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  1. Is that a Bilderberger submarine shadowing the UFO?
  2. Aft mainsheet

    Sounds like you need a Windrider 17. Has forward facing seats with back rests, no moving around needed, its a trimaran so it is extremely stable. Controls are all led back to the guy driving. It's very dry, there is even a windshield available, and best of all it is pretty fast. I love mine and my non sailing wife likes to go with me. Very drama free sailing. I run it up on the beach to get in and out of it, no centerboards to worry about. Got a small outboard to get in and out of the marina or to come back in if the wind dies. We are in our 60's and I cannot think of a better small day sailor for us. They have been around for awhile so you can find them used pretty easily. My favorite thing about it is when a gust hits, it doesn't heel over it just powers up and accelerates. Never get tired of that. Doesn't point as well as a monohull but its loads faster and ghosts along pretty well with a whisper of air. I don't have any connection to Windrider I'm just a satisfied customer.
  3. True North where did you get the strap material and how much will be needed? I would like to get this going before I get the boat so can get it installed right away. Will there be any mods to the existing mounts or just a straight swap in of longer straps. Seems someone talked about using some pool noodles on the straps to create a gap between the straps and the deck to ease entry under the straps. Plan on doing something similar?
  4. Excellent, thank you. I'll be watching this a few times.
  5. Great video, thanks. Answered a few questions I had. Well quite a few actually.
  6. Thanks for the reply. So about 4 months eh? That's fine. Order in January and get it next spring.
  7. Duwke what kind of wait time did they give you for delivery? Just curious as to what I will have to look forward to when I order one.
  8. Oh cool thanks. Looking forward to that.
  9. Just curious how to rig it. Several people have said the first time they rig the boat takes a very long time due to having to figure everything out. I don't have so much experience that I am confident in being able to figure some of it out without any instructions. I tend to over prepare. Watched the rigging video for the windrider like 10 times lol and watched it again as I was rigging it for the first time. So thanks for any pointers.
  10. Somebody sneak a video of them rigging one of the UFO's. Texans are sneaky right?
  11. Thanks Claire you don't need to do photos your description was good. Kind of what I was planning to do, strap it to oblivion. Funny you say that Fish. I have been doing lots of ab work and stretches but it always seems that exercises are one thing and sailing is another. Always seem to find new muscles when I am out actually doing stuff. Plus I know how exhausting the crashing and righting stuff is so I figure anything that reduces my energy expenditure will be welcomed. Not having a harness sure won't stop me tho. Planning on going out with a buddy and taking turns so I'll end up taking turns a little more often.
  12. Claire did your boat tied to truck photos survive? I am curious to see what works. Thanks Oh and as another old guy I would like to cast a yea vote for the harness option. Would make my abs very happy. Even an explanation of what would work would be appreciated. I don't mind doing the necessary mods myself.
  13. Yeah Brian, thanks a lot. I would have never figured that out. My driver software still in early alpha when it comes to sailing. But even I can understand keeping the hull under the mast.