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  1. calvinlamosse

    moving up from a 420

    I found a good deal on a 29er in Ontario which is not that far from where I live. The one problem is getting it back, it does not have a trailer and I don't think i could car top it. How could I transport it, I have access to a 420 trailer if that would work.
  2. calvinlamosse

    moving up from a 420

    I have been sailing 420s for 4 or 5 years, this last year i have got pretty good at racing and I have started to get board of 420s. Does anyone have have any suggestions for a double handed single hull. (i am 5 11, 150 lbs and my crew is around the same.) I have been looking at 29ers but i think i am a bit too big for them and there are no fleets where I live.