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    Race to Alaska best boat

    Of course You need to re balance the boat to bow down and also one needs a tall mast in light wind. IMHO F32SRCX is one of the best trimaran boats ever made. Easily can be launched from trailer, in same time super fast and if sailed by the competitive crew, it can be even faster than SeaCart30. I have seen what it(F32SR "Today")can do vs Seacart30, both with seasoned crew .
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    Race to Alaska best boat Maybe that is for You.
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    Farrier F-85SR

    I have plans for F85SR No 24, bought from NZ auction
  4. UFO For sale in Europe, Estonia. 4 times sailed . Works like a charm and can be shipped almost everywhere in Europe. Upgrades: 1.Outhaul LFR-s replaced with microblocks for smoother and easier control 2.Diamonds tensioning system LFR-s replaced with microblocks and added purchase for better and easier control. 3.Diamonds tensioning lines replaced with Liros 3mm dyneema for smoother control. 4.Hounds area reinforced with carbon 5.Added eye nuts(M5) to rudder and db 6.Original foil covers All customs taxes(25%+ VAT20%) are payed and docs are OK. Make Your offer.