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  1. Thats good to know about the thinner epoxies thank you and I never thought about going online to get epoxy/glass I'll take a look
  2. Thank you, I'll check them out,I guess it's a bit early to look at glassing though
  3. Don't know if this would be relevant at all https://www.boatdesign.net/threads/laser-mast-step-repair.56133/ but I'm pretty sure the bottom of tasar masts have a aluminium butt plate that's screwed on that can come off to open up the mast, is this the piece youre talking about?
  4. And beat the shit out of it with a hammer too
  5. You could try cutting a slit in a pop bottle and sliding it over anything that needs to become unstuck, and using a copious amount of hot glue/clay/tape to seal the bottom and sides and fill it with either diesel or transmission fluid and let it soak for a day and it should free off any rusted parts
  6. Where does every one go in Vancouver to get glass and resin? I usually go to industrial plastics
  7. But it sure sounds good
  8. Okay cool, sounds good. I've only ever used woven just because chopped strand was too bulky for my liking haha
  9. Someone once told me to use my Yamaha triple out of my bike but I think thatll do the job a bit better who knows the yams 60 horse don't know how well an air-cooled engine would perform stuffed underneath the cockpit though
  10. yeah "how hard could it be" I think plywood, Ive done caulking before on a clinker dinghy I helped my friend build and wasn't a fan but I want to glass the hull to seal it and make it watertight, alittle bit extra strength would be reassuring too, I was planing on woven mat but I've heard somewhere that chop strand is actually better when building a hull. Can anyone chime in on this?
  11. Yeah I wasn't much a fan of the two seperate cabins but I was thinking of making the port side of the cabins have a passage between them and moving the icebox somewhere else just so you dont have to go out in the rain, and I've seen pop top cabins that look pretty neat like ina tent trailer that I could put up in the forward cabin for when I want to stretch my legs but I'm still young and nimble
  12. Thanks for everyone's input, ive decided to go with the Parker San Juan 36 http://www.parker-marine.com/sanjuan36page.htm going to order the plans on payday and going to start setting up the construction tent. I figure this would be the simplest design that's big enough for what I want and best of all it's a schooner. If anyone has any grievances this design for any particular reason let me know.
  13. the Parker design is actually 45feet but I've don't lots of sailing on a few different sized ships and rigs and my favorites are the gaff rig and the bald headed gaff schooner
  14. But that design was specifically made to be trailered which is definitely an option for me
  15. Maybe I could Just throw a couple masts on this and see how she schoons