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    This should end well

    no, that was quaalude physics
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    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    i've got a friday treat for you all. enjoy
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    CG ends search, 29' sailboat missing, east coast

    i mean, he could have written a note....
  4. Several of the states you would be going through require a class 3 license to tow that weight. I think you would have trouble renting a truck one without one. I know that MD requires one for trucks with air brakes, and I wouldn't want to haul 10,000 without them. Just hire a professional. It is safer, easier, and really won't cost that much more in the end. Don't take on that liability.
  5. looks awesome! Can't wait to watch
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    Fall Cruising on the Chesapeake

    Ajax, what model Dyer did you buy? I sailed a Dyer Dhow for the first time this weekend. It was fun!
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    E-nav on the cheap

    Nice video smack. Very helpful. If you only had the tired old iPad 2 (like I do) and were a bit price conscious, which app would you recommend?
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    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    well, they spent so much time at the beginning pontificating about never being that kid of channel, it will be funny to watch when they eventually and slowly do. Check back in a few months.
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    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    I had gotten bored and unsubscribed from this channel. Somehow the youtube fairies knew I would be intrigued by this thumbnail. Don't bother clicking. They don't sink their boat, it is just a clickbait thumbnail. In fact, nothing happens in this episode except them talking. About something that happened to a previous owner 10 years ago. They must be getting desperate. This channel took and interesting approach, and I first saw them as sponsored content. They got a lot of followers quickly that way, but they must just be bleeding views since they sold the HR, stopped sailing, and now just film the side of a boat sitting in a yard in New Jersey.
  10. freewheelin

    Alcohol Laws When Sailing in the Mediterranean

    This seems quite relaxed. Basically as long as you are not in a coma, you are good
  11. freewheelin

    BVI News

    It sucks they got pushed out of the Bight. Especially after having to buy a brand new barge (and choosing to go bigger). It's been a while, but I don't remember much going on in Great Harbour and it all being prohibitively expensive. It will be interesting to see if willie t. is enough of a destination for the charter boats and cruisers to overnight. The day-trippers and tour boats will still go i'm sure -they don't care.
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    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Come on, let's be honest here. Look at who is donating. It's the misguided old man fantasy that they donations will become friendship, and before too long they will be motor-boating with her down island - and giving her the missing mast.
  13. freewheelin

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    It is sort of like how all bands lose their edge once they make it. Something about the authentic coming up struggle is appealing, and everything past that is a letdown. They all eventually become U2. And you tubers will become Vag. They'll still make money, you just won't understand who is watching. Pretty soon, the new delos vids will come pre-loaded when you upgrade your ios.
  14. freewheelin

