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    all things hydrodynamic and aerodynamic. From skydiving to sailing.
  1. IMO... the tradition of the cup ended with multihulls or even when the USA sported a multi hull in 1987. The Cup should go to the J-class (if thats the class decided on) Maybe the Modern class could win a drone that hovers or something.
  2. Is it now time to consider 2 classes in the America's Cup? eg modern class and traditional class? So much polarization is happening now when discussing the boat type in the AC. One half the traditional monohull, the other, the new fast foiling designs. Could the AC host both trains of competition? 1. Would this help the AC? 2. Can the AC handle both ? 3. Would they both succeed simultaneously? Lets hear some opinions...
  3. Maybe they are scared of tipping?...lol
  4. Oracle Team USA

    You want forgotten? KZ-1 ...i was so excited to see a big ass boat ...but I underestimated the <insert derogatory term> of the Americans that time. Lawyers ruined a great possible aspect to the cup.
  5. Oracle Team USA

    Just wait until the official rule comes out in a month... Thats when the new conversation will begin.
  6. Oracle Team USA

    Surfsailor stay down... or maybe come up with some evidence.
  7. AC45s For Sale

    there are bigger containers...48ft and 53 ft too.
  8. you're talking out of your butt i see... Ted turner never built a boat...he won in Courageous. So no it was only in the 80's that new boats were being built. I was there on the water watching him and hood battle it out...although not much of a battle really. Turner was that good. I have met Ted hood and my Dad won the 1973 one ton cup with him in Sardinia. One of the only races they beat Turner was in the marblehead halifax race. So back to my comment and why I said what I said. If the boat is the deal..then you should just race remote control boats with lots of algorithms. But if you believe sailors make a difference then why not test for that. Study the history before you spout nonsense.
  9. Im not a foiler.... thats just the sport trying to get the public to watch. Fails everytime they try it. Until the races make sense to a layman it wont ever fly... and until then, it just upsets the traditional diehards who are 80% of the audience. Whoever led around the first mark won it ...thats a drag race. The AC needs to realize they arent the top trophy in the sport and havent been since the first cat appeared.
  10. I think you missed MY point. And you neglected to state your reasons..have any?
  11. Why have a crew at all? You obviously want a drag race rather than a test of human skill.
  12. AC36 - The Venue

    1. What happens if the event is hosted in Dubai or Italy ....and ETNZ wins again? - the chance they would revisit the issue of Auckland hosting it again is slim to none. 2. If Auckland does host and doesnt win again...then the construction and renovations will need a definite commercial alternative...IE they ned to avoid a white elephant front and centre in Auckland harbour. a- Id take another look...and consider widening the harbourfront. Lose the container port, and start shifting all the industrial stuff out of the way. Container port on a new wharf to the east maybe. b-Tank farm is a bad issue given environmental clean up costs. Why waste the money on that. 3. Lastly, I think its a mistake to go as high tech as they have.... Getting more teams to compete is the key to making it a self funding sport. As long as its run fairly the fans will overlook the cut in speed. You need closer finish times to excel. Feels like another Bermuda coming.
  13. yep way back in the early early days .... 1881. The next challenge came from the Royal Canadian Yacht Club and was the first to be disputed between two yachts only. The schooner Madeleine (148.2 tons, 1868), a previous defender from the 1870 fleet race, easily defeated the challenger Countess of Dufferin (221 tons, 1876 design by Alexander Cuthbert). Cuthbert filed the second Canadian challenge, bankrolling, designing and sailing the first sloop challenge for the America's Cup in 1881. The small 65 ft (19.81 m) Canadian challenger Atalanta[16] (84 tons, 1881), representing the Bay of Quinte Yacht Club, suffered from lack of funds, unfinished build and a difficult delivery through the Erie Canal from Lake Ontario to New York. In contrast, the NYYC cautiously prepared its first selection trials. The iron sloop Mischief (79 tons, 1879 design by Archibald Cary Smith) was chosen from four sloop candidates, and successfully defended the cup. then once in the contemporary times 1983 'Canada 1' https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canada_One
  14. Moved on to lousy competition...and lousy spectator value.