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  1. bridhb

    Tropical Storm Isaias

    Hey we got some tasty waves!
  2. bridhb

    4 Debates... LoL

    Are you telling us the interview was faked?
  3. bridhb

    4 Debates... LoL

    Trump will kill it on words per minute, even if they are lies or salads. I really hope I am wrong but I don't think Biden's (ok, laughed at "hid'n") status in polls will improve as a result of the debates.
  4. bridhb


    Nevada doesn't have a governor that tells his infant "bed time stories" about Trump's great wall on TV.
  5. bridhb

    75th anniversary of a great crime

    Sorry, been out of power for a while, just had to show them where the transformer was. If Dubois was persecuted for speaking out then of course it was wrong. I have never thought of the use of the atomic bomb on Japan as "racist" and that article made me think about it I am not sure Incould make an "informed" opinion by the one article. The Pacific and European theaters were very different geographically and strategically. We did not have troops or allies in Japan. Looking back, it is easy to say it was a terrible thing to do, and it was. The USA did some really crappy stuff in developing the bomb and Trump wants to start it all up again. He probably will if he gets 4 more years. I have no idea why wars are fought. Japan became one of our most important trading partners. McDonalds populated Vietnam (relatively) soon after our helicopters left. Seems like we could skip the war part. Can't believe I am saying this but maybe Trump was on to something about building beach resorts in North Korea. Charity of your choice because as you said, I have nothing of value to offer to the conversation
  6. Thanks for pointing that out. It gets lost after the overload.
  7. bridhb

    75th anniversary of a great crime

    Read it. It is pretty difficult for me to follow the logic or get to a solution for the problem but I am old and past my genetic best by date. We were at war with Japan. The police were not at war with Floyd, I think that is a significant difference although I guess the article is getting at we are all at war with people that are different from us. Not sure any civilian population can protect themselves against government sanctioned bombing, whether it is a foreign or domestic government. Maybe kill enough people until no one from a different tribe or family run into each other? Yeah, people suck. Just have to figure out how to suck less and somehow keep the people that suck the most from being in power.
  8. Or somehow "yeah, but Biden is worse".
  9. bridhb

    75th anniversary of a great crime

    Reading "Hiroshima" was a school assignment, can't remember what grade but I went to school in SoFL during the "duck and cover" phase of the Cuban missile crisis. If anything, the demonstration of carnage with the A-bomb attacks on Japan probably prevented the cold war from escalating and destroying the earth. I don't agree with the Nagasaki bombing being so soon after. In my opinion, negotiations should have been given a chance, but I wasn't there. My father and his 3 brothers were in that war, 2 in the Atlantic, 2 in the Pacific. They all came home somehow.
  10. bridhb


    That interview alone, without consideration of anything else related to Trump, should disqualify Trump from being considered for president by anyone. Do you still support Trump for 2020?
  11. Based on this interview alone, Trump's support shouldn't be above 1%.
  12. bridhb

    Really? Biden????

    The flaming bag of poo would be an improvement over what currently occupies the white house.
  13. bridhb

    Will Biden debate Trump?

    There may be one, but with the personalities at play, Biden will probably "lose" based on word count alone.
  14. bridhb

    BENE slow first 235

    For an old iron keel that looks great. Mine was much worse, but has seemed to hold up to the rework for the last 3.5 years. It that boat suits your needs and you could get it for way, way, way cheap, it would be a fun project! Light simple interior for how many people you plan on having. From the web site, be sure to take care of the transom! Although with the deeper fin keel, guess it will hit prior to the rudder.
  15. Well that is the way it is suppose to happen in this possible circumstance that has never happened.