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  1. Building a boat

    The plans are simple but theyre to the point and detailed in a way thats easy to see, plus the boat itself is quite simple to begin with
  2. It's true, new tools are pretty great
  3. Building a boat

    I do really like the workwboat look so probably go with a duller style I suppose
  4. Building a boat

    As well as heavy weather house paint has treated me I'll probably go with a real paint
  5. Yanmar charging issue

    Load test the batteries, if the alternators putting out 14v and the wires hooked up it might just be a bad battery
  6. Building a boat

    Yeah it's got 3 pages of plans one for the bulkheads, materials, and interior design, ballasts centerboard, and cabin lids and another one for the sail dimensions, rigging, and deck aesthetics andthen a third one for the hull dimensions and lofting information, and then ontop of that theres a book with a chapter dedicated to all the little things, it seems quite complete. I like it Yeah sometimes it's nice to have plans that aren't crazy detailed as theyre easier to figure out
  7. Building a boat

    I only posted one page of the plans and the plans are scaled 1/2" to 1 foot, there are more pages that have more details and along with a book that covers materials, finishing, and most other details.
  8. Building a boat

    Oh that's really cool I think I read an article on when the guy built it it looks pretty neat but I've got my heart set on building it haha already ordered the parts, car got vandalised so I'm dealing with insurance right now but I'm starting construction as soon as it's dealt with
  9. Building a boat

    Started building a scale model lol
  10. Building a boat

    Yeah I think I'm going to leave the general dimensions intact, as it sits it seems like it fits what I'm looking for quite well, maybe a few tweaks here and there. One of the big things about it though is that there's not really any room for an inboard on here, the lazarette looks like it might be big enough to fit an outboard well into it but. I saw on the plans that one person added an outboard mount onto the port side, but I feel like that takes away from the look of the boat, I dont mind that much as long as I can get in and out of port, I've docked under sail on smaller vessels but I feel like anything over 25 feet is getting kind of sketchy, has anyone seen sculling oars on something this big, not so much for when the winds dead but just crawling about moorings or anchorages? I found this video looked pretty cool https://youtu.be/DMuQJcOyEbc also I posted a picture of the outboard mount
  11. Building a boat

    I was think about something like that, like a pop top trailer but just a big hatch with waterproof sides that unbutton for ventilation maybe. Probably only use it at anchor though, might get in the way of the boom under way.I'm probably going to build the hull, glass it completely and then start looking at the interior accoutrements, but I'll probably be sticking more or less with what is inthe original design, with the exception of moving the loo out of the rear cabin into the forward, or maybe just put one in each, I really don't feel like stumbling around the deck at night looking for the shitter, or have people coming through while I'm sleeping.
  12. Building a boat

    Thats a good point, ive really only been figuring out the hull measurements lately trying to get the lumber sorted out. haven't really looked at the head room, it's almost a 10foot beam so I'm probably just going to leave that alone, I was thinking about having big hatches on the cabin to stand up in, in the galley especially. but if it's still too low I could definitely think about raising it up but I'm 6'2 so I'm used to making due with not much head room. I want to keep the center of gravity as low as possible though
  13. Building a boat

    Hey look what I got in the mail, looks a lot simpler than I thought it was going to be
  14. Building a boat

    I got impatient and ordered the plans, now in getting excited!
  15. Building a boat

    Thats good to know about the thinner epoxies thank you and I never thought about going online to get epoxy/glass I'll take a look