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  1. Xeon

    Sarasota Youth Accident

    If that is correct, it explains a lot. it certainly brings into focus the value of kill cords. And if you have to take it off , the engine should be turned off not in neutral. I understand there are sea conditions where you cannot do this and in those conditions there should be two people in the rib.
  2. Xeon

    Sarasota Youth Accident

    Can someone give me some background to this conversation about kill cords on your side of the pond. Do you have to use them? Is it considered acceptable to remove it when the engine is running for any reason? And what your rules are re ribs and sailors in the water . It just seems strange to uk ears . As we have very strict rules ( by the RYA ) regarding kill cord and what ribs have to do when sailors are in the water .
  3. No one on your side of the pond wanted to play , they all had a chance. And that’s an end to it, sadly
  4. Xeon

    What makes a fast Int.Sunfish?

    TBH the simple answer to the question is, a fast sailor
  5. As they always say , there is no delusion as good as self delusion
  6. Just by the law of averages Wess has to be right once. I can only think it was before I joined this forum
  7. Well at least it’s better written BS than the normal BS they put out BUT it’s still TOTAL BS .
  8. That’s so true . It’s so easy , but then we have all had so so much practice reading your posts
  9. The trouble is no one in North America seems to want to do that. Gouv , you are the expert can you tell us why no one in the USA wanted to build the ILCA/laser when builders were falling over themselves to build it in Europe. Is it you just don’t have the manufactures to do it ? Or is it the sheer size of your country compared to the numbers of boats sold.
  10. Wess . I have to admire your bare faced cheek and marvel at you lack of understanding of irony when you call someone else a Troll .
  11. Xeon

    Absolutely positively ILCA

    Well it’s looks like a international event and PSA and can call them lasers if they want , depending on what part of world they are in .
  12. Gouv . As Jim C says ‘ please get off this high horse ‘ there is nothing going on here . The class association is the same , the boat is the same , it’s has to be called after the class association because a ex builder has has a legal right to use a word and a logo in certain markets nothing more . The class association is doing what you have always said you wanted . More boats being supplied to your market, more builders and is supporting grass roots sailing . Plus at NO time have they broken their own rules . We all have respect what you have done and continue to do for sailing in your area but you are increasingly sounding like a sad old man crying at the moon because of an irrelevant change of a word.
  13. Xeon

    Absolutely, positively Laser

    Clip clop clip clop , I think I hear a troll
  14. Old people often get a little confused But at least he always has the best interests of the class at heart .
  15. True , he is the king/trump of trolls