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  1. bridhb

    Drip Drip Drip

    Also, what was the exchange for the poling information?
  2. bridhb

    Drip Drip Drip

    Everyone with half a brain already knows Trump lied about it but 40% or so of the USA does not care. More proof that he lied about it won't really change anything.
  3. bridhb

    Did Trump just win the Trade War with China?

    I have to ask.....what is wrong with a J28? They look like they would be a pretty decent small cruising type boat that isn't a slug. Do they dissolve when wet or something? Hate to thread jack for a sailing question I will ask about Ridgelines
  4. bridhb

    Confederate Avenue being renamed

    We still have a "Robert E. Lee" high school here in Jax, FL..
  5. bridhb

    Oh, No! Mother is A Bigot

    True Republicans will go all old testament on your ass if necessary
  6. bridhb

    Drip Drip Drip

    I think "MSNBC The Last Word" (just watched the youtube vid: ) answered. Like indicting a sitting president, the senate majority leader being the only person that can bring a vote before the senate is just a policy. Tim Caine recently presented a funding bill before the senate for a vote to which Mitch promptly objected. From there it would have taken a 60 vote majority to bring the bill to a vote. Or at least that is how I understood it.
  7. bridhb

    Drip Drip Drip

    I have confidence that the Democrats will figure out the best way to screw it up. Trump or someone that primaries him, could be in office till 2024. The overwhelming majority of republicans still support Trump's party and with the status of the electoral college, they could pull off yet another minority win.
  8. bridhb

    Drip Drip Drip

    A question for you scholars of the constitution: Say that the latest perjury allegations prove to be true, and seemingly everyone,, including Trump's pending AG, agrees that this is certainly an impeachable offence. Say that the Democratic house brings impeachment forward. Say that finally, although highly unlikely, enough Republican senators become Americans again to give at least a 2/3 vote for conviction. Can Mitch McCturtle protect the president (and his wife's cushy job with the administration) by not allowing the senate vote for conviction to come to the floor? I would think that the people from Kentucky that keep him in office would support him if he held it up with the idea that all this was just Trump being a great business genius and that is they voted for him. Can Mitch stop it like he is stopping the ending of the partial shutdown?
  9. bridhb

    When Trump held a party and nobody came

    I think it was a bad move for the democrats. It makes it appear that they are not willing to sit down and negotiate an end to the partial shutdown. This fits exactly into Trump's propaganda message in shifting blame to the dems. If it was to be used as a photo op, it would have been likely to turn out like the meeting with Nancy/Chuck where Trump lost it and claimed he was proud to shut down the government. I guess we will now see the effects. Meantime, a lot of people charged with protecting our borders and travel security are not getting paid.
  10. bridhb

    Who will be Democrat nominee in 2020?

    Being an old boomer myself, I agree.
  11. bridhb

    Who will be Democrat nominee in 2020?

    I think if they run Joe or Warren, Trump's second term is assured unless as pointed out, something drastic happens, but then the republicans come up with a more electable candidate. Real shame as that is what looks like might happen at this point.
  12. bridhb

    tRump to LIE , live on National TV

    One question: What was the alternative you predicted to be worse than what is happening to the USA under the Trump administration?
  13. Oh, come on now.....not all republicans are dumb shits, just most dumb shits are republican.
  14. bridhb

    tRump to LIE , live on National TV

    Good points, but directed at the wrong people. I think the dems, and quite a few reps are pushing for "comprehensive" reform, but the turtle is convinced Trump won't sign anything that does not include a 2000 mile wall, so won't even let it go to a vote in the senate. Ryan was doing the same thing but he is out of the way now. Any chance Kentucky will get rid of Mitch in 2020?
  15. bridhb

    Walk Out

    In my opinion, the senate is to blame. The turtle from Kentucky won't let anything go to vote. Don't really understand how he has that power but I guess he does. Senate should vote on shit. If Trump veto's, then vote on it again to overturn veto if you are serious about it. This crap about not taking it to a vote because Trump might not approve it has to stop. Has the Trump administration laid out any plan on spending the $5.6 billion for "border security"? Maybe if they had an actual plan other than "build the wall", like prioritizing new barrier and reconditioning old barrier combined with tech and maybe improve immigrant processing, then more people might be able to agree with the plan. They have not even spent last year's $1.6 (?) bil yet from what I understand. Total failure on all parts of our gov...well, except judicial, but their time is coming if an "emergency" is declared, but right now, in my opinion, it is mostly on the turtle.