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  1. animeproblem

    What's Wrong with the CONfedrate FlAG?

    ^I must be doing something wrong, I put this twerp on ignore but I still see his shit.
  2. animeproblem

    The rise of the KAREN

    House sigil: a black field with a silver pacifier, House words: "I Will Not Be Ignored".
  3. animeproblem

    LONQR 2

    This reminds me of a Mexican restaurant chain in these parts, but relates to the placement of urinals, the 1st time I visited one of these establishments I was struck by one pisser at toddler height & the other at something that would suit a 7 footer comfortably, since it was my first visit I assumed it was simply someone that couldn't read a tape measure. Until I visited another one of their restaurants in a different locale, same exact setup, kind of a weird gimmick when you think about it (I used the "tall" pisser, some what manageable at 5'-11).
  4. animeproblem

    Poor thing...

    Why does the shopping trolley jammed under the bow in the 1st pic make it all the more sad?
  5. animeproblem

    Team NYYC

    ^this, certainly Doug was tedious with his dare I say, trumpery of his ideas & accomplishments, but this other guy? let me put it this way, nobody would be happier than me to see Amway Magic crack in half & sink to the bottom, the howls of how it is SO-O unfair would be pure GOLD!
  6. animeproblem

    Corona Virus

    Oh that's an easy one, easy peasy in fact, The Noble Medal of Super Duper Smartness!
  7. animeproblem

    LONQR 2

    Brother, I hear ya, after 40 plus years in the Iron Workers I have had my fair share of scary ass ladders! The 2 dumbest things I ever did was using a step ladder as a "lean" ladder (a tall fucker too, at least a 10 foot) installing a cap in the bottom of a tank, cap spun off & lost my balance, I jumped & landed between my boss & another hand that caught me under the shoulders to break some of the fall (I went into shock & had to lie down for a bit after that!). The other was welding while straddling a step ladder probably as tall which was set up on some 6X12 timbers which a carpenter I was friendly with flipped another timber onto the base my ladder was on & launched me & the ladder, which thankfully came back down safe & sound! (I was pissed at the fucker too, he'd been bumming chew off me for weeks!) By way of perspective on just how dangerous things could be, of the guys I broke in with on my 1st job as an apprentice, the guy I carpooled with was killed on the Alcoa project in Wenatchee, another guy that elected to not join the apprenticeship was killed shortly after my 1st job, he fell down an elevator shaft (& that fucking job was the Ace of Spades, 3 Iron Workers killed). And then there was Darren Maddy, again after that 1st job (Scott Paper Mill Expansion) he took a welding call & fell off ladder & lit on his head, never the same after & shortly after the last time I saw him he died by his own hand. Not to neglect, another guy from that project that had a hand severed & re-attached, & of course my salmon fishing sensei who shattered an ankle, yeah I have dodged a fuck of lot of bullets considering I am whole & mostly uninjured.
  8. animeproblem

    Random PicThread

    Top pic, NICE! I know that Toho's film were always a way bigger deal but always had a soft spot in my heart for Gamara because he's really neat & full of turtle meat! Bottom pic, amateurs! without even checking pretty sure that's 1st avenue in my own city.
  9. animeproblem

    Where are they now? - Retired America's Cup Boat

    ~snip~ "Toss me another Fireball"
  10. animeproblem

    Corona Virus

    Wow, I used to be in kind of "smug mode" thinking I lived in a part of the country that was intelligent, that just shriveled up & died.
  11. animeproblem

    Trump Right Now on TV

    ^Hold my beer, & you ain't seen nuthin yet (rolling series of hotspots). Couldn't be fucked to bother with sarcasm font, everything in my country now applies.
  12. animeproblem

    US ranked #1 to best deal with a disease outbreak

    Thankfully it wasn't a chain saw, damn! That will be the next escalation of the moran parade.
  13. While appreciate the sentiment, that's the wrong knife, give me a Kukri, Damascus preferred.
  14. animeproblem

    Testing the Supreme court's integrity

    Can't we just burn down the Reichstag & the SCOTUS & get this over with. Asking for a friend, he wants to burn down his house, collect the insurance & move to Canada, whoops forgot, COVID19, nevermind.