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  1. Adam

    Bowsprit and Dockage

    I'm working on the purchase of a Hallberg Rassy 41. The boat is called a "41", but is actually closer to 51 feet when you include the windvane and bowsprit. For those who have similar appendages that extend the length of your boat, does your marina charge you dockage based on the LOD or LOA? A 10 difference in length at 18$ a foot is significant, looking forward to your thoughts. thanks! adam
  2. Adam

    Hallberg Rassy 41

    The teak decks have already been removed. With the exception of the toe rail, hand rails and bow sprit planks, actually does not have a ton of teak. I feel pretty good about the boat, really, my biggest concern is the performance and a relatively high time (5800 hrs) Yanmar 4jh2. Still thinking it over, no decision yet. It really was not the type,of boat I was looking for, but its just so pretty! A
  3. Adam

    Hallberg Rassy 41

    Good Morning, As I am searching for boats and being slightly dismayed with the modern light displacement/hull liner boats, I have come across a nice looking Hallberg Rassy 41. I have read plenty about the quality of the boat, but I can't find much on her performance, specifically in lighter air. I live in North Florida and 5-10 knots of wind are my reality. There are plenty of videos of similar boats in 35-40, but not much for my wind range. Anyone have any any experience with these boats that could pass some first hand knowledge on sailing in lighter conditions, pointing ability etc? I appreciate any help you can provide!
  4. Adam

    Keel Modification

    Irma was kind enough to destroy my boat last month, thus I am in the market for a new one. I have read a ton of info on the trials and tribulations of Saga yachts. Despite some of the disaster stories, I am still interested, except... The few available on YW and in my price range have drafts exceeding 6.5 feet. For my area and intended cruising grounds, I need something less than 6, preferably closer to 5.5. As these boats have cast lead keels, it seems it would be possible to cut the keel and design some type of "bulb" to account for reduction. How about surface area and lift? Is this a dumb idea, or is it possible? If not, any suggestions on another boat in this size range with similar performance to consider? thanks!