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  1. Just checking in to see if you would be interested in Hot Rum #2 tomorrow on J/27

  2. cloggie sailor

    Experienced sailor just moved to San Diego, looking to crew

    Thanks for the Facebook tip.
  3. Just moved to San Diego from Florida. Couldn't deal with aborted races due to thunderstorms anymore. Been sailing for 20yrs, anything with a sail. Sunfish, Hobie 14, Viper, J-24, Merit 25, Baltic 38, Doug Henderson custom 40. Comfortable in most positions, have worked foredeck on both symmetrical and a-sym rigged boats. Logged 1200nm last season - Miami to Nassau - Ft Lauderdale to Key West - Miami to Havana Looking to crew for local races, with an occasional long distance race. I meet my commitments for races, no flaking at the last minute. Would prefer a regular boat that practices to get better.