida, Louisiana and Washington, DC. “Usually I need to go out of town,” he said with a chuckle. Most men paid to have sex, but one client requested to “do his business in the corner” while watching his wife in bed with the escort. One of the hookers said he wasn’t surprised that the convention — filled with politicians who openly oppose gay marriage — brought such a boom in business. “When it comes to anything people aren’t supposed to be doing, they like to do it,” the escort said. “The Republicans have a lot of delegates in the closet, let’s put it that way.” But ladies of the night weren’t reaping the same benefits. When contacted by The Post, females for hire said they’re making much less money than normal. “Has business been better for me? Honestly, no,” one woman said before abruptly hanging up the phone. “Business is slower than usual,” said another. “I haven’t been getting any calls.” Interesting hit piece. I wonder if any of the protestors outside might be utilizing the local talents services?So here we have a convention for a major party. One that is spelling out the path they think takes America into the future. And you Billy, focus on the gay love aspect of it all. maybe if more fags came out of the closet, we wouldn't have so many tea party republicans... Are you calling billy gay?