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  1. PirateDave

    what is it?

    Don Rickles again. One of his favorite lines on Letterman " What do you want me to do, drop my pants and fire a rocket?"
  2. PirateDave

    What are the rules on traffic sailing through a race?

    As I remember it, the race committee was upset, the racers were having a blast working around us, and some even used us as defence and offense to see if they could pick up some spots
  3. PirateDave

    What are the rules on traffic sailing through a race?

    Colreg, common sense and being polite. I was "lectured" by a race committee while I was towing a 54 Hatteras in with a tug. They are an affluent community and I was told that I was cutting through the race illegally. I had them check the COLREG since I was a RAM vessel and took precedence. It helped that I had 75 feet of hawser out.
  4. PirateDave

    This should end well

    He is a millionaire but he is looking for $1.3 mil in donations to sail her? Hell I'm poor and looking to raise $1.0 mil for the sailing and booze kitty
  5. PirateDave

    2 out of 3 ain’t bad

    Just had an old Silverton burn last week at the dock. I think it was the same thing. Video was posted by the fire department on the Clinton CT Patch. He did a nice job of sparking it up. We got to watch from the next dock over
  6. PirateDave

    Frigate on the rocks, 7th fleet innocent.

    Hey it looks like that Italian Captain that sunk his command showboating for the island found another job !!!!
  7. PirateDave

    This is going a bit far

    Love all the neon orange throughout the house. The pictures alone burned my retinas, can't imagine living there
  8. PirateDave

    Brain Trust Calls The Cops on Whale

    Oh god, they look like an even bigger trainwreck then they sound. "Jimmy, what's up kid?" When you get this low, and appear on national television dressed in your best clown outfit, suicide might be an attractive option. Please !!!! I'm begging you two !!!
  9. PirateDave

    Brain Trust Calls The Cops on Whale

    Kid on the Mula one has one hell of a vocabulary. " let's fucking hook that shit and we'll be on the fucking news, bro" Probably from some kind of aristocratic family
  10. PirateDave

    Brain Trust Calls The Cops on Whale

    We were in their living room and didn't realize it. The whales were teaching their young to hunt using us Wait, where have I heard that BS from?
  11. PirateDave

    Do Mount Gay Rum Hats Stink?

    Get a new and younger wife
  12. PirateDave

    what is it?

    It's a drawing of a sailboat.......................................duh
  13. PirateDave

    General fucking recall

    If no general recall then that POS Macgregor stands a chance !!!
  14. PirateDave


    This is why it is essential that you flush after you drop a deuce !!!!!
  15. PirateDave

    what is it?

    Hobie Alder is branching out into working with metal?