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  1. PirateDave

    Brain Trust Calls The Cops on Whale

    Oh god, they look like an even bigger trainwreck then they sound. "Jimmy, what's up kid?" When you get this low, and appear on national television dressed in your best clown outfit, suicide might be an attractive option. Please !!!! I'm begging you two !!!
  2. PirateDave

    Brain Trust Calls The Cops on Whale

    Kid on the Mula one has one hell of a vocabulary. " let's fucking hook that shit and we'll be on the fucking news, bro" Probably from some kind of aristocratic family
  3. PirateDave

    Brain Trust Calls The Cops on Whale

    We were in their living room and didn't realize it. The whales were teaching their young to hunt using us Wait, where have I heard that BS from?
  4. PirateDave

    Do Mount Gay Rum Hats Stink?

    Get a new and younger wife
  5. PirateDave

    what is it?

    It's a drawing of a sailboat.......................................duh
  6. PirateDave

    General fucking recall

    If no general recall then that POS Macgregor stands a chance !!!
  7. PirateDave


    This is why it is essential that you flush after you drop a deuce !!!!!
  8. PirateDave

    what is it?

    Hobie Alder is branching out into working with metal?
  9. PirateDave

    Hailing USS Sequoia

    Used to be in Greenwich harbor when I was a kid. Would love to find out where she is now.
  10. PirateDave

    It Was The Race Committee's Fault

    What's with the two boats stuck to the committee boat? How tough is it to fend off a boat? They sailing around with crazy glue on the hull?
  11. PirateDave

    Captain Licence Course

    The tricky part is making sure you will get your sea time for the renewal. Without it you will have to retest. You are required to do 350 days ( yes the Coast Guard calls this one year) in a five year period. If you break it down, that is 70 days a year on the water consisting of four hour days. Down south it might work, but in the north east, you are either working for somebody like SeaTow or a charter captain on the weekends or are might motivated to be on the water
  12. PirateDave

    Oh Dear....

    Rub a Dub Dub Three Half Naked Guys in A Tub YIKES !!!!!!
  13. PirateDave

    You just can't make this stuff up...

    I was going to respond, but I can't stop watching Snaggletooth's dancing cat !!!!!
  14. PirateDave

    What boat is this?

    How the hell does that thing turn without throwing water to the side? Like a barge flanking in the Mississippi river? That keel where she will pivot on is way forward !!
  15. PirateDave

    Dinghy on mooring buoy in a rolly bay - capsize preventer?

    Get a fat woman to sit at the low point of the boat