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  1. JConk007

    1985 C&C 37 CB

    thanks all Signed up for the email list and visited FB ! getting excited !! ciao
  2. JConk007

    New old sailer

    Hey Crusty, Fellow old (er) coming Back sailor here too I sailed on lakes laser boats and crewed on get this, a hunter 466 with a washer and dryer . The crew were awesome and we all learned alot ! sailed from NYC to Marthas Vineyard by way of Newport and Block, scared Nah It was not my boat. enter wife and child exit boat .... Well now after being off the water for over 10 years I have purchased a slip and have an offer in on a 1982 C&C 37 that I could not pass it up new everything sails ,electronic canvas... and a solid boat that I have researched pretty hard. ( comments also welcome ) PS I have no crew. the Wife will help if I stay in site of land LOL!! but friends are interested and sure I will find some helper or 2 so you are welcome to come sail and learn whatever I can offer. I think it will be a constant teaching what little know LOL but not afraid to try ! So I am and nervous and excited I also hope to retire in 6 years ( aprox. 62 YO ) and if I still have not run this baby into a ?? Take her to the Bahamas and islands with her 5'6" draft ? Welcome to a wonderful and fun sport for everyone racing or not ~! John
  3. JConk007

    1985 C&C 37 CB

    So digging up this thread a year later ! No one has mentioned the one I am looking at the 1982 37 with 5'6" fixed keel ( small bulb ) done to C&C standards ? Boat is Beautiful as mentioned and a great value. and- its all I need or want to can handle for a first boat.without going the Hunter Catalina route no offense, just not for me. Value? heck yeah !! new sails, new cruising spinnaker in sock.. new canvas, new electronics Mint condition to boot ! so yep I am jumping on board ! engine purrs like a kiten I Felt just 1 small area on coach-roof by port side bow may be delaminating a bit ? but very small 2x2 ? rest of boat is like a rock ! Any other concerns survey should be looking at? I know hey its a 35 year old boat. Sure feels right so trying not to overcomplicate it and I like a little speed any comment are appreciated !! see ya out there !
  4. Recently Purchased a Home in Oriental NC because I love to sail ! Process of purchasing sailboat and available to crew 4 U ! Love sailing active and some experience In LI sound, block Island race , Vinyaed race... Not a fair weather sailor, Available all winter too ! Thanks ! John