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  1. You can call them dump trucks, I don't give a fuck.
  2. Are you saying all the boys with their puny Ford, Tacos, Rams and Chevy's are just wannabe truckers" Did you just move the Real Truck Goal Posts out of their reach? Now that's a Pickup. No, that's a dump truck. But you get a participation trophy for trying. No, that's a truck with a tipper body.
  3. I'm driving a UD today, good Japanese truck. 9 horses in the back and I'll pick up a trailer with 12 more in an hour or so.
  4. Yeah, here on this board I do have to ask. Why do you need to interject? Sol's a big boy. Let's see.
  5. You're posting cartoons Sol. Can you get to whatever point it is you're trying not to make? Spit it out young feller, go on.
  6. The DNC is frantically reviewing proposed speeches JIC. Similar is the mark. This is gonna be fun.
  7. Well... If "that's me" I guess you've finally acknowledged that can't change me and will now shut the fuck up about it. What can't change you Ben? Your statement is very unclear as to what it is that you guess I've finally acknowledged. I've said you're squealing a lot about nothing. You brought runny shits to the conversation.
  8. So your reality is Trump taking a runny shit? Perfect. You're squealing a lot about nothing Ben. It's a bit bitchy, but that's you.
  9. So long as we have the "THEY DID IT TOO" defense all is good then? I was thinking of Joe Biden's presidential bid back in what...1988? Fuck I'm old. But then again, we had different standards back then. Who reads press releases from corporate entities for crap like that? No one... How many different ways can you mention where you are from, your parent, and siblings in one or two brief paragraphs? It was copied from Big Booty Obama's speech - big fucking deal. I just don't see why it matters. She is not running for any office. I would respect that response from the Trump campaign as opposed to the denial of reality they went with. He simply isn't accountable for anything. If Trump were to climb onto the podium and take a long runny shit on it, they'd be denying the next day before the smell was out of the room. And half the idiots here would be defending it with someyhing about Hillary Clinton. When did you get appointed the arbiter of "reality"?
  10. Look Grumpy, look Coors. More stuff completely by chance. Just 26 letters. Over a million possible fucking words, but it is just 26 letters. You have a nasty way of agreeing with me. Edit to add: I bet Donnie is copping some shit from the missus at the moment.
  11. Who cares? Did anybody die? How much did Mrs.Trump get paid for giving the speech? The alphabet only has 26 letters, you'll find some similarities in every speech if you look hard. Where's the plagiarisation Ben?
  12. GRUMPY

    Drug Prohibition: Still Stupid

    Gold Coast couple unapologetic about giving 13 year boy cannabis Amanda Abate - 7News Brisbane on June 18, 2016, 7:43 pm For most of his life Joseph has suffered seizures so severe he’s broken his arms and legs around 10 times. The only drug that has worked is cannabis oil. “Joseph has now been 20 months seizure free.”
  13. Fucking wanker gobs on as much as Wofsey. Just dribbles copious amounts of crap.
  14. GRUMPY

    The pussification of England continues.....

    Same here. It was the middle of the night though...
  15. Not every janitor is male knucklehead.
  16. Bent at Hunter st bus station....