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  1. freewheelin

    USVI - Reliable Mobile Wifi (Please help!)

    Good question. I will be at anchor and cruising around. I can choose weekday anchorages based on where the signal is strong, and that will help, but it probably rules out an aimed directional antenna. So I think I am stuck fishing for strongest and fastest mobile internet.
  2. Is anyone in the USVIs that can give me advice on the most reliable way to get mobile internet? I will be in the USVIs for two months on a cat starting mid-January. The catch is that I will need to keep working - which for me involves video conferencing over Zoom. I need to make sure I am set up, so I can continue working seamlessly. I have Sprint as a mobile carrier, and understand they have decent coverage there. They recommend a mobile hotspot to link laptops to, and have data plans for that. They can't seem to say whether it will be enough to keep video conferences. I am wondering if there is a better mobile hotspot that is more reliable down there that I could rent. Since I can use our phones to hotspot Sprint coverage as a backup, the idea of another carrier is appealing. Viya offers a mobile hotspot as well, but I am not sure how reliable it is vs ATT or Sprint. Reliability is more important than cost for me. Any advice?
  3. freewheelin

    Yet another sailboat rescue off Cape Hatteras

    We called them torpedoes, because of the way the water sprayed up like in the old navy movies
  4. Are you sure the FP article and the Guardian article are the same case? The stories seem different. And the FP article says that they weren't detained, boat wasn't impounded, and they were back in the US. The Guardian couple's story seems...more fishy...
  5. freewheelin

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    They probably can get funding by conventional means, but if fans are willing to pay for their eventual boat, why not? The La Vags and Delos of the industry are making good money, but they still have people donating to them for some reason.
  6. freewheelin

    Cushion Questions

    Does the Froli really add much to comfort? Looks interesting.
  7. The problem with most BVI charters, is they make you stay in the BVIs. Perfect for a week, but for me, a month seems a long time in sailing disneyland. If you look into outfits in the windward islands, they will let you explore a lot more, and get off the beaten path. Bigger sailing of course, but if you have the time to take why not?
  8. I looked at this recently. Horizon in Grenada is a great outfit, I have used them twice. I believe they will arrange a long term charter. Check with DLS charters in St. Lucia. I got an attractive quote from them for a couple month trip before I had to cancel. They seem like a solid outfit.
  9. freewheelin

    Doyle sails

    I have a Doyle Race Carbon M Jib on my 30' phrf boat. Love it, no complaints.
  10. freewheelin

    Room to Tack question

    this site had some cool animations of rule 20. "approaching shore, you tack" seems especially pertinent. (though I guess that does not mean it is accurate necessarily).
  11. freewheelin

    Caption Contest

    someone on instagram had the best caption: "Classy, bougie, ratchet strap"
  12. freewheelin

    Boat ideas?

    +1 on the Oceanis boats. They sail well, are well laid out, and like you said - newer is much less hassle.
  13. freewheelin

    How To: med mooring anarchy

    whiskey throttle ...or maybe ouzo throttle...
  14. freewheelin

    Raspberry Pi Geekdom

    So it seems it would not be as simple as putting a normal monitor behind glass on the bulkhead because of glare and overheating. Has anyone come across a weatherproof and sunlight visible monitor that is not touchscreen? I am wondering if that could save some money. It seems easier/cheaper to design than a touchscreen version.
  15. freewheelin

    Raspberry Pi Geekdom

    I have been getting into the idea of a Raspberry Pi chartplotter. Partly because it would be great to have a dedicated plotter, partly because it seems silly to buy an expensive plotter for a 30 year old 30 fter, and partly because it sounds like a fun project. I am starting to spec it out in my mind, but could really use some advice from someone who knows what they are doing. Here is what I have in mind Raspberry Pi & case & 12V converter dAISy Hat & VHF antenna splitter (for AIS receiver) 12 V touch screen monitor at nav station bluetooth mini keyboard GPS receiver (either link the boat's current receiver or add a dongle) Android tablet Second 12 volt monitor (non-touch screen) behind plexiglass (or something??) on the bulkhead The idea would be to be able to control the plotter from either the touch screen & mini keyboard at the nav dest, or from the tablet. Think this is possible? Could it be set up using a remote desktop app on the tablet or is it more complicated? This part I am really not sure about. The last monitor would fill a hole (about 8"x 8") that currently houses the radar readout that we don't use (the radar is old and sucks our batteries dry). I figure if done right it will look better, but also be more useful to have a bulkhead mounted screen I can turn on and off. Another option would be to install a tablet mount there, but that seems less elegant. I originally was thinking of a waterproof touch screen here, but was quickly priced out. So I am thinking I could have a normal (dumb) screen behind a piece of plexiglas or something similar to keep it protected. It could project the plotter, or a countdown sequence for racers, or whatever. I have not been able to find anything online about something similar, but if possible I think it could be pretty slick. It would be in a convenient place on the boat to have a readout. Any thoughts on this setup? Anything I am missing? I appreciate any advice.