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  1. bridhb

    Fattest boats

    ^^^^^.....Oh man does that bring back memories!
  2. bridhb

    Fattest boats

    Is there a reason for tumblehome (the boat kind, not the ass kind) other than measurement rules? Some of the IMOCA 60's and the modern style copycats seem to have tumblehome in the bow, if that is what it is still called.
  3. Maybe I missed it but I didn't see anything in that article that indicated he would not vote for Trump again.
  4. bridhb

    Today’s Trump Deaths

    Was listening to fake news this morning and Miami area is seeing a rapid increase in hospitalization, ICU and ventilator use. Captain Ron has mandated that local governments can't pass mask mandates, so what was previously working to lower So FL's infection rate can no longer be used. And the Trump flags still fly.
  5. bridhb

    Today’s Trump Deaths

    And now he is planning some super spreader rallies in GA to motivate his base for the senate race. Maybe he will go soon enough to give them time to come down with symptoms and keep their asses out of the polling locations. It is difficult for me to believe that he would help get votes for anyone, but that is what the USA is right now.
  6. bridhb

    A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

    I am ashamed to say, it took me about 30 seconds.
  7. Black women live everywhere. Trump won the "winner take all" swing states last time by a very, very. very slim margin.
  8. This I can't understand. It is not as if it is in the constitution to be this way. That this asshat elected by only the state of Kentucky, which gives tax money to a "creationist" museum, can be the sole person that decides what bills go before the senate for a vote is a travesty to democracy. That is senate made up rules, and should be changed, but who in that position would give up the power? It will take someone with decency and a love of what the country stands for.
  9. Nah, Trump called dibs at a 60 second, no questions presser today.
  10. bridhb

    Trumps legal fees

    I would like to believe that the people doing the "real work" are sitting back laughing their asses off.
  11. bridhb

    Georgia Certifies Results.

    Hope all the residents of the great state of Georgia enjoy paying for the third recount.
  12. bridhb

    Trumps legal fees

    All the people that donate to the RNC pay for it.
  13. bridhb

    Sidney Powell

    Because half the country is still flying "Trump 2020" flags and sending him money.
  14. bridhb

    G20 Covid pandemic summit

    Not only that but he got a giant piece of the best chocolate cake in the universe....wonder how much Trump Org charged US tax payers for that piece of cake?
  15. bridhb

    Today’s Trump Deaths

    Yeah, and hopefully it is Kamala.