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  1. Bareboat charter in 2nd week of May

    Just do the BVIs. Best for putting a toe in the water (baby)
  2. Volcano warning

    We were down there in September, and gave it a wide berth. The gps snail trail from whoever chartered before us went through the exclusion zone and directly over the volcano, so either they didn't know or wanted to check it out.
  3. Totally lost...

    Great point. Thank you. We race to have fun and approve our sailing, so being in the mix during the race is essential. What boats are you looking at?
  4. Totally lost...

    I reached out anyway about the Frers, you never know. But would probably ask for a couple updated photos before driving that far to see it. Same with the J/30, which has a time stamp of 2013 on each photo haha. I am reaching out about the Beneteau as well. Fixing the headliner issue seems labor intensive, but in my wheelhouse - so if the rest is solid it may be a good option. Thanks again for helping with the shopping.
  5. Totally lost...

    i agree - nice list. Thanks for sharing and helping with the shopping. I am definitely going to reach out about a few. The Frers looks cool, but the fact that the pictures look to be picture of photos (presumably from when the boat was in better shape) worries me.
  6. Totally lost...

    I can't seem to find a J/92 in the country, let alone our price range. Nice looking boats though. I love the J/35, but we have a size limit for storage at our club.
  7. Totally lost...

    here are a couple typical scratch sheets for the area: https://yachtscoring.com/event_scratch_sheet.cfm?eID=4315 https://yachtscoring.com/event_scratch_sheet.cfm?eID=4329
  8. Totally lost...

    Thanks Crash, this is all helpful. It's tough trying to balance our wants. I guess my concern with phrf is two fold. First, I want to make sure the boat feels lively and responsive, because that is something we really like with J/24s and don't want to lose. Makes for great day sailing. The other piece is that in my area, the J/24s (at 174) seems to usually be about the slowest boats on the starting line. So I am worried about taking on a boat too much slower. We are not very serious racers, but I am not sure how fun it would be bringing up the back of the pack every time and hoping to correct over.
  9. Totally lost...

    wow, this looks like a ton of good info. thanks for sharing. honestly, Olson 911 would be be great - if i could find in the price range. Tartan 30s are MORC boats? are they similar to T3000?
  10. Totally lost...

    they look nice, but there doesn't seem to be a lot of availability. any production model versions you would suggest?
  11. Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    I saw an earlier version of this ad a few months ago. Same couple, same budget and request, but it mentioned that they really like late model Bene's and Jeannuae's, and that "bluewater is a must". Guess they have dialed back expectations.
  12. Totally lost...

    Another one on our list is this Tartan 3000. Again, I don't know much about this model but Tartans seem to have good reputations. The centerboard on a 30fter seems interesting. http://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1984/Tartan-3000-3161320/Mystic/CT/United-States?refSource=standard listing#.Wql5bGrwaF0
  13. Totally lost...

    that makes sense. It looks like it is just south of there now, and the (very pretty looking) transom says Great Kills Harbor.
  14. Totally lost...

    thanks for the explanation. I have heard that IOR boats can be a bit squirrely downwind, and some had stability issues. Of course this is all just reading I have zero experience, I don't think i have sailed on one.
  15. Totally lost...

    This one looks interesting as well - a Kirie Ellite 30s http://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1986/Kirie-Elite-30S-2934589/Sayreville/NJ/United-States?refSource=standard listing#.WqlUGWrwaF0 I have never heard of these boats. Checking out the data on them, they look super light for a 30 fter. That may make keeping them flat while shorthand cruising/racing a challenge. Anyone have experience with these?