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    Easing the tack line 8-12 inches allows the kite rotate to weather making easier and faster to soak thereby getting more VMG's.
  2. wildwoodman2383

    Protest at Langkawi Race Week

    We had a new, cute 20 something female crew member drop trou and urinate over the side on a recent race if full view of competitors. She didn't want to leave the rail and go down below to use the bucket. (no head on our boat). No one complained or protested. Double standard?
  3. wildwoodman2383

    thank you

    whimpering pussy
  4. wildwoodman2383

    who what where

    Something from Anarchy III the new owner just found.
  5. wildwoodman2383

    Eds SC-33 Anarchy 3

    Bro, you know my reco's which I sent you in a separate email. Check with SoCal PHRF on the credit for an aysso switch.
  6. wildwoodman2383

    blooper time!

    No this is honking with a blooper!
  7. wildwoodman2383

    love is blind

    Oops, looks like the shit canned you.
  8. wildwoodman2383

    love is blind

    Gonna be tough to sail to that rating...