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    pic or paint?

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    Front Page - scotw

    At the end of the day it's a body, and we're all just a bunch of mammals.
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    Turbo'd SR21

    Recently completed mod's, was hoping for a better picture... Diamond Wires Fat head main J/70 flicker Masthead spin Asym pole Lots more insignificant upgrades.
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    Fing Red Chinese Bastards

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    Turbo'd SR21

    147, which seems to be on par with everyone else that has updated the sailplan. A few boats have gone with split backstays, but the flicker works OK for me, for now. Will likely add a genoa at some point, which is what other boats have done too as we are still sticky in light air. No modifications are super significant, just addition of , halyards, cleats, accessories, etc which (I think) is optimal. Could probably come up with a list/images/guide if someone is looking to make the modifications.
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    Kiwi's AC tri foiler ???

    Suspicion confirmed: as dumb as "match racing" in catamarans.
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    Melges 32 Owners Forum
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    Turbo'd SR21

    Topping out close to 11 kts in about 12 kts true (7/5/18), photo credit:´╗┐
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    Turbo'd SR21

    Very nice, I like it unmodified.
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    Turbo'd SR21

    Also, for those in search of Glen Henderson...he is alive and well on the SR (Max) 21 Facebook Group.
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    Turbo'd SR21

    Classic. 147, oddly enough.
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    Turbo'd SR21