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  1. that is the theory on the mods with these boats. Top of mast reinforced as they are thin. Used with the mast head kites and larger headed main
  2. Guess we should add we are a modified 1d35 boat flying mast head spins on a retractable 7' sprit, throne I some running backs for giggles.
  3. Dire Wolf is in its first year as a program. We are looking for eager sailors of every level who want to race. Not looking for the casual Wednesday night beer can cruiser. Specifically looking for individuals who will learn multiple positions, including driving. Rock Star ego's need not apply. We have committed to mixed crew makeup of men/Women, all levels of experience. Looking to build team to sail on multiple platforms. 2018 season shall include: Wednesday Night Beer Can; Colors Regatta; NOOD; Waukegan Races; Queens Cup; Race To MAC; Ugotta Regatta; Verve Cup; Bi State; a few misc CASRA events. Boat is light and fast, members must be fit, and capable of moving around the boat. Still some racing left this season, and great time to try out the program and the boat. This season was about learning the boat and building for the future: New Electronics, Entire new sail inventory being designed. Contact 1d35DireWolf@gmail.com Facebook @1d35direwolf "Dire Wolf Racing"