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    Advice on dinghy in Mission/San Diego Bays

    Thank you all for the advice!! We ended up settling on a 9.5 foot with a 6HP Tohatsu for now--may upgrade to something a little bigger if/when we ever get the davit situation figured out. But for now and our purposes I think we're in good shape. Thanks again!
  2. So my family just bought a 34 ft sailboat in Mission Bay (San Diego). The previous owner, unfortunately, sold his dinghy before we bought the boat. So we're in the market for an inflatable dinghy with an outboard we can use when we go tie up in the bay or go on trips to Catalina etc. So I'd love some advice from more experienced folks as to what makes a good dinghy for those purposes... I'm assuming hard bottom is the way to go? Is bigger better (9.5 ft vs 11ft or more)? What about HP? I see a lot of 4.5, 6 HP for sale. I also read this guy's advice saying 15+ as a minimum... ( Typically (2/3 of the time) we'd probably just have 2 people needing to be in the boat, but it would be nice to be able to take 4. Looking forward to seeing what folks think...