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  1. Cheers Tillerman. I like both the aero and zero and it would be a lot easier to pick up a second hand aero in the uk. It’s just the zero ticks more of my boxes
  2. As far as I am aware LPE have still not been approved , think they still have a few class legal boats left though . The other interesting thing is that the PSA boats are being sold by Sailboats which used to be LPE main dealer in the uk. I am off to the show to have another look at the Dzero. Tested it a couple of years ago but didn’t have the money for new one . Second hand ones are now in my price range , so I am thinking about them again . Have managed to book another go in one later in the year
  3. I have just been looking at going to RYA Dinghy Show at the end February. Interesting to see LPE and PSA ( in the form of their uk dealer, Sailboats ) are both going to be at the show
  4. The closest you are going to this is the Aero and RS. Hoping for anything else is just not going to happen I am afraid. No one else will risk the start up costs or have the infrastructure. The super inexpensive laser is just a myth. A laser is no more expensive now than it was in 1970s if you apply inflation. What’s changed is people’s disposable income and the amount of free time they have to spend away from their families . And all the chatter in the world in the online world will not change these last two things.
  5. Takes me back looking at that list of directors. Names like Tim Coventry and Chris Nicols, good men who ran a good company . Shame there are not men of that statue involved with LPE now . Not that LPE has existed or owned/built anything in years .
  6. You just beat me to the punch with that question. Can anyone was around at the time give us some information.
  7. PSA boat are available in the UK . Just look at the Sailboats website.
  8. Many thanks for the imput Andy. I like many others from outside the class ( I am an ex laser sailor ) really appreciate what you and the rest of the committee are doing in trying to look after the best interests of the class and it’s sailors. Re the uk laser nationals. I don’t think the location of the nationals had any effect on the numbers of entries, the number has been decreasing for more than a decade. It’s more the effect of the uk sailing having more alternatives. If you are older or on the large size you can go to the solo or hadron/phantom classes . Or if you are an average age/size laser type sailor , aero or zero or supernova all have their own advantages over a laser .
  9. Thats really interesting on many levels, Jim. I would have expected there to be a lot more than 4x the amount of returns for lasers than Aeros considering the amount of lasers there are in most clubs. Shows how well the aero has been selling in the uk. Will look forward to see this years pys returns in a few months time . Think your right about the laser nationals too. I think it says more about the demographic of laser sailors these days . You either have newish/beginners sailors who would not even think about doing a nationals or older experienced old hands who do opens but who find the thought of doing the laser masters more attractive than doing the nationals. When you throw in the fact that a lot of club sailors are moving into Aeros/Zeros and supernovas , it looks like a interesting time in singlehanded sailing in the uk at the moment .
  10. My god they were rubbish . The only good think about it at the time was our local cheat who thought he was a sailing god bought one . Turned out neither the rig nor the man were as good as they thought they were . Lol
  11. Hard hitting article my foot. Just another press release from LPE
  12. To be honest , it just sounds like press release written by LPE
  13. Well you would know better than most
  14. To us on this side of the pond the continued success of the sunfish is as surprising as it is amazing. It’s not the nicest thing to sail is it, but I do understand the draw of class racing. I suppose the nearest thing we have is the Solo class but the difference between a sunfish and a solo is night and day .