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  1. What do you want to say, you know, I don't wnat to buy gold, I can sell gold to you guys
  2. While many of you come here to get the best deals on OSRS Gold we know that many of you like to see our thoughts on what is going on in the world of Runescape. There has been a bit of drama recently over on the Old School Runescape forums. Now it is worth mentioning that most people think that Jagex is great and have no issues, but with the recent Halloween update, there have been some changes made in the game that has caused a little tension. Basically, an OSRS player got banned for defeating Cerberus without taking any damage. The moderator thought that there was something going on and that this defeated the purpose of Iron Man and as a result when all was said and done the player was banned. Many people will take advantage of game mechanics to get around tough enemies and they do not get banned. The player in question did get there permanent ban lifted by Jagex. But many people on the OSRS Reddit are asking why did this player get banned when lots of other players do the same thing and do not get banned? To be honest we think that it is the inconsistency with the bans that are angering players. But is a player exploiting something that is wrong with the game on them or is it on Jagex? Should Jagex just fix the exploit to stop other players taking advantage of it and leave it at that? Or are they right to go after people who are taking advantage of exploits, glitches, and issues with the game? Let us know in the comments section below if you think that sometimes Jagex overreact with the way they ban people. More details you can click this link: https://medium.com/@runescapevips/osrs-players-upset-with-jagex-bf1617cb606
  3. I've numerous 6k GS chars on Icecrown which i have not performed for perhaps a 12 months or so. A near-BiS fight rogue, a 5.8k DK tank and some others. i'm not even starting to desire that i will promote them, the manner pricing works. So now they simply sit down there for no purpose... it is pretty sad, in my view, after I could just change them for a more reasonable amount of coins, make someone satisfied and use the cash on Outland, in which I currently play. Equal goes for Outland. I rolled Alliance when the perks had been released. later on I even faction-switched my Horde 70 due to the fact I got in what seemed like a respectable guild. i've got a 2.6k GS warrior tank there, which I not enjoy (due to the fact Alliance definitely sucks - I mean, simply examine the PvE scores). I want to promote my warrior, go lower back to Horde and use the coins on my would-be Horde fundamental. However no person is going to shop for him for the envisioned minimal of 500 cash. not to mention that a fifteen% price off 500 is seventy five coins. essentially, I must pay 70 euros so i will sell my warrior, which sounds definitely ridiculous to me. For that identical sum of money i'm able to just be part of my brother on retail from scratch and play half of a 12 months. So yeah, i am just caught with my warrior on Outland, I bet, due to all the effort that i've installed him by now. I found a manner to head across the price. simply sell the cheapest man or woman you have (clean max degree in inexperienced/blues). The price you'll pay could be very small and the sale will cowl your subsequent price. promote a greater high-priced man or woman, then a fair extra pricey one till you've got accumulated the quantity of cash you want or you are left with best the characters that you do not want to promote. income. The best actual cash you would ever ought to spend is for the rate of the primary character you are going to promote. Basically, hustle small and increase till you promote everything you have for sale. Even your common ghetto playa might consider this.
  4. I might not speak approximately pve becouse i did not strive it in Warmane MoP however only in Wotlk, besides about pvp i suppose it's quiet useless evaluate them. they may be one of a kind, absolutely distinct. Wotlk is rapid, Mop is slow. Wotlk is damage targeted, Mop is cc centered. Wotlk is greater approximately positioning and predict, Mop is greater about reacting and control. besides is you want to analize MoP pvp and Wotlk pvp we are able to say that snowfall took everything turned into wrong in wotlk (elegance who can cc 2 people for a long time like warlocks and insane instant recuperation of Hpaladin) and that they provide it to all instructions or almost all. i'm now not claiming that MoP is unbalanced, certainly it is genuinely balanced however we misplaced some additives of pvp that have been without a doubt crucial to wotlk. 1: Too hard to Position In mop you've got surely too much cd to move from a point to another of the arena in a brief time period, think about MW clergymen as an instance, their dps will in no way be able to loss his healer, although he is stupid as ****. yes, you may cc the MW however this actually require an action while in wotlk you simply get raped if u price behind a pillar without three lifeblooms or with out sacred defend. simply for instance. 2: Too many dashes Any magnificence have this, nothing against it however if u suppose that warmane has normally lag spikes than while you are on your target and also you examine OUT OF range all the time becouse of lag it is no longer desirable. (that is a warmane problem anyway) 3: Too many tank training On wotlk you both have cc or resistance. You can not have both. On mop cloth instructions like warlocks, mages, boomy ecc have a ridicolous amount of cc and ofc they can't be one-shotted if you get them when they fucked up on CC. 4: Too hard to make gold Yes, it's really not easy to farm more gold in Warmane, so I need to buy Warmane gold from a site called R4PG, which is the mmo gold supplier that I found on Google, I searched "Warmane gold" and ''WOW Waramne gold", then I found this r4pg.com, it's price is reliable. So I always buy gold from this site, everything is good and nothing bad happens. But I am still not happy with Warmane gold farming, it's so hard and take so long times, and my time is so precious i can go on however i assume i made my factor. anyway atm i am playing of frostwolf. it's no longer bad however nothing brilliant, maybe with more players might be better but nonetheless, i assume wotlk pvp is higher. despite shadowmourne. you can whinge about this weapon however always understand that lessons on wotlk aren't intended to tank human beings unless they're melee with an healer as associate. it's kill or be killed, if they got you, you're useless
