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  1. >Vernon

    Sailing with the Whales

    Haha, Forum freddie strikes again, or Passive aggressive Percival. You know how much reading stuff from people like you makes me feel good about my life choices? Obviously more than you will ever realise.
  2. >Vernon

    Sailing with the Whales

    Haha, good on ya, SUPER Anarchist. I work 6 months of the year and fund my own adventures. I guess life on the forums is much more interesting. Fair play.
  3. >Vernon

    Sailing with the Whales

    https://youtu.be/R87E0KZkq98 Sailing up the north coast of Flores Island we came across a big pod of whales. The water was glassy and super clear so we stopped the boat and hung out for a while. I got some great drone footage and we even jumped in the 1000m deep water for a look. I also show how I rig a preventer for sailing wing-on-wing. Enjoy.
  4. https://youtu.be/ejueXqW8KBQ Maries first overnight passage wasn't even supposed to be! We planned on sailing the 40 miles over to Misool and staying there for a few days before continuing south to Maluku. But a stormy day and head winds meant we had to change plans and an easy 30 mile day sail turned into a rough and wild 120 mile slog. Poor Marie was stuck on the couch the whole time feeling sick and scared. She's a brave girl though and came through it smiling and stronger than ever. Enjoy!
  5. https://youtu.be/xlyOI9Joqhw Which Propeller has the best output, in this video I find out. Late 2019 I brought a new Tohatsu 9.8hp 2 stroke engine for my dingy. It came with no spare parts so while in Europe I ordered amount other things a spare propeller. I ordered it in a slightly different dimension than the original so decided to find out which was more suited to our situation. We did some back to back timed tests and ended up with a pretty accurate if unscientific result. Enjoy!
  6. >Vernon

    Should we rethink reefing points?

    What Corryvreckan said Plus the fact that there is more wind the higher away from the water you go, so each reef is getting into less pressure.
  7. https://youtu.be/Srrav9OKSJk Finally free from Quarantine we sail far from the nearest village to the beautiful Wayag. This will be are base for the coming month and we find the most amazing anchorage right away. My drone didn't seem to like the spot though and promptly flew into a bush which saw me risking my life to try and find her. We also went Manta hunting and discovered a deserted fishing camp. Enjoy!
  8. >Vernon

    Inside tour of my Sayer37

    Ah thanks for that. How do you do it? Its way better this way.
  9. >Vernon

    Inside tour of my Sayer37

    Thanks Fufkin. Upwind I dont notice any difference really apart from tacking as the boom doesn't really move and i can concentrate on getting the jib sorted faster. Hope you'll enjoy some of the older videos.
  10. >Vernon

    Inside tour of my Sayer37

    No idea, I just got those pictures off the Sayer designs website to show some of his previous builds.
  11. https://youtu.be/PIjPrQuAijM Boat Tour time. The last episode went down very well and here is the sequel, the outside of my boat explained. And its a long one! So many viewer have asked question about my pride and joy that I decided it was time to just show the whole thing. Turns out I talked too much for a single episode so I made two! I probably missed so much stuff so ask any questions related to this and I'll answer them below.
  12. >Vernon

    Inside tour of my Sayer37

  13. https://youtu.be/Y15rxmKWMB0 I sail the 90 miles south from Sorong to Misool, the last part of Raja Ampat I'd yet to explore. I stop for a night at the small village of Segit and visit the very shy but curious locals there. Next morning I made the crossing over to Misool and spent the last couple of hours before sunset trying to find a safe place to anchor for the night. Misool is maybe the most visually stunning place Ive ever seen and I felt nearly a bit guilty experiencing so much beauty all alone. Enjoy my views.
  14. https://youtu.be/og7ftfY-JV8 This was a real nice 24 hours of life! Solo sailing is like nothing I've done before, its a constant battle with yourself. Half my brain says "why are you doing this crazy shit" and the other half says " you've planned, got experience, checked the weather and its gonna be all good" Obviously I made to my destination and could tick of another adventure. Enjoi!