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  1. Xeon

    How to test if a dinghy will sink safely?

    All boats sink correctly. The important question is if they float and for how long .
  2. Please please don’t bring me back it this bun fight. It’s much more fun being an ex laser owner and watching from the outside
  3. I am sure you know much more about sailing than me and what you say could be correct , but it’s not less effort because the mast pot shape/ position happens with out any effort other than letting the kicker off which you are doing anyway .
  4. Re the mast position. Having the mast forward definitely helps in the laser to go down wind. My wife is a much better sailer than me , always quicker than me up and down wind what ever class we have sailed . The only time I was quicker than her down wind was when I had a laser with a lot of wear at the front of the mast step .
  5. All very true . But still better than just making the came point over and over and over again . In the the hope of getting the same people to disagree with you , over and over and over again . This thread is the forum version of Groundhog Day and perhaps if more people started being more concise and only posted a few sentences, it would be a better place .
  6. And yet another LPE sock puppet pops up
  7. Xeon

    Composite Radial Lower

    That last statement has no basis in fact. There are no laser sized roto moulded boat that are anywhere near as nice to sail as a laser. And that’s a very low bar to cross .
  8. Xeon

    Composite Radial Lower

    Totally agree. I have sailed lots of rota moulded boats over the years and it’s hard to explain but they all seen ‘ dead ‘ underneath you. Sailed a couple of races with a friend of mine in his RS xenon , it was vile. We had more fun and better results sailing one of the clubs ratty old 1970s Gp 14 that were normally used only for training .
  9. Xeon

    Composite Radial Lower

    Sosoomili . If you would like to suggest a rota moulded boat that I could try that would alter my hard won experience , be my guest
  10. Xeon

    Composite Radial Lower

    Yes your right about chopped mat Jim, I was over egging the pudding a little lol. Think you are spot on with scale up thought too . Feva is a great kids boat but there isn’t a full size version that works half as well .
  11. Xeon

    How far do people travel to club race?

    My club is about 10 miles from my house . The nearest is only about 6 miles away but it’s a soulless big place so it holds no attraction . Luckily it my little club ever does close there are loads of other clubs within a 20 miles radius .
  12. Xeon

    Composite Radial Lower

    Never sailed a roto moulded boat that I would ever want to have a second sail in. They are great as cheap training boats but as proper racing machines, not at this time. Even simple chopped mat grp is vastly superior build method .
  13. Xeon

    Boats for Big Chaps

    Supernova is not a bad call . Lots of larger gentlemen sail them , they carry weight well and they have a highish boom. One thing to consider is because they are self draining you will spend a lot of time on your knees .
  14. Xeon

    Franken Laser

    I thought it was LPEs new ARC rig
  15. Nope. I only made one claim, which any one with basic reading skills would have realised