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  1. bridhb

    jeffrey beauregard sessions

    As you stated, I think to Sessions, his personal agenda is more important than Trump's taunts. i find it somewhat hilarious that Trump can't seem to fire anyone directly when that was one of his go to slogans. Well, it would be hilarious if it wasn't completely right wing radicalizing the courts for at least a generation.
  2. bridhb


    You take that back right now! :-)
  3. bridhb

    Stormy Daniels' : Full Disclosure

    Melania was that woman Trump was cheating with at one time.....need to remember that when you all admire her. She is in it for the money and chain migration.
  4. bridhb

    Puerto Rico

    How much does the states and fed subsidize WalMart workers who get paid minimum wage and kept at part time? I am sure this helps WM's bottom line. It would be interesting to see that number compared to their corporate taxes. I am too lazy to look.
  5. bridhb

    Fear: Trump in the White House

    "Conservatives" are going to keep Trump in office as long as possible in their rush to force their agenda. The have accomplished much that will shape the path of the USA for years to come. They still have much to do, many lifetime appointed judicial positions to fill, environmental corporate regulations to eliminate, talk of more tax cuts for the 1% and their heirs. They will benefit for decades from what is being done in this 4 year term. No trouble holding their noses and some tap out babysitting.
  6. bridhb

    Fear: Trump in the White House

    Bumper stickers seen in on the same car in Jax today: "Trump 2020" and "Hillary Lied"
  7. bridhb

    Ultime / G-Class Development

    This is probably a really stupid question, so flame away. Why are the foils on the amas (?) oriented towards the centerline? Seems they would have more righting moment and better angle in the water when heeled if they were oriented towards the outside of the boat. What am I missing besides the obvious docking hassles. But it is already a trimaran (and the only reason I am still on a monohull).
  8. bridhb

    Drip Drip Drip

    I am, unfortunately, a very pessimistic person! i just need to keep telling myself "hey, I have a sailboat!" I would hope to see the legislative branch actually start paying attention to their oaths of office, but there has not been much indication of that yet. A thing: I keep reading / hearing that a sitting president CANNOT be charged. But then I read / hear that it is just a "policy" that a sitting president cannot be charged. If it is just a "policy", is there actually anything that prevents it if congress is faced with evidence of major crimes that cross a "red line"? Well, the thought of Pence as president is one thing that prevents it.
  9. bridhb

    Drip Drip Drip

    I like how you assume he might someday be out of office!
  10. bridhb

    Surf Anarchy

    I remember those when I was a little kid. Crap they tore you up! Kids these days have it so easy with boogie boards!
  11. bridhb

    Surf Anarchy

    I have been east coast for all my life unfortunately (Bahamas can go off though!) except for 4 months, fall in Encinitas, latish 70's, working as a dishwasher / sou chef at "Rocco's Vegetarian Italian" at night (owners had steaks brought in for their meals) and surfing every day. Anyway, Dale Dobson would show up at D Street occasionally, absolutely ripping on a Morey Doyle soft board, without a fin. I had a 5'-6" fish which seemed perfect for Swami's! I will never forget watching Dobson ripping on that finless soft board surfer I ever watched in person. No idea how he did it. Pure poetry in motion.
  12. bridhb

    Surf Anarchy

    "About the only surfer nuttier than JOB (Jaime O'Brien) is Gravy Wavy. (Ben Gravy)" For the dream! Speaking of....say someone that is too stupid old to be thinking of such things, wanted to do the Atlantic Circle in a small boat, surfing some head highish or less waves along the way. Any suggestions for an old fart "expedition" type board? I think I can fit about an 8' board in the "garage" quarter berth. Those soft tops are looking sort of neat.
  13. bridhb

    Drip Drip Drip

    Can only hope
  14. bridhb

    Dude steals a plane

    Thanks for that. My dad had 1946 N99340 that he flew out of Opa Locka some 50 ish years ago and i have not thought about it in a long time. I was the only one in the family that would go up with him. We flew that thing all over South FL with some cross country north. He sold it to pay for my sister's wedding, which of course, ended in divorce. I still have his log book somewhere. Neat little airplanes.
  15. bridhb

    Mike Pence wants Space SEALS!

    Maybe he wants to invade heaven to secure it for the correct people.