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  1. tom.185528

    Laser class rules regarding Cunningham

    Thanks everyone for the input, I think I'll try the cascade style and see how it is, or maybe take out one of the blocks, for a 4:1 system. Anyway, thanks for all your advice!
  2. Hello, I was wondering about a part of the Laser class rules, regarding the Cunningham. When I bought my boat from the Previous Owner, it did not come with a full Cunningham, just a single long piece of line, and the double block with becket that attaches to the vang assembly for a Cunningham. Since I already have a full Outhaul, I don't want to buy a Cunningham/Outhaul kit, so I was thinking I would just buy some of the blocks and lines that are needed. In the Laser Class Rules, (found here: in Rule 3 e) i), it says : 'The cunningham system shall consist of a maximum three control lines, “Optional” blocks or loops for purchase with a maximum of 5 “Turning Points”' Because it says 'a maximum of three control lines', I was thinking that I would rig a cascade system as seen in the picture, with one line going from the becket block attached to the vang assembly, up through the eye in the tack of the sail for the Cunningham to a block, with a line coming up through the block, attached to another block, with the cleated line coming up through that block and down to the cleat. Because I haven't seen any other people at my club or any other do this, I'm not sure if it's legal, and just something nobody ever realized was legal, or if it is illegal and I'm just missing something. Thanks, Tom