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  1. freewheelin

    What custom cruiser...if money were no object?

    or just keep chartering in lovely places and get all this? that doesn't sound so bad.
  2. freewheelin

    Towing with a rental truck?

    At a minimum I would think you would be liable and outside of any insurance coverage were something to go wrong (malfunction, breakage, or worst of all accident).
  3. For WLIS sailors, the City Island Cup (now Big Tom) has pivoted to a one day shorthanded/household crew race for fun. Harlem YC waived the fee. Not for everyone I know, but for those looking to get some light just-for-fun racing in, I thought I would share. Seems better than no racing, and hell, it is free. Details are here: (sorry for the double post - meant to put this here)
  4. For WLIS sailors, the City Island Cup (now Big Tom) has pivoted to a one day shorthanded/household crew race for fun. Harlem YC waived the fee. Not for everyone I know, but for those looking to get some light just-for-fun racing in, I thought I would share. Seems better than no racing, and hell, it is free. Details are here:
  5. freewheelin

    Regattas Still Being Held in the Age of Covid-19?

    for LIS sailors, the City Island Cup has pivoted to a free, just-for-fun regatta with houshold crew. It is on June 13th.
  6. freewheelin

    Inflatable dinghy anarchy

    This is our first year cruising with a dinghy, but we have done lots of charters with full aluminum floor RIBs. We went the other way and went for something light and easy to handle. we got a 9ft Zodiac slat floor and use a 2.5 hp Suzuki. Something like this, but a couple years older in model: We are super happy we went this route. The dinghy seems much more durable than I would have guessed, and the slat floor adds a lot of stability over the air floor our friends got. We can easily get around with 3 adults, and I think we could add a fourth and/or dog no problem. The small zuk pushes us surprisingly well, and starts on the first pull every time. Most importantly the motor is light enough that pulling it off and onto a block is not a chore. And the dinghy is light and small enough that two of us can lift it easily up onto the bow of our 30fter so we can sail. Compared to the big dinghies we used on charters, this is the right choice for us and our area, where there isn't always a dinghy dock ready and available. The size and weight make it helpful and fun to use instead of its own chore. when we come up to a rocky shoreline, we simply hop out and lift it onto the shore. Our ankles get wet, but no bashing onto rocks. I am not sure if this option would work for you, but would be easy to store on the deck. no block and tackle system needed. Plus, it is much cheaper than the bigger dinghies.
  7. freewheelin

    Understanding how a boat sails before buying it

    Nor would it help with mobility issues I would think. There is a lot of climbing over and maneuvering around. All the others mentioned would have a boarding platform and walk through transom which I would guess would be the number one help. Catalinas would probably be your best bet for the comfort and mobility piece.
  8. freewheelin

    Boat Dogs - What to look for?

    This working from home and self-quarantining has us missing our dog more than ever. He passed last November, and we were going to take a year off of pet ownership for easier traveling, cruising, etc. this summer. Well, that is out the window. So we are considering adopting again. Our last was older, and 90 pounds with some hip problems by the time we got our boat. He also got really car-sick. So we knew he wasn't a sailing dog. We want our next one to be able to cruise with us. I know that plenty of people take their dogs sailing - every other sailing vlogger has a dog. Some look happy, some look miserable. We have a small boat (30 ft, and fairly narrow) but would prefer a medium sized dog. We want to adopt a dog, probably 6 mo - 1.5 years old. But we would really like the freedom to take it cruising on the weekends, or for a week or two at a time - and we don't want it to be scared, sick, or miserable. But as we look for dogs, how can you tell? I am sure there are people out there with experience. Any advice? Any traits to look for? How do you train a dog to go (and love) weekend sailing?
  9. freewheelin

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    if you are good enough, they pay
  10. What material did you use (or was used)?
  11. I love it! What material did you use to make it?
  12. Trying to envision this - do you have pictures?
  13. Thanks for the very thorough response. We are still reading through and have this on our radar, and we are still happily receiving advice. We spent the winter prepping the boat, of course that was before the world went nuts. Now, we aren't sure what the next few months will bring. Work is up in the air for my wife, while I am extremely busy - so who knows with timing and finances. But for now we are still planning and saving as if we will push off Oct 1. However, we have thought about it and will roll with the punches and do whatever version of this trip we are able to - whether it is four months, one month or less. Being in NY, we are lucky enough to be among those healthy and relatively stable. I really appreciate the advice, and it has been right in line with our current thinking. Our sails, running/standing rigging, hardware, etc. are rock solid. Either well maintained or new. Everything we added so far is either something we will use on a regular basis in our normal cruising/racing, modular like electronics, or we have decided to go without it. We have the small roll up dinghy, will be using our existing auto tiller, etc. We have 25 watts onboard already, and a controller that can handle much more. If we are still able to shove off we will add a couple 100W flexibles, and run the engine when needed. We even made a last minute switch during the defender sale, and ditched the 100+ feet of chain and new oversized Rocna. Instead we got 35' of chain then went double braid from there. All to be added to our current 25# CQR. This set up will be more functional in the LIS, and will become the backup if we are still able to sail south. lugging 100ft of chain in and out of the locker for races didn't seem very fun. Thanks again for all the advice - i'll be reading it over carefully.