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    Sessions is toast - what next?

    Trump has the senate and the SC.....If I understand correctly , he can pretty much ignore anything done in the house.
  2. bridhb

    Five for $40- It has been a great year but...

    Thanks! Hope I get something good :-)
  3. bridhb

    Is this the Figaro III?

    Why were the foils not designed similar to the IMOCA boats? Seems they are wasting a lot of foil area that never sees water to increase righting moment? Is it just to keep the hull entry box way above the water line?
  4. bridhb

    Grab them by the pussy.

    Was he a star?
  5. bridhb

    Show your boat not sailing

    A work in progress.....sailing now! Not much early 80's IOR influence to this hull shape (sarcastic font on). Hope it makes a good old man single handed cruiser in the sort of near future.
  6. The Road for a trip into depression, Snatch, Friday....Buckaroo Banzai already mentioned. Anything by Monty Python.
  7. I will have to strongly disagree with you on this....Steve Miller has a much more punchable face.
  8. bridhb

    Mueller Ready

    In Trump's case, it has worked out quite well for the last 70 years. Crap, he is president now. Why would anyone in or associated with that family expect to be subject to the law? Even if Mueller's investigation uncovers evidence of serious financial crimes, I don't expect there to be a serious effort to prosecute the Trump family for them.
  9. bridhb

    Mueller Ready

    It is frequently pointed out by the fake news media who keeps a running tally and a lies per day graphics. 40+ % of the people don't seem to care, and that seems to be enough to keep him in office. Maybe they should add some sort of "won't lie to the American people" type of clause to that oath of office he swore to.
  10. bridhb

    Mueller Ready

    I seem to remember a negotiated agreement between Mueller and the law team for the POTUS for a take home test interview to be answered by the donald's team of lawyers. I am sure the carefully prepared answers will be very honest and revealing. Of course that was a few scandal cycles ago so I may not be remembering correctly.
  11. bridhb


    I need a bigger screen!
  12. Yeah, it was really strange watching him read that rant.
  13. bridhb

    And Out Goes Amb. Haley

    I think the distance has let you see clearly. She is going to be very valuable. Good strategy to praise Trump and the Kush on exit.
  14. bridhb

    The Blue Wave?

    Hope you are correct but don't have much optimism that 1) Anything will be allowed to happen by then by Trump's handlers, or 2) It will not be sufficient to sway the fired up Trump base from getting out there and voting. Have to give him credit as a BS artist supreme. His machine seems to be able to determine what will fire up his base and he sticks the delivery. The dems can't seem to come up with a coherent message of how they will improve life in USofA besides oppose Trump, or if they have one, how to deliver that message effectively. "MAGA", while meaningless and a lie, was brilliant marketing.
  15. bridhb

    And Out Goes Amb. Haley

    I think "I've got the vapors" Graham is angling for AG. Haley? I would guess some other ambitions.
  16. bridhb

    How is Melania doing on her first solo trip abroad?

    No axes to grind. I just don't get the sympathy and admiration for Melania. I don't think she is trolling her husband. Her "be best" stuff is pretty feckless Heck, Jim Jefferys does it better and did it first. She could come out a lot stronger against his divisionist and hateful rants if she wanted to. Instead, she seems to fully support his policies. I am sure they both get a good laugh at the media trying to interpret her incredibly weak "protest". Her "care" jacket was her truth I believe. She doesn't give a fuck about the the little people. What good did she do in Africa? What policies towards that continent have/will change in the current administration that will help them as a result of her visit? Carter / Bush / Clintons have done much to help Africa. Trump Foundation? Did Africa even get a larger than life Trump portrait from his non-profit? Wonder how much that on-location fashion shoot cost the USA tax payers? Seems she is missing her "modeling" career. She is not a good person in my opinion, not that it matters.
  17. bridhb

    Drip Drip Drip

    Bump for those better informed. So what is the latest in the various ongoing investigations? Shouldn't the people that intend to vote in November be provided the most current status concerning at least the factual information on the partisan shenanigans of the only two reasonable party choices we have? Don't really understand the "hold until after November". Sounds almost like treason against the US of A, or at least a travesty against justice.
  18. bridhb

    How is Melania doing on her first solo trip abroad?

    There is an interview out there by Chris Matthews (?) that I can't seem to find, from quite a while ago. It was when the current FLOTUS was just in the act of committing the party of family values approved adultery with the current POTUS as they were not married yet, but he was still married to his second wife. At that interview, the illegal immigrant stated that she would make an excellent "first" lady if they got married and the self made billionaire, tiny $400mil loan, NY developer became president. No sympathy for that evil, plastic lying creature at all.
  19. bridhb

    Re: what sport is this again?

    As a somewhat senior retired citizen I think the new crap is cool as hell and I enjoy learning about it. My regret is I can't afford anything more than my 5 knt SB. I would look good on MACIF!
  20. bridhb


    You take that back right now! :-)
  21. bridhb

    Stormy Daniels' : Full Disclosure

    Melania was that woman Trump was cheating with at one time.....need to remember that when you all admire her. She is in it for the money and chain migration.
  22. bridhb

    Puerto Rico

    How much does the states and fed subsidize WalMart workers who get paid minimum wage and kept at part time? I am sure this helps WM's bottom line. It would be interesting to see that number compared to their corporate taxes. I am too lazy to look.
  23. bridhb

    Fear: Trump in the White House

    "Conservatives" are going to keep Trump in office as long as possible in their rush to force their agenda. The have accomplished much that will shape the path of the USA for years to come. They still have much to do, many lifetime appointed judicial positions to fill, environmental corporate regulations to eliminate, talk of more tax cuts for the 1% and their heirs. They will benefit for decades from what is being done in this 4 year term. No trouble holding their noses and some tap out babysitting.
  24. bridhb

    Fear: Trump in the White House

    Bumper stickers seen in on the same car in Jax today: "Trump 2020" and "Hillary Lied"
  25. bridhb

    Ultime / G-Class Development

    This is probably a really stupid question, so flame away. Why are the foils on the amas (?) oriented towards the centerline? Seems they would have more righting moment and better angle in the water when heeled if they were oriented towards the outside of the boat. What am I missing besides the obvious docking hassles. But it is already a trimaran (and the only reason I am still on a monohull).