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    Front Page..."Hip to be Square"

    It seems like everything that's fast these days is ugly...
  2. Stocky

    what is it?

    I not saying it's gonna be slow but if you wanna be fast its all about looking good. Why do you think owners keeping buying collared shirts.
  3. Stocky

    what is it?

    Looks like it tracks upwind like shit but hauls ass of the breeze. I don't know how I feel about Scow bows on anything other than scows... Looks a little like a turd
  4. Stocky

    J Class and Superyacht drone footage

    Heres a reupload i grabbed of instagram. Gnarly as fuck Jboat_crash.mp4
  5. Stocky

    what is it?

    Single-handed nerds seem to really like those hard dodgers. Looks like an Imoca 60
  6. Stocky

    Hiking pants

    What hiking pants are people a fan of for lasers and 420s in the high school season in the midwest, looking to get a pair but unsure which pair to get.
  7. Stocky

    Maintaining Sailing Interest

    Keep it fun. The guys at Wayzata Sailing (Formerly Wayzata Community Sailing Center) Do a great job. This summer alone hundreds of kids through there adventure sailing programs not to mention all the kids in the racing programs.
  8. Stocky

    what is it?

    Melges 14?
  9. Stocky

    any pants that actually keep your @ss dry?

    It was nice weather this year super warm
  10. Stocky

    any pants that actually keep your @ss dry?

    I picked up a pair of musto MPX's and I love them. Used them for both Macs and the Transuperior and was dry the entire time. While expensive from big brands you can find them cheap on sites like watersports outlet. I picked up last year's for around 280 coming from a 500 dollar price tag on Amazon. They seem like they pay for themselves as 10 years past the date on the inside and you send them back and you get a free pair.
  11. Stocky

    Colored vs white sails

    Colored sails are hideous.
  12. Stocky

    Cheek Block Cam cuts Jib Sheet

    We use something like this on a 50 footer for jibes and when adding wraps. Works great. Should be fine to close load it and do what you need to do and open it
  13. I would think that makes sense. they can claim a serious security update and disable some feature you enjoy. The problem with not doing it is you might not get auto-updates anymore. I would back up your data and do the update IF you want it and stick with it if you like it
  14. Stocky

    420 better self bailing cockpit ideas?

    The trick is to go faster kick that bastard open and go fast
  15. Stocky

    Here is the future, like it or not

    Man who shit in your lunch box
  16. Fuck it don't do it. windows will pester the shit out of you about it. but the latest windows sucks
  17. Stocky

    New Hugo Boss Spotted Couldn't find the Original post but saw this in my feed today
  18. Stocky

    Sailing electronics vs. Rating systems

    Seems like adding another headache to a system that works pretty well already. I have spent time sailing offshore with shotty or broken instruments and noticed the boat seemed to sail better and the results reflected that.
  19. Stocky

    Brexit, WTF

    That's some fucking bullshit. I sure hope this doesn't happen
  20. Still a decent amount at the Chi mac this year. Did seem like a decline from last year in participation
  21. Stocky

    Caption contest

    Show me what you've got! J70 from wayzata yacht club stuck on the rocks with shoot stuck up
  22. Stocky

    i touch myself

    God damn it
  23. Stocky

    i touch myself

    In any sport when it comes to woman it is male dominated but you can always reach into the depths of internet and find some wacky shit to prove your point
  24. Stocky

    i touch myself

    it seems like every time I see your comment you are quoting a porno or is that just a dirty mind. On another note are you a writer?