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  1. Gadangit

    Making leeway

    Interesting replies so far. I'm either pinching or footing! Prop is MaxProp, bottom job is a month old with spray on Trinidad. Crewmember happened to have scuba gear and literally cleaned the bottom an hour before we left. I've got probably 1500 milles sailing on a J44 and I crewed on that J46 when it got it's new headsail. I have no illusions of being anywhere near those boats on the course. I'm more comparing myself to the Kalik. Unfortunately there we no other boats around to compare against. I race the boat all the time on the bay with relatively flat water. We generally hang just fine with other vintage boats. It seemed like the wave action was making a difference, it is really the only thing that changed. I'm determining leeway by looking at the difference between heading and COG. Is that how everyone else does it? I have two electronic compasses that generally agree with each other. I just put a knotlog on the boat a few months back, we never had one before. The picture is a bit deceiving, you will just have to trust me that the sheet leads are correct. I'm trimmed for close hauled and am driving to the telltales. Our UK sailmaker put on the in-hauler a few years back and we use them when going to weather. The sails are a few years old tri-radial laminate in cruising weight. Yes, not deck sweepers. The boom was just below centerline with a very slight twist to match the leech of the headsail. I had not considered the parasitic drag. Yes, we do have an encapsulated keel, the rudder is recently built using Bruce King's updated and larger rudder design for the boat. We have polars from the ORC VPP. Target speeds: TWS AWA BS 10 28 5.69 12 30 6.26 14 30 6.46 I kind of feel like I'm in that neighborhood.
  2. Gadangit

    Making leeway

    There certainly could be. But it didn't appear to affect the others in the fleet to the same degree. Which is why I thought it was leeway on our part. Good question, I'm not sure.
  3. Gadangit

    Making leeway

    We now have a full suite of instruments and last weekend I noticed what I consider a fair amount of leeway on our upwind leg. The course was a 90 mile triangle in the Gulf of Mexico. I need some help to determine if this is "normal" for our boat or if some trim and/or driving adjustments are needed. Getting a better driver is not an option! The boat: Ericson 39 Sailplan: Full main, overlapping genoa, about 129% Conditions: 10+kts wind seas 2', 50' of water 25 miles offshore Small crew of 5 total. I have the in-hauler on the genoa, main is slightly twisted, boom on centerline. Fully powered SOG: 6.3kts, Boat Speed:5.7kts, Heading: 244, COG:253 (or 257, can't tell from pic) Angle of heel: about 15 degrees I'm driving about 30-35 degrees AWA, boat is generally balanced. If you can zoom in on the chartplotter, the boats ahead are a J130, J46, J122 and C&C 115. Not seen is a Kalik 40 who is carrying #1 Genoa, higher and faster. We rounded the mark .5 mile back from Kalik and he just walked up and away. I'm not comparing our boat to the faster J-Boats, but they offer a reference point. Is 10-15 degrees a lot of leeway for an offshore beat? What can I do to reduce that? Thanks!