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  1. PirateDave

    NYYC Manhattan campus

    Stuffy bunch. I was a hit when we had the Farr 40 nationals at their Newport facility in my cut off t shirt, shorts and sandals. Wore a bandanna as well. I think they had a fire works show when we finally left in the boat
  2. PirateDave

    Used sails

    Sell them to your local mafia guy. Great for disposing of the bodies on land and sea. Plus you will have an in with them
  3. PirateDave

    Hailing USS Sequoia

    Wow a picture of the Kennedy brothers chatting up some women. Hard to believe !!!
  4. PirateDave

    Saybrook CT Marinas?

    Cedar Island Marina in Clinton. Does a lot of transient docking and dredged to nine feet. Resturant and bar on the premises
  5. PirateDave

    Annapolis "Performance" Sailing - No More-ish!

    I just had a couple of halyards made up at Defender. They spliced the shackles in and I got it in a few days. They even advised me that I had to add some footage to the final order to cover the bury on the eye splice
  6. PirateDave

    Pettit Black Widow Video Review

    I did contact a friend of mine who is a Pettit Rep. He did contact Pettit on this issue and when they tried to call him back numerous times, there was no response back from him
  7. PirateDave

    Bulker leaving Vancouver Harbour

    Throw back Tuesday What a stinkpot !!
  8. PirateDave

    Sticker placement on hull for slings

    Yard that installed my electronics put the thru hull for the knotmeter in line with the stickers. Broke the paddle wheel the first time the boat was hauled. Moved the stickers about 8”. Yup, Worked in a yard hauling for a couple of years. Not many Mensa candidates working in them, but this one is just common sense
  9. PirateDave

    TV or Not, here we go again.

    Don't enjoy Larry and his foiling go-carts, that's not sailing but there is a great documentary on Ted Turner the year he won the cup. Close action, waves, and the mouth from the south made it fun.
  10. PirateDave

    Pettit Black Widow Video Review

    I am not sure how the barnacles are clinging to this if it was burnished. The finished product is very slick to say the least
  11. PirateDave

    no BIRW reports?

    Arabesque protesting a race committee over his PHRF rating? Race committee has nothing to do with it. He also bought the boat because of the rating. It is a one of and marched up and down the east coast prior to Bob buying it because of the rating. You got what you wanted bub
  12. PirateDave

    Defender Sale

    Did anyone notice that they have all the sailing gear on sale? I just bought Evo 40's at $849.99 and got two free winch handles
  13. PirateDave

    Stuck telltales solution?

    Have the foredeck crew bang on the jib when it is trimmed. They're not just along for the ride you know
  14. PirateDave

    Catalina 27

    Toddster, like what you've done with the galley. I've owned mine for 25+ years and she has been back and forth from CT to Fl 5 times. Great sailing boat and takes the seas well. Just scanned some of the comments. Dirty oar, the bulkheads look great. There is no issue with the deck, that is just the top frame for the bulkheads which you already know. The issues with the boat are they sometimes used gate valves on the thru hulls, change them. The rigging should be replaced at the deck level. The connection points are chrome plated steel and I had a few fail. The transom needs a backing plate, especially if you are using the swim ladder. I cut a piece of starboard and used big washers as backing plates. Other then that, enjoy the boat.
  15. It could be the submarines the government is using to track you. You don't know any Russians that meddle in elections, do you?