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Wait, really? I get the exact opposite vibe and the Vags have always come off to me as arrogant and entitled. Maybe egocentric is the vibe. I am not trying to be hard on them, and it's awesome so many people like them and they can make a career of it. It has nothing to do with incomes or backgrounds. Blue collar or middle class (which used to mean the same thing, but that's another thread). It is just what shows do you prefer. Do you prefer travel shows or reality TV? Delos focuses on the location and the locals. Vag focuses on themselves and their story. Looking at both of their latest videos showcases this perfectly: Delos - Filming on site at Carnival in Trini Vag - Discussing the pregnancy, how she is feeling, and what their plan is.
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    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Ok, I'll bite. Here are my opinions on your questions. 1. Who are these disparate audiences for these two leaders where each keeps both content providers level pegging at the top of the tree? I like Delos, and will watch an episode every now and then if it peaks my interest. I have watched Vag, but can't get in to them and find them super boring. I like Delos for a peak into long-term cruising life, and am interested in the destinations for future visits myself. I think they do a good job showing both. I was talking to my cousin's husband (not a sailor) and he had the opposite take. He thought Delos looked dirty and hippy, and loved Vag. He kept going on and on about brows is such a natural beauty, blah blah (in front of my cousin and my wife - it was a weird conversation). Different people watch different things for different reasons. 2. It seems the lag time between real and upload to the Interweb is not important to the Delos audience. If so why? This question is confusing. Why would someone care if there is a time lag? 3. Does Delos's content being arguably more diverse translate into longer post production time and to preserve quality it simply takes longer. In other words to shorten it would reduce quality? If the answer is yes, it still doesn't answer Q2. I think the reason is more material collection time than production quality. They seem to want to do more before making a video. They are getting closer and closer to real time though, so there may be a day when they are making a video about what they had for dinner like Vag 4. Does Vag content being less diverse translate into short post production time and allows them to produce with less lag time and they see that as being important? Same answer. I popped in and watched an episode a few weeks ago. The whole episode was that they wanted to go into a cove. There was a reef, and their chartplotter malfunctioned, so they were scared. So they called someone in France to ask them to fix the chart plotter, then used a cruising guide to go into the cove (which I would have preferred anyway). End of episode. 5. Will one last and the other fades away? They will both fade away. Just depends on how long. 6. Do people regard the content of each worthy of revisiting like a good book, or is it just watch and forget shit? As a comparison I'm sure many fans of Dylan, but not enough, have KTL saved on their hard drive. Absolutely not. 7. Is there a untapped demand outside what these two market leaders produce? For instance KTL or other variants. Yes and no. There is a demand outside these two. It is the opposite of untapped and is super saturated. Some viewers (including myself) prefer watching a couple starting out and learning, cruising the Caribbean on a $40K boat and a depleting budget of $1500 a month, showing their mistakes and adventures with a video camera. Somehow seems more authentic and closer to the dream than those making $10,000 a month walking around an island with 6 cameras videoing every second. Do you ever think about how odd they must look down in the islands? Can you imagine taking the dinghy into Lazy Turtle and it effectively being a TV set with all the cameras recording everything. Kind of ruins the fantasy to think about.
  16. freewheelin

    Beneteau First 305?

    I bought a First 305 in April. I love it, and it is perfect for what I am looking for. I would be happy to answer any questions about my experience so far. Not sure what you are looking for, but here is a thread about what I was looking for that got me to the First 305:
  17. freewheelin

    Start Sequence Timer - Display

    I have an old either wind or depth display (don't recall) that the previous owner/crew put their knee through the screen of and doesn't work. I have more instruments than I need - wind x3, speed, depth, radar (that I took off the boat), etc. So rather than replace it, we just keep the cover on. Since I don't need the others, I was thinking it would be great place to put a start sequence timer that the crew can see rather than rely on watches. So the hole is the size for a standard old style ray-marine display (4" x 4" or something like that). Has anyone seen a product out there that would fit?
  18. freewheelin

    Start Sequence Timer - Display

    Thanks! This is exactly what I was looking for. And seeing it, I now know I don't want it. I rather like the idea of the weatherproof ipad mini and running a tactics app. There seem to be some where you can mark the line similar to ProStart. It seems cheaper than a prostart (if i buy an older/refurbished model), and I have the option to use as a chartplotter as well. Seems a good use of space on an already cluttered bulkhead. I can probably make and install a piece of plastic that acts as a mount as well as a plug for the open hole fairly easily.
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    Start Sequence Timer - Display

    There is nothing wrong with a wristwatch. I started this thread hoping for a cheap and easy way to replace a dead instrument display with something useful - rather than spending a few hundred bucks on a new display i don't need or doing glass work.
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    Start Sequence Timer - Display

    pro start is sweet. unfortunately it doesn't look like it can/should be left out on the bulkhead. also, it is $600....
  21. freewheelin

    Start Sequence Timer - Display

    This is a cool idea. Issue would be taking it off (which we would want to do) would leave an open hole. I was hoping for something that I could leave out in the elements to be a permanent plug. Maybe it would be easier to find a plug and go with something like this?
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    Bente 39 – Opinions?

    Ja, Klar. Er sagte, sie wolle schnell gehen. Und du kannst immer einem Deutschen glauben. Naturlich.
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    What boats?

    That is it. Even the winches are in the right place. And yes, that is quite a tiller.
  24. freewheelin

    What boats?

    thought the Ranger 33s were wheel-steering
  25. freewheelin

    What boats?

    Maybe Pearson 26 for the yellow boat in the first ad? Flared companionway, doghouse profile, and shin-smasher tiller all seem to match. listing