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  1. freewheelin

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    oh, hello. we have been, um, enjoying your videos? seems in this case you have already checked the box for the standard sailing anarchy greeting...
  2. freewheelin

    I survived a tornado

    well, you've got the perfect weather for it
  3. freewheelin

    I survived a tornado

    damn. the storm was crazy, but I didn't realize there were tornadoes rolling through. glad you and the boat are ok dacapo
  4. freewheelin

    Removing Vinyl Lettering at Mooring

    lol Seas Snot sounds appropriate.
  5. freewheelin

    Removing Vinyl Lettering at Mooring

    Hmm, this is good to know. As a compromise, maybe I can just remove the old name plastered on the side for now. Then put on new graphics this winter. The way it stands, the boat is certainly getting known by its current name (which is italicized on the side in giant letters with an exclamation point :/)
  6. freewheelin

    Removing Vinyl Lettering at Mooring

    Ok, we are convinced. We would rather do it right than do it now. And we would rather be sailing than to pull this summer to do it right. We do have a 24 hour pull for free, but I want to spend that time working on the bottom mid season. It may be weird changing a name after a year of sailing, but oh well. We can throw a renaming party, give out some beet, and eventually no one will care or remember. There are a number of cosmetic projects I want to do when the boats on the hard, so this seems to fall in that category.
  7. freewheelin

    Removing Vinyl Lettering at Mooring

    you don't add any styrofoam, just to make sure it keeps going and gets it all?
  8. freewheelin

    Removing Vinyl Lettering at Mooring

    I can get to our dock, but only for when the tide is up. Not much time to do any real work. I can also pull the boat for 24 hours - but with everyone trying to launch I don't think I can get on the schedule for that until June/July. Alternatively, I may just wait until next winter on the hard. That brings up the question of racing under the new name, with the old one plastered on the side.
  9. freewheelin

    Removing Vinyl Lettering at Mooring

    hot water is a good idea. Irritating it does concern me. I am going to test whatever method on the stern hailing port, as that is much smaller and in a less noticeable area. Currently, the letters on the side are large block letters in dark navy. Seven in total. It is such a larger area, that i hate to do a background decal. Instead we were thinking choose a new name about the same length, putting similiar sized letters in the same spot. The navy-white contrast may draw away from the white-brighter white contrast. Maybe.
  10. freewheelin

    Removing Vinyl Lettering at Mooring

    hmm good to know. Sounds like making a not that bad situation much worse. I don't have a power source on the mooring, so I don't know how a heat gun would work. I also don't have a heat gun, and would be worried hanging off the boat with one anyway. I am wondering if the solvent and scraper would work.
  11. Not sure if fix-it is the right place for this, but thought I would give a shot. Just bought a new-to me boat, and we are debating changing the name. The name we don't love is plastered on the side of the boat with big vinyl decals that are starting to rub off. I am not sure how long they have been on there, but our thought was to peel them off and see how bad the sun staining has been (bright white gel coat). Then decide whether decals go back up on the side, or if we can move to the stern. The catch is that we are already in the water, and don't want to pay to pull the boat just for this. I am thinking about giving it a shot hanging off the side of the boat. Using my cordless drill and a vinyl remover wheel, plus some 3M adhesive remover. Then scrubbing away as best as possible with a deck brush. Thoughts? Suggestion?
  12. freewheelin

    captains license question

    googling his coordinates puts him on a lake in NW Kazahkstan, so whatever should be fine.
  13. freewheelin

    Buying a boat without a broker?

    oh, crap. I didn't see this. now I own a boat. I already got the survey, so now I see that I am not competent enough to own one. I really stepped in it now. will they take the boat away?
  14. freewheelin

    Buying a boat without a broker?

    87 Beneteau First 305 Here is the only off the boat that I am able to upload for some reason. This is at it's new mooring.