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  1. bridhb

    Ridgeline Over Cliff, Mini Cannon Blazing

    The implosion would be fun to watch, as long as there isn't any collateral damage. Well, maybe it could take out Miller...and Mitch...and....
  2. bridhb

    Cease fire announced

    Our thug is the one of the fattest cowards that ever walked. "You're fired" by tweet, tv, his minions....the only ones more cowardly are the republicans that won't stand up to him his fake bullying.
  3. bridhb

    Live Trump clan rally

    Do you really want him to do more in his capacity as POTUS?
  4. We have all seen enough evidence to remove Trump, what is the problem?
  5. bridhb

    Betrayal-who's next?

    The polls probably never will. That is more a reflection of how screwed up the USA is. That doesn't mean the impeachment can't proceed and get the facts out to the people that have to vote in 2020. Trump has his 40% base that will not consider voting for the other party, but hopefully, revealing the corruption will mobilize the 60% to come out and vote against the corruption. Otherwise they will stay home.
  6. bridhb

    Betrayal-who's next?

    WTF is she waiting on? Trump to shoot the correct person on 5th ave? There is way more than enough to put the entire administration away, just from what has been made public.
  7. bridhb


    I hope you are correct as it seems she can't get it together and is going to end up throwing the election to Trump. She is demonstrating that yes, congress can't walk and chew gum at the same time. She is tripping and choking on the gum, or at least it seems that way. The presser was a statement of yes, we are not doing anything about anything.
  8. bridhb

    Betrayal-who's next?

    Nancy needs to get off the pot as she definitely sees to not want to dump on the Trump administration. How much evidence does she need? The Mueller report was more than enough. She seems afraid of Trump, what does she have to lose? Someone else needs to take over the house leadership and start doing stuff.
  9. bridhb

    Betrayal-who's next?

    Congress needs to start putting these noncompliance jerks in jail, including the trump....yeah, I know it is probably not possible.
  10. bridhb

    Non-furler headsail handling options

    Thanks, that is the way I do it but it seems to fall apart with a few tacks. I probably need to be more careful in the execution, and better, not more knots!
  11. bridhb

    Betrayal-who's next?

    I have to respectfully disagree. Miller seems to be using Trump to advance his agenda. Similar to the evangelicals, he is using Trump and a little mushroom juice is a small price to pay. No one else would let Miller get away with that crap.
  12. bridhb

    Non-furler headsail handling options

    I have a reefing jib also (hank on). What have you found to be the best way to handle the tack and clew material when it is reefed? I do it, but it is very sloppy and I know someone has figured this out.
  13. bridhb

    Should Trump go to jail?

    Didn't Ford pardon Nixon?
  14. 40% will remain in la la land, and they will all vote.