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  1. Thibault Ino-Rope

    Low Friction Ring Anarchy

    Thanks @LeoV
  2. Thibault Ino-Rope

    Block with carbon sheave

    Hi Guys ! @LeoV Thanks a lot for your moderation job... You are a rocket ! Yeah we have a patent on this concept, some procedures are already on.... But, as you all know now, there is a lot to be done on this concept ! For your concern, we now have good relation with lots of you guys to work Together Feel free to contact us on to have open discussion on great ideas ! Happy Year to every SAnarchist !
  3. Thibault Ino-Rope

    Block with carbon sheave

    Hello HGER2012, Yep that should work really well but you are using a patented concept SO i hope it is just for your personal use