  5. Hello, I want to share with you my experience and giving the best tactics in order to do nice pug runs, so let's start. First of all, don't read all the guides or watch videos about icc, most of them are 15 years old and were done on retail wotlk, this is a private server so it's totally different. - Lord Marrowgar Be sure to be max range from the boss all the time, like 30-40 yard (even more if you can). It's a pretty hard fight for rogues since they must dps only with throw. Warriors also can have a hard time, just don't forget to equip gun and shoot like mad. Raid leader often tells you to "kill spikes", well that's only an excuse for him to be 1st on recount, don't waste time killing spikes and stay on boss all the time, tanks need some help with dps or the boss will never die. Ignore the blue flames on the floor, they won't kill you, because hpaladin will overheal anyway with 40k holy light. Also, have you ever seen flames made of ice? That doesn't even make sense, and thus it's another reason to ignore them, you're not getting fooled by a game. - Lady Deathwhisper The boss is a bit harder. You may notice adds spawning sometimes, it's up to you if damaging or not them, not a big deal. The problem that leads to wipe 90% of times pug runs, it's an add called Darnavan. In fact, he is the REAL 2nd boss, Lady Deathwhisper is just an illusion to distract you from what's happening around, so keep your eyes open. When you see the real boss, Darnavan, pop up every CD and kill him as soon as possible. Once he's dead you enter phase no. 2. Phase 2: Since Darnavan is dead, Lady Deathwhisper doesn't know what else to do to make your raid in trouble, so she random mindcontrols a player in your raid. Be fast with tab key, and kill him, you don't want to be killed from your own friends, and most of all you don't want to give them honor for free because they oneshot everyone, so kill them. You may also notice a green circle on the floor, that's a 20% damage done buff for everyone who stands inside it. You don't want to miss it, move there and gain the power. Last thing, Lady will spawn some ghosts, they do a lot of damage so they should be killed. The problem is they are bugged and you can't target them... did u notice?? So cross your fingers and hope to not be their target. - Gunship Battle It will be on Heroic Mode almost everytime, the only difference is if you get hit by enemy ship's bombs you get a knockback, and you may slip outside the ship. But don't worry, you will get teleported up there after few seconds, so yea, feel free to ignore bombs. Nothing hard to explain about this fight, just dps what is in range, rocketeers, axethrowers, saurfang, doesn't matter, the damage comes from cannons so if you wipe, its cannoners' fault. You may have entered this pug run only for this boss since this is the only way for you to put your hands on a 277 piece, so feel free to leave raid if you lost a roll or if nothing cool has dropped. - Deathbringer Sarufang Dps the boss. When adds spawn you can try to kill them, but always using your pve rotation (nothing more) and standing still in your position. Don't ever move, because adds will follow you anyway. So save that time to dps the adds or the boss, whatever you like. (Tip: switching on adds will reduce your dps so be ready to drop some positions on recount). Why should I kill adds then, you say? Well when these adds damage you or your raid members, the boss will get much more angrier, so the tank will take more damage, that's why most of raid leaders spam the "KILL ADDS" macro, but that's only because they picked up a bad tank with howling fjord gear. Also some people can die randomly, and boss regains health when they do (lol??), yea it's a well known bug so dps the boss faster as you can, to prevent this bug happening. When the loot comes, same rules of gunship: feel free to leave if you got unlucky on drops. Other bosses are just trash and useless I won't explain them, all you need is 3/12 or 4/12 progress, to get 6/8 emblem of frost every week. In this way, every 3 months around you can buy a 251 piece with emblems. That's all, thank you for reading, and visit for more news and guides for WOW Warmane!
  6. The general downfall of WoW (and the ''omg pandas lul" argument), but and specifically PvP wise it became in all likelihood the exceptional i have visible. I think now that we have visible in Draenor and Legion how terrible it can get people in reality omit MoP PvP alot. cannot say tons about PvE as I don't do a whole lot of it. I assume a stable and stable server could probably attract an excellent ammount of players! Approximately human beings ''dropping'' they're development I suppose the exchange is constantly going to be optional. They released Lordearon after they already had probably the most famous Wrath servers around and it went very well! you may continually play on each realms like many do. yes some might not experience like it, but alot of people which include myself revel in sparkling starts offevolved definitely :b just like many may lose interest on the release of a brand new realm, many never get interested in a server that as reached quite tons the quit of the expansions progress, it's always a alternate off :b I do agree that the current kingdom of the realm is nowhere near the others. In all honesty, even though it became, i'd choose some thing like x3 apart from x1. i am actually bored of leveling at this factor despite the fact that I still like to do it I admire it to be a bit quicker, however no longer speedy to the factor wherein it gimps the whole factor of it. but sure as of proper now the server is in no condition to decrease its rates. Care to share a few insight why it left a bad taste to your mouth and those bad observations? For us, curious creatures :b