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  1. Storms and boat improvements

    Exactly where my system excels. on the wind, lumpy seas my boom can't jump around!
  2. Storms and boat improvements

    Love to see that and hear the explanation, NOT!
  3. Storms and boat improvements

    Well if the boom snaps because of the lousy sheeting position then yes, that would drastically change how the helm reacted;;;;
  4. Storms and boat improvements

    Damn, I have exactly that problem with the forward hatch. I found it the morning I was leaving to Europe. As I didn't have any o-rings I just siliconed it up and will sort it out on my return in May. I does take a while to find out and source all spare parts after acquiring a new boat. Work in progress. I have measured and orders fabric for either side of the cockpit, will fix to the safety lines up top and toe-rail on the bottom. They will run the length of the cockpit. I've designed them to be detachable so in a blow I can take them off to reduce windage. They will give some shelter while sailing and privacy while at anchor. I glassed and sealed each of the storage areas. I thought about some sort of drain but as there is no bilge/sump in my boat the aft quarters are where water would end up. I figured if water gets into one of the areas I'd rather just have that wet rather than all of them. Might be a work in progress though. There were two very well designed pipe bunks in side at the rear. They were comfortable but I just couldn't keep them and maximise the storage space. They had to go. The new mattresses will have lee-cloths to stop crew falling out of bed. Yet to get onto insect security. I have a couple of mozzie nets and loads of coils. I think I'll just take a bunch of stuff with me and figure it out on the go. Thanks for all your tips, much appreciated!
  5. Storms and boat improvements

    Good to hear it works for you too. I know exactly what you mean, I love that about it, the boom is sort of fixed in place.
  6. Storms and boat improvements

    Exactly, every single thing on a boat is a compromise, everything has a downside if you search for it. As long as the up-sides outweighs the downsides the I'm happy and this new system easily tics that box. I contacted the boat designer before making the changes and he said the cockpit sides would handle the loads if reinforced from the inside. Having done that I feel reasonably confident. Thanks for watching and commenting
  7. Storms and boat improvements

    Haaa..., if I was anti Patreon I wouldn't have an account there. I'm anti people using it to BEG! If you have to go on Patreon with sob stories of things breaking or having no fuel filters and crying because you are stuck somewhere then I think you should go work, save some money then kit out your boat in a proper way before setting off. Still, it seems to work as many viewers seem to have amazing amounts of sympathy for idiocy.
  8. Storms and boat improvements

    I guess for racing there are some advantages to a "normal" traveler. I am very happy if I can sail for 24 hours without tacking once and even more happy if I don't trip over stuff in the cockpit while going to make a sandwich. Before I had a traveler and 3 lines(mainsheet and 2 traveler lines) to trip over now I have 2 mainsheets only and flat surfaces. I love simplicity and this system gives me that with really losing anything.
  9. Storms and boat improvements

    Bigger Hanse's use this system but they have it forward of the cockpit and in my opinion this is purely out of comfort not practicality. I was on a new Hanse 58 recently, hard on the wind in 15kts and the boom was bending like a banana. Funny thing is, they upgraded to 200kg heavier boom as they said the original bent like a banana. Hate to see the boom after a crash gybe. I have kept the traveler to hedge my bets, but as of now I feel I can control sail twist even better than before and at wider angles.
  10. Storms and boat improvements

    Hi Whisper. The force is always coming from the windward side, obviously. To bring my boom further toward or past centreline I haul on the windward sheet then tighten down the leeward sheet, creating a triangle and a tight leech.. I can put my boom anywhere inside the 2 attachment points and still control the sail shape and as the attachment points are now wider than the traveler was I actually have more control. Outside the points it comes down to the vang to help with downward pressure but thats the same on any boat. I have sailed and owned boats with travelers obviously, my current boat had one until recently. With the new system I have yet to sail down wind but on all other points she has handled beautifully. On my last day of the season my folding prop decided to jump ship somewhere in the bay and to get back I had to tack 24 times up a narrow channel against wind and current. It worked perfectly. My boat also has a tiller and I have no problem at all getting her balanced enough to sail with one finger.
  11. Storms and boat improvements

    Yep, Sayer 37, launched in 2005, single owner. I'm very happy with the purchase and can't wait to get far away from land.
  12. Storms and boat improvements

    Just because you can't imagine how it works doesn't mean it doesn't work, maybe put some more thought into it. It does actually function like a traveler, but even better as I now have 50cm more width than I did before. I can have my boom out further and have much more control than before. Yes, the mainsheets are longer but there no longer traveler lines in the cockpit, for me a great trade-off. Skinning my shins on the traveler and having no-where in the cockpit to sleep was a major issue for me sailing solo. My spreaders are swept back a fair way so my boom is never very far out and the vang holds good leech tension.
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvMVMoS4btY&t=1s In preparation for going offshore in May 2018 I spend almost a month in Australia working on my new boat, getting more storage built in, a new mainsheet traveler system and finally I go sailing a few times to begin mastering my new vessel.
  14. Im looking for firsthand knowlege for only the Composite version of the 2 blade folder. Its pretty new and Id like to hear some real world pro and cons before I buy it. Price doesn't seem too bad to me flexofold.com/folding-propellers/7-saildrive-propellers/19-2-blade-saildrive-composite-folding-propeller/They gave me a price of $1750 factory direct and delivered. Would be nice to hear from someone who has used this composite prop for a while.