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  1. animeproblem

    Next America's Cup Free to Air

    If we are back to live YouTube maybe we can dust off the old "screaming commentator" drinking game, that was fun.
  2. animeproblem

    F1 2018...

    Without giving too much away, between the altitude & heat one of the more challenging practice sessions I have seen, & of course the three softest tire compounds, also a quick thanks (& likey) to Rosenberg-san (also an upper-cut for myself for forgetting ESPN's parent company!).
  3. animeproblem

    F1 2018...

    Yeah, as far as U.S. coverage goes you can put me on the ESPN hate list, I looked up the time on my DirectTV guide & I'm like, REALLY! the race coverage starts at 19:30?? well here in PST it's getting quite dark at that hour & AFAIK that track is not lit, LIVE coverage my hairy (59 year old) ASS!!
  4. animeproblem

    Not to hijack ...but you favorite 3 quirky movies

    That muscle car drift we had a while ago made me think of this, is Phantasm quirky enough? And since we are coming up on the spooks & horror season, Audition, when A&E used to do their top 100 horror movie countdown that movie was #4 on the list.
  5. animeproblem

    Not to hijack ...but you favorite 3 quirky movies

    Nothing But Trouble House (pronounced "how-sue" Japan 1977) The Suicide Forecast
  6. animeproblem

    Cell phone alert this Thurs

    He's got no strings on me! No cell phone.
  7. animeproblem

    NFL 2018

    On the other hand, the duel that went on between the "old fart kickers" in that game was in a lot of ways quite amusing.
  8. animeproblem


    As something of a naysayer I have to admit to being gobsmacked by the performance of the test toy (saw the gybing one as well), setting aside halos & matching racing suitability arguments for now, the full sized version will be awe inspiring. But, DW you are so right, the teams themselves leave me quite cool.
  9. animeproblem

    Team NYYC

    ^everything is pathetic & depressing here, you know since the last election.
  10. animeproblem

    VOR Leg 10 Cardiff to Gothenburg

    I'm out of everything, have to go the store before I can hoist a beverage.
  11. animeproblem

    VOR Leg 10 Cardiff to Gothenburg

    ^beat me to it.
  12. animeproblem

    VOR Leg 10 Cardiff to Gothenburg

    Well finally got my wish on a leg finish at a watchable hour! I hear you folks on the subject of oddball weather, the PNW has for the last few days had conditions more suited to Feb. figures, by the weekend we'll be in the 80s.
  13. animeproblem

    F1 2018...

    ^well played, arguably things would be more predictable.
  14. animeproblem

    Since almost anything, how about Anime?

    Thanks chinabald, that needed doing!
  15. animeproblem

    Since almost anything, how about Anime?

    Pretty serious necro on this thread but I felt like a shoutout to TOONAMI was needed for throwing what must have been serious bank at Studio IG to get broadcast rights for "HOOLY COOLY Progressive" (mis-spelling is deliberate, the consonant "F" does not exist in the Language, no idea why it's even used in romanji) anyone who has ever watched the original simply must watch this!