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  1. As stated, is from listening to what was said by "most" republicans I know, which unfortunately was too many at that point.
  2. Sorry, it wasn't was direct observation from working in the engineering / construction / government field here in strong republican NE Florida during the Obama years.
  3. Especially coming from people with a known strong tendency to lie.
  4. Yeah, I get that. Most republicans I know wanted him shot for the crime of being president while (half) black. Or course they would only admit that among whites, and made up other shit to justify their displeasure in "polite" company.
  5. bridhb

    Well, Ain't This Just Too Bad

    Yes, I believe one of those people happens to be the current president of the USA. Imagine that?
  6. There has to be a better system than a SC judge nominated by a corrupt president and confirmed by a corrupt senate. I guess depending on the integrity of people is a bad idea.
  7. bridhb

    So Much For Fiscal Responsibility

    You forgot the bestest most beautiful most cheapest health care that everyone will be able to afford
  8. bridhb

    Trump's Badger Obsession

    That is what I was thinking and it made me laugh! HB don't give a shit.
  9. It goes beyond that. When someone like Trump, who is obviously devoid of morality and a chicken shit coward on so many levels, but somehow has convinced 40+ % of the USA he is a big, powerful strong man that stands up for our country....we have some major problems that may not be solvable.
  10. bridhb

    So Much For Fiscal Responsibility

    Looks like a repost of what was promised before the last mid term elections when the house flipped. Hopefully, but not likely, history will repeat itself, flipping the senate and the oval office.
  11. Which foot were those spurs in again? The one he didn't use to play tennis?
  12. Trump is such an idiot....of course we (the collective "we") are more idiotic for electing the idiot.
  13. Has Fox covered it or issued the talking points yet?
  14. Crap, we raced Daytona in the rain, on motorcycles.