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    B&G T12 Touchscreen - No Power

    Peter, thank you for the reply. It finally dawned on me that I had it connected wrong, so now it powers up without issues. Now I can post it for sale as I intended. Thank you once again.
  2. Sailor11

    B&G T12 Touchscreen - No Power

    Hello, I recently obtained a B&G T12 Touchscreen with no cables, and have been trying to get it to power on with no success. I connected some wires to the +/- pins on the back of the unit, pressed the power button and nothing happens. Does anyone here have any familiarity with these units? Do any of the other cables need to be connected in order for the unit to power on? I just simply want to test for power so I can sell it. I currently have the back of the unit off and was checking for discrepancies but could not notice anything off the bat (please see attached photos). I certainly appreciate any advice at this point. Thank you in advance