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  1. SkookumZ

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    I think this video shows much better than others how much WORK it is to restore an old boat. They got a half-dozen guys sweating on that thing, how many man-hours??
  2. SkookumZ

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    Suspiciously cheap? Pics look good...
  3. SkookumZ

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    I really want to like them. They seem nice enough and have an absolutely gorgeous boat and seem to be sailing thru some wonderful scenery... But why are they constantly jabbering at the camera?? Needs less facetime and more sailing. Cute doggo, tho. -Z
  4. SkookumZ

    Hunter 23.5 'Vantage'

    Yes--the tongue extension is woefully short! Only 27in! The trailer had guideposts but it looks like one was ripped off and the other was removed by previous owner. Drysailing would be wonderful! There are 2 marinas (in Charleston) that have mast-up storage, but they are private clubs and my trust fund is not deep enough for them to consider me for membership. -Z
  5. SkookumZ

    Hunter 23.5 'Vantage'

    The boat is 2000lbs empty but I estimate 3500lbs on the trailer w/ gear. The car is a Taurus SHO, Ecoboost AWD, and the hitch is rated for 4000lbs. I also added air bags and a transmission cooler. Still, I never launched at low tide because, yeah, I didn't want to end up on @thequalifiedcaptain 's Instagram... ^-- Trunk is getting wet and boat still needs a hard push to float off the trailer... -Z
  6. SkookumZ

    Hunter 23.5 'Vantage'

    It wasn't so much the rigging, it was the public boat ramps. They are an absolute zoo this time of year. Too many powerboaters and not enough parking. After a few times my wife and I got pretty good at raising and lowering the mast. It's a lot harder, tho, with our 1-year old underfoot. She doesn't have much patience for meticulous rigging. She wants to be out on the water NOW. I almost think a traditional rig would be easier. Slack the backstay and pin the forestay, easy. But with the B&R rig the upper shrouds ARE the backstay. The problem with my particular boat is that the upper shrouds are just a liiiiitle too short. With them loosened all the way to the cotter pin holes, it still takes a lot of muscle to get the forestay pinned. If they were just an inch longer it would be much easier. Compounding that is that the furler goes over the forestay turnbuckle, so it can't be adjusted at all without disassembling the furler. The result of this situation was that the rig was never quite right every time we went out. I bought a Loos gauge, read a few guides on how to use it. Now that the boat is rigged for the rest of the summer, I took a few hours to play with the forestay tension and get the mast straight and tight. The boat sails sooo much better. I'll keep an eye on my ballast tank but it does have an air vent at the top. Maybe I'll leave it open when I'm gone, and close it when we go sailing. I poured a gallon of bleach in there to hopefully keep the critters out. -Z
  7. SkookumZ

    Hunter 23.5 'Vantage'

    Update! So, I went through all of this trouble to find this 'perfect' trailer sailor. Then I launched the boat a few times and decided ... this sucks. The boat ramps around here are just crazy busy and just a little shallow and we were spending too much time rigging and launching and trying to find parking and recovering and derigging and just... not enough time sailing. Sorry @Grith. Trailer sailing ain't for me. So... We got a slip! Now we go sailing every weekend! Is it expensive? Hell yeah, it is. Is it worth it? Hell yeah, it is. There is a problem tho... I have this list a mile long of repairs and upgrades I want to do, but every time I drive to the marina, I get on the boat... and go sailing instead. -Z
  8. SkookumZ

    Nobody Wants To Take Up Sailing

    Can you elaborate the safety issues with standing in the companionway for this newb sailor? When we took our ASA 101 class the instructor had the jib sheet trimmer standing in the companionway the whole time.
  9. SkookumZ

    Is Trailer Sailing Dying

    An S2 7.9 was at the top of my list when I was shopping. There just aren't very many of them for sale. Owners tend to keep em, I suppose. -Z
  10. SkookumZ

    Is Trailer Sailing Dying

    SA/Disp: 29.49! That could make for a sporty ride. I hope it came with a mast. -Z
  11. SkookumZ

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    ... in the thumbnail. Now that I zoom in I'm not so sure...
  12. SkookumZ

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    That transom is gorgeous.
  13. SkookumZ

    Coolboats to admire

    This is pretty much my dream boat.
  14. SkookumZ

    Hunter 28.5?

    Congrats, let's see it!
  15. SkookumZ

    Hunter 23.5 'Vantage'

    Outboards! One was a Yamaha 9.9hp four-stroke--PO said it was always giving him trouble and wished me the best of luck with it. The other was a Yamaha 8hp 2-stroke--PO said it was his main outboard and always ran like a top. I figured I could get the 9.9 figured out and maybe sell it because who wants an extra 100lbs on the transom anyway? But that was a future project. I was eager to get on the water so I scraped the barnacles off the 8hp 2-stroke and stuck it in a barrel. It ran fine so I mounted it and off we went. 2 weeks later, the boat is rigged and launched and we're ready to cast off and the outboard dies and just will. not. run. We ended up going sailing anyway 'cause there's no way I was going to put that thing back on the trailer after spending an hour (rigging and) launching it. Once we were safely home I rebuilt the carb and replaced the fuel filter and the 8 was purring roaring again. But the poor thing has lead a hard life and has some pretty serious corrosion issues. A largish chunk of aluminum disintegrated off the midsection and I can't get the foot off to inspect the impeller because it has fused together. This is going to be a problem because the telltale is somewhat weak. I ran it one more time and then decided I needed to look at the 4-stroke. $100 later--carb cleaning, new engine oil & filter, gearcase oil, water pump, fuel filter, & thermostat, this baby starts first pull and purrrrs. It's way too heavy and has about twice as much hp as I need but it'll do for now! -Z