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  1. Fullkeel

    Nexus Classic Instrument problems/fixes

    Are we talking about the thru hull cylinder or the removable transducer itself?
  2. Fullkeel

    Nexus Classic Instrument problems/fixes

    Looks like if I go for the gnd10 black box bridge it will open all sorts of opportunities for me. Thanks guys. Where should I be measuring the depth transducer, I dont know which one I have?
  3. I have a Nexus Classic network, server w/ digital Depth, Speed, Temp, Wind, Multi and A_Pilot . I hate to give this system up as it has worked flawlessly until this year. A friend who helped me do the bottom this year (can;t complain to him) and not knowing any better painted over the Depth Transducer with bottom paint. After splashing the boat I had no sounder return on the depth instrument. The classic sounder lets you pull the transducer while wet so I pulled it and sanded off the paint. Did the sanding kill the transducer as I still have no depth readings? Secondly, I noticed this year that my wind instrument is not displaying realistic wind speed, i.e. 4.7 kts in what is truly 15 kts actual using a hand anemometer. Are the wired Garmin instruments and transducers compatible with the 4 wire Nexus Classic Instruments? Thanking all for any and all replies. Captain Bruce.
  4. Fullkeel

    500th Person Shot to Death in Chicago This Year

    Black lives DO matter, but evidently not to other black folks who are killing their own.