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    Chicago Area III

    8 Ships Bells.mp3
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    Chicago Area III

    A Gone Shipmate, like any other man, is gone forever, and I never met one of them again. But at time the spring-flood of memory sets with force up the dark River of the Nine Bends. Then on the waters of the forlorn steam drifts a ship- manned by a crew of Shades. They pass and make a sign, in a shadowy hail. Haven't we, together and upon the immortal sea, wrung a meaning from our sinful lives? Goodbye, Brothers! You were a good crowd. As good a crowd as ever fisted with wild cries the beating canvas of a heavy foresail; or tossed aloft, invisible in the night, gave back yell for yell to a westerly gale." Joseph Conrad Oh, Mikey... way too soon, brother... way too soon. Fair winds, following seas, and peace.
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    Chicago Area III

    Anyone else hear about how the section breaks will be? Sounds like some shenanigans going on....