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  1. yachtie2k4

    What is it?

    Yes the more I look at it and think about it the more it looks to be photoshopped. Especially with your comments Dave.. Thanks
  2. yachtie2k4

    What is it?

    Hey Dave. Is that been down this path before about the picture being posted on here before (if so do you know where I could find some more info about it) or about the boat being way overpowered in light winds Thanks Rob
  3. yachtie2k4

    What is it?

    Hey guys Wondering if any of you have seen this boat as the pic popped up on a Facebook group I am members of. I think it's based on a rowing skull with some mods obviously A Class rig with a jib and I think I see some wings that the guy is trapping off Cheers Rob
  4. yachtie2k4

    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Wild oats wins
  5. yachtie2k4

    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Was watching adventures of sailor girl live on Facebook. Gonna be bloody close. Neither going what the tracker shows I think!
  6. yachtie2k4

    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Must be the worst start by ricko ever! And then the port starboard with the Indian. What a disappointment to people who look up to them. I was hoping that they would win but don't think I can after that.
  7. yachtie2k4

    Another what's the best dingy question

    Hmmm. Modern Dinghy and not capsizing in australia dont go to well together. also sailing on port Phillip. Make sure you have a wetty over winter!
  8. yachtie2k4

    S2H v M2H - which is tougher?

    I think I know the one you were talking bout dunc. Was in a calender years ago. I think it was cadibarra 4. The boat was flat and hauling arse!
  9. yachtie2k4

    Middle Sea race

    I read somewhere cas doesn't have their foil so might explain (a bit) why they getting their arse kicked. Crusader doing great
  10. yachtie2k4

    Cost To Retro Fit Retracting Prodder to Elliott

    No problems no. He did a lot of work on the Thompson 8 I used to sail on. The other builder I would suggest would be Brett van Munster. But he is up at morrisett. Cheers rob
  11. yachtie2k4

    Cost To Retro Fit Retracting Prodder to Elliott

    Hey nacrajon. If you're in sydney I would suggest seeing if Bruce Gault boat builders at tween point would be interested. Cheers rob
  12. yachtie2k4

    Radio controlled sailing

    But that's a multihull. You need to take it to multihull anarchy! Ha ha ha
  13. yachtie2k4

    rs aero

    Hmm I might try and get to the balmoral one!
  14. I almost followed elby in the s. Atlantic but the game forecasts were showing that east side was going to stay lighter than the west side so I went west but it did the opposite and elby made massive gains. Hindsight is a great thing. Elby and I had been dueling it out since I think before we crossed the equator on the way down to the bottom and were always within about 12hrs until the n. Atlantic when I think he got out to a 12-24hr lead over me before I caught up to about 7hrs behind athe the finish! All I can say is I enjoyed the race and the battle with elby was fantastic!
  15. Woo came 13267th Sailed 27946.7