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  1. PirateDave

    Are Mount Gay Hats Cool?

    They are like assholes. Everyone has one, but the ones that don't are in trouble
  2. PirateDave

    Reasons 1, 2 and 3 why I still visit SA most days

    Jeez I thought it was for the pleasant company and nice comments
  3. PirateDave

    She's Flying...Again

    You mean American Tragic?
  4. Hey Bob, we're running low on beer. What say we lighten up the crew a little?
  5. PirateDave

    Docking. When it all goes wrong.

    And in a few minutes Dimitri had shown all the other boats that he was not happy with losing the same dock space he had in the morning. Soon after they all feared him
  6. PirateDave

    Dooough Shit! Hugo Boss Cracking Up

    Once he makes the repairs, he should be fine. Last time he was second and was missing a foil on one side
  7. PirateDave

    brazilian style parking

    The big boat and the little boat left side by side and were inseparable friends ever since................... I just live stories with happy endings
  8. PirateDave

    Soverel 27

    How is the Tartan build in light air over the Olsen? Does it rate differently?
  9. PirateDave

    Soverel 27

    The three or four that were racing at our club all had different ways to hold the hull to deck seam together. I have seen angle iron and different wire designs all owner installed. Not sure if it was a prevelant problem with them or just this fleet. They did well in light air which we usually have on Long Island Sound in the summertime series
  10. PirateDave

    Smack Talking Bitch

    Activate the super stealth pre start mode and let's disappear before these other turkeys figure out we are going to drive for the pin end !!!
  11. PirateDave

    Kent Island WM no truck what the ####

    West had closed all of their distribution centers with the covid. They also went and cancelled large stocking orders from the suppliers prior to doing it with the reasoning that they couldn't receive the orders without the dcs. As suppliers are starting to ramp up production if they were closed they are filling the orders first in first out they are going to fill vendor orders like Defender first.
  12. PirateDave

    NYYC Manhattan campus

    Stuffy bunch. I was a hit when we had the Farr 40 nationals at their Newport facility in my cut off t shirt, shorts and sandals. Wore a bandanna as well. I think they had a fire works show when we finally left in the boat
  13. PirateDave

    Used sails

    Sell them to your local mafia guy. Great for disposing of the bodies on land and sea. Plus you will have an in with them
  14. PirateDave

    Hailing USS Sequoia

    Wow a picture of the Kennedy brothers chatting up some women. Hard to believe !!!
  15. PirateDave

    Saybrook CT Marinas?

    Cedar Island Marina in Clinton. Does a lot of transient docking and dredged to nine feet. Resturant and bar on the premises