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  1. Just checking in to see if you would be interested in Hot Rum #2 tomorrow on J/27

  2. cloggie sailor

    Experienced sailor just moved to San Diego, looking to crew

    Thanks for the Facebook tip.
  3. Just moved to San Diego from Florida. Couldn't deal with aborted races due to thunderstorms anymore. Been sailing for 20yrs, anything with a sail. Sunfish, Hobie 14, Viper, J-24, Merit 25, Baltic 38, Doug Henderson custom 40. Comfortable in most positions, have worked foredeck on both symmetrical and a-sym rigged boats. Logged 1200nm last season - Miami to Nassau - Ft Lauderdale to Key West - Miami to Havana Looking to crew for local races, with an occasional long distance race. I meet my commitments for races, no flaking at the last minute. Would prefer a regular boat that practices to get better.
  4. cloggie sailor

    Rudder won't turn, need yard in FL

    The current bearing is plastic, unfortunately the bearing cage is Alu. Based on the Intel gathered so far the plan is to replace the cage with a plastic version, now offered by Jefa. Preferably by installing a sleeve for the bearing cage. This will allow us to press fit the bearing cage, for easy replacement in years to come. We'll probably have to replace the bearing/cage combo again in the future due to sailing a deep draft boat in a shallow river.
  5. cloggie sailor

    Rudder won't turn, need yard in FL

    Does the cracker boy yard in either Riviera or Ft. Pierce offer onsite e-glass services, or would we have to find/bring in a contractor?
  6. cloggie sailor

    Rudder won't turn, need yard in FL

    Rudder on custom 40' cruiser/racer is seizing up. 6-8 months ago used to steer with 2 fingers on tiller, now need 2 arms to turn tiller. Rudder bearings were replaced 4-5yrs ago. Between crew and owner there are 2 theories: 1. Rudder bearing cage (Alu) became corroded and prevent roller bearing from working correctly. Jefa recommended taking the Alu bearing cage out and replacing with a plastic cage. This will require cutting out the old cage and putting in the new cage 2. Dirt got into rudder bearing causing sticky rollers or flat spots on the rollers. Simple fix, drop rudder, insert new bearings. Won't know which is which until we get the boat out of the water and the rudder out. Any other theories/fixes are welcome, especially if they are cheaper/easier fixes than cutting the boat. The current plan is to take the boat to a yard capable of doing vacuum bagged e-glass work, drop the rudder, determine failure point and worst case cut out and replace the cage. The owner is looking for a yard that can handle this somewhere in FL (Boat is located in Melbourne, FL). The boat draws 6' so need enough water to get to yard. The boat is still sailable with the current rudder, but not pleasant. Any help is appreciated.