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  1. freewheelin

    CPAP on charter

    down to the punny buffett-esque name of the OP. I can smell the New Balances and refusal to retire.
  2. freewheelin

    Caribbean charter destinations St. Martin vs. BVI

    Agreed. B.J. is spot on. By "I did try BVI" does that mean you have chartered there already? If not, you really won't be disappointed. If you have and would like to try something different, have you considered Grenada? It is a step more towards cruising, but I highly recommend it as a charter destination.
  3. freewheelin

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Not according to the IRS list of charitable organizations or Guidestar are they on the list of 501(c)(3)s. So thats......shady...
  4. freewheelin

    Weekending with 6 on a 30fter

    It was a blast. We were having too much fun, and didn't sail home until the sun was setting last night. Beautiful night sail. All survived I am happy to say. It was really hot on Saturday. We were all flagging by the end of the light wind "race". I made the call for water only until we anchored. As soon as we were able to swim, everything got better. We spent the whole afternoon/evening going between swimming and shade. We brought a ton of inflatables. Went to shore for dinner once the sun set, for a break from the boat and some AC. By then the wind had kicked up some, and with a few fans I picked up, the boat was cool enough to sleep. Woke up Sunday, and were in the water swimming again by 10am. spent the day floating on rafts and drinking beers and water. Inflatables rafts and shade cover took the experience from rough to very enjoyable.
  5. freewheelin

    Weekending with 6 on a 30fter

    going to try this.
  6. freewheelin

    Weekending with 6 on a 30fter

    should have a little wind 7-8kts is the projections. I only have one hatch. I'll have access to a mooring, so I was considering spinning her around, to allow for air flow from the much bigger companionway. and sliding top hatch. Though, I am not sure if the air will naturally flow in now that you mention it.
  7. freewheelin

    Weekending with 6 on a 30fter

    luckily during the day, we will be rafted up with boats with biminis, swimming, etc. I am mostly concerned about the sleeping.
  8. freewheelin

    Weekending with 6 on a 30fter

    free pump out luckily where we are staying. Will be used for sure. Also, thinking we will go to shore for dinner, which will help. I am kicking myself for not ordering a wind scoop. I will see if i can pick one up. Two can definitely sleep in the cockpit (and i am certain will). Thanks for the tips!
  9. freewheelin

    Weekending with 6 on a 30fter

    Tomorrow, we have a fun race to a bay a few miles away, then a rendezvous/raft up after. Lots of swimming, inflatable rafts and cocktail mix-off. Should be a blast. All our friends want to stay out on the boat, making 6 of us on a 30fter. Crew is mostly girls, and we are all on the smaller side. So we will make the space fit and have fun with it. When a lot of you helped us find our boat, this was the kind of fun I had hoped for. The problem is tomorrow is going to be HOT in the NY area. Like really hot. And not expected to cool off much at night. Any tips on keeping the boat cool. I will bring some battery powered fans to help with airflow. I was also thinking about anchoring or hooking up to a mooring ball stern-to, to push the airflow down the companionway. Would that help? Any other tips?
  10. freewheelin

    Pettit Black Widow Video Review

    To be clear, I was not bashing. Just pointing out that Vivid (different product from Petite) has been really good for me so far, and asking if it is supposed to sit that long. Sounds like it is.
  11. freewheelin

    Pettit Black Widow Video Review

    I am using Petite Vivid for the first time. I have been diving the boat. Just need to wipe it down, it has been great. Does anything hold up for 3 months no diving?
  12. freewheelin

    Freedom Boats / Freedom 39 Ketch

    I've been on one a friend has. The interior is absolutely beautiful, and well laid out. Seems like a super comfortable boat, and a good choice for single/short handing. Also seems really solid. My wife's comment one stepping down below was "now I understand what a liveaboard is" Can't comment on the sailing merits - I doubt it will point very high. But seems like comfy ride to the islands to me.
  13. freewheelin

    Have Torqueedo Outboards Come of Age Yet

    what about AGM? same rules I assume?
  14. freewheelin

    Have Torqueedo Outboards Come of Age Yet

    what do you mean by hobby guys? I am not familiar.