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  1. Crustydog

    San Juan 24

    Ahoy! Have a question if someone can answer. Last year I added a San Juan 24 to my little fleet. I was replacing all the lines and electrical in the mast. Two things I could not answer. First: I have a single 5/16 block/pully aprox. 2/3 up the forward side of the mast. What is this line used for? Is it to hoist a spinnaker pole into place? Second: While checking for mast lamps I noticed this boat does not have a mast topping lamp. Only a mid mast lamp. It has a hole at the very top of the mast but no threaded mounting holes, brackets..nothing just a hole. The mast electrical plug has 4 prongs (2 prongs wired to the mid mast lamp), and nothing hooked to the second set? Is anyone familiar with this boat or its mast setup?
  2. Crustydog

    198 20' Santana

    Looking for a port side glass for a 1978 Santana 20'. Broke one hoisting a spinnaker. Can anyone help or lead me in a good direction?
  3. Crustydog

    Roller furling question

    Once again thanks for all the info. Poncho...good to know information.
  4. Crustydog

    Roller furling question

    Thanks for all the info. Jib and sunbrella are at the shop being repaired now. I think I will just motor or sail with only the mainsail until it comes back. After my jib is returned I might have the hank on cut down to a blade for the furling.
  5. Crustydog

    Roller furling question

    I have a double rail roller furling. My jib sheet UV protectant had shredded in the last storm. I want to send the sail in for repairs, but would like to continue to sail using the rail system for the season. Can i hoist up jib on the rails until the repaired jib comes back? Or do I need to change back to the cable mainstay?
  6. Crustydog

    1984 Clark San Juan 24'

    Does anyone have any clue the cam cleat size for this boat. Sailed her this weekend and the nylon bearing races are all rotted and some cracked. Boat is over an hour away and i forgot to measure them before i left her in the slip.
  7. Crustydog

    1984 Clark San Juan 24'

    No kevlar cores anywhere within the rigging. Chaf will leave its mark im sure. I might just pull her back out and drop the mast to measure the sheaves
  8. Crustydog

    1984 Clark San Juan 24'

    Okay i will only use wire on aircraft. Trust me at 30,000 feet you will thank me. This boat came with spliced poly rope 5/16 at the cockpit to 1/8 or similar at the masthead. The thin rope had snaped off in the mast which made me want to convert back to cable. What can I use as a good solid ( no splice ) substitute until i can replace the sheaves.
  9. Crustydog

    1984 Clark San Juan 24'

    Lol well recieved. 3/16 cable canceled. I can still use the 1/8 for other projects. Still keeping the fids because i want to learn how to splice double braid anyway. Can i still use the locking blocks on the deck for standard halyard rope?
  10. Crustydog

    1984 Clark San Juan 24'

    All the advice is awesome and so appreciated. I have so many options. Since i work in the aviation industry i have access to every possible SS wire, coupler and presses you can think of. Making SS haylard lines will be cake. Splicing poly over it will be new to me, but seems very straight forward. Swedging the sail end could not be any easier to do. It will bring the boat back to its original feel. I have all new double braided lines and ordered double just in case i dont like it. At this point I dont want to pull the boat back out and drop the mast since my marina does not have a crane near the water. I will look at changing out the sheaves at end of season when she is stowed. Since Im terrified of heights climbing the mast is out as
  11. Crustydog

    1984 Clark San Juan 24'

    Oop wrong button. I seriously need to wear my glasses. My 24' SanJuan sails like a dream for a boat its size. I am pretty handy and decided to get myself a set of fids. I will teach myself how to splice rope and cable. Im sure alot of practice is in store fir me, but looking forward to it.
  12. Crustydog

    1984 Clark San Juan 24'

    That would explain the small mast head sheeves. Alot to learn. The boat also came with all polyester rope. So it seems it is possible to sail without wire rope.
  13. Crustydog

    1984 Clark San Juan 24'

    Fantastic site. Thank you
  14. Crustydog

    1984 Clark San Juan 24'

    Spring season is nearly gone and I yet to set sail. Bought a used San Juan and love everything about my first boat. Sadly due to rot and neglect all my lines/ropes have paid a huge price. Bought a new main halyard only to find it wont fit in the locking block. Jib halyard breaks during first hoist and retracts neatly into the mast. Okay.....all lines will now be replaced. Can some one please recommend diameters of all mast operated lines. The blocks at the top of the mast seems small compared to the base.
  15. Crustydog

    New old sailer

    Thanks Shu. I am loading my head up before my return home. I can't wait to play on the old San Juan. Rum Runner. I have not looked into any lakes that are more than 6 hrs from me, but I will check them out.