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  1. firstlight

    Show your boat sailing thread

    Just waiting for the wind (and the admiral).
  2. firstlight

    Gel Versus Firefly Carbon Foam Batteries

    I was also looking at the firefly's but chose the outback 200NC (nano carbon) instead. The form factor was the key as I had height to give. The benefits of the DoD and capacity are great. I have no issues to date. They have been installed for only 4 months .
  3. firstlight

    Stack pack or not?

    I have a stackpack on my cat and find it incredibly efficient when dropping the large roached main. my pack has full length battens on each side (canvas pocket) with d shackles through everything. The jacks run through the d-rings and its a continuous line on each side through 4 points on the stackpack. I lower these while the main is up and raise prior to dropping the main. Since mine has a line for each side, I can drop the leeward side prior to hoisting the main so my battens do not get stuck in the lazyjacks on the way up. Works great.
  4. firstlight

    Harken Screecher Furling System

    I have a screecher / CZ on my multihull. I too am thinking about continuous furler to replace my drum furler as I have issue with twists of the furling line. The reflex is not for a CZ as the CZ/Screecher I use has a line in the luff of the sail. It would work for an asym. My question to the group is on continuous furlers are there any preferences? Many manufacturers (Selden cx, Facnor, Bamar Rollgen Code, Profurl NEX) Also, for those who have these mounted on sprit with tackline, how do you keep the furling process from twisting at the bottom of the furler? Seems there would be a lot more play there than if it was hard connected to the sprit as my drum currently is. Thanks